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Users / New system hardware questions
« on: May 25, 2010, 12:38:56 am »

 I am fairly new to linux and brand new/just getting ready to setup linuxmce.  I have been reading here and the wiki (which seems a little outdated) and I have a few questions.

I will use the system for playing local media, streaming internet media (hulu), watching OTA tv, possibly cable or sattelite subscription service, ripping dvd's, basic computing (surfing, email, etc.), security, asterix, and x10.  I am planning on building a hybrid to start and converting it to a core once setup and running.  I will  eventually have 3-4 MD's, 4-6 cctv cam's, full x10 security system, basic voip setup.

My plans for the hybrid/core are phenom ii x2 ~2.5ghz(80w 8MB total cache), 2 GB ddr2, 9500gt.  I have read one or two posts that say a dual core is not enough.  Should I go with a 4 core?  For the MD's I am thinking of dual core celeron or Athlon's ~2.5ghz, 2GB ddr2, 8400 gs.  I read that 2 core was recommended for watching hulu w/o stutter.  Will I benefit from the 9500gt in the core (hardware accel/encoding)?

I was also hoping to get some input on tv cards. I am looking at the dvico hdtv7, or the haupaugge 2250.  Any feedback on these would be appreciated.  Could I install multiple cards in the core and watch different channels on the MD's or do I need a card at each MD?

All will be wired on cat6 Gbe using the core for storage, until I can afford  a NAS setup.  I read that using a NAS device is better than storage in the core, advice on that is also appreciated.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and respond to my post.



Users / Re: Converting a hybrid into a standalone core
« on: May 25, 2010, 12:18:32 am »
No but you would be mad to do that  :o , just leave it as it untill we put the option for a headless back etc...



Can someone explain (breifly) the reason for this?  I am a newbie and just getting ready to build/setup a system.  From what I've read (wiki and here) the best way to start is to setup one piece of equipment at a time.  I was planning on starting with a hybrid and converting it to a core once it was setup and I was ready to add mds.  Is there something wrong with that approach?



Feature requests & roadmap / Re: New feature request: Landing page
« on: May 24, 2010, 08:09:01 am »
I am new to linux and very new to linuxmce, so I will not be much help with the integration, but I am fairly familiar with drupal and I think it would be the obvious choice over joomla.  Huge community, grreat support, thousands of free modules, etc, etc.

If someone can intergrate this with linuxmce there is already a drupal module that does most of what is requested here.  Homebox would provide the ui for this.  You can add google gadgets (calendar, mail traffic, directions, etc.) or your own data and drag, drop and resize the "boxes".  There may be a problem with dragging a "homebox" with a google gadget embedded in it.  I have seen 1 issue posted related to this, so it may or may not work. I will look into that.  It may be an iframe or java issue.  Does anyone know about google gadgets?  Are they iframes? 

I am wiring my house now to install an mce network and would love to see this added.

Off topic:  does anyone know about a 10.04 release? or boxee (or similar) intergration?


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