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the OS and MD orbiter detect the usb transceiver (popup message), but none of the buttons work on the remote (or do wrong things).  I even re-created the child device under the orbiter (GO Cordless GC1005M  template 1812).   I dont know if it has to do with the usbhid module (as in 810 we had to compile a modified one).   I might try compiling the modified and test again.

But it will be later today... got some yard work to do before rain this afternoon


Ive got 1004 running (on a spare computer as Core) and then just changing which core is plugged into my switch and using the same machine for my MD..   (i did have to 'fix' something... my MD has a RTL8111 (r8168) NIC so I created the MD in Admin, then installed the r8168 driver in the MD file system)   The MD booted up and installed fine (except for the changes noted earlier about the nvidia driver).

Things I know on my setup that I noticed didnt work were :   Gyration remote, LCDProcClient (for LCD display), a DVD doesnt display (just a black screen) but the audio is going (but pushing a remote button would 'pop-up' the screen momentarily).   Also, I couldnt get MythTV to display video... I'm using a HDPVR (that works using 'cat /dev/video0 >> test.ts') but Myth would just keep trying to start LiveTV over and over until timeout.   I didnt investigate too much though... 2 day weekends are not long enough  :-\ and there is plenty of yardwork to get done

I actually got my MD to boot from the Core... the AV wizard ran, but when completed I was got a 'transparency' error which I fixed by changing 'nv' to 'nvidia' in xorg.conf.  Did a reboot and the system came up..

And YES is is kinda pretty. 

If i were smarter, I'd help fix some of the operational issues... but ive only mastered Visual Basic programming... and having a hard time figuring out C and C++.

Thanks for the hard work


Hey all,
   I got the SoundGraph iMON LCD on a new case and got it working using lmce-lcdproccliet.   It looks as though it was folded into LMCE a year or so ago... has anyone tinkered with the template to get any of the icons working on the LCD?

If not, I might take a whack at it... but Ive not been able to find out where within LMCE that I could get the state of things like surround/speaker status, or file format.. and such..

If anyone could point me to where I can 'sample' the states of these, I may be able to tinker some.


Developers / Re: Kubuntu prep script for 8.10 installs
« on: February 28, 2011, 02:44:42 am »
funny map!!!

thanks... that did it..  dont know how I managed to get that changed... musta been on drugs that day!  :P


Users / 'Video' listing page shows hard drive locations not video titles
« on: February 27, 2011, 02:49:12 pm »
I'm quite certain someone here can help me resolve this.   

For some reason the 'Video' page listing my ripped videos only shows the drive locations but not the video titles... if I click on the drives, I am presented with the titles on that drive....   

Is there somewhere I can correct this?

So far i have tried removing the drives, deleting them from the system, and then re-introducing them.. but that didnt fix the issue...

This is happening on my core/hybrid and my living room MD

Thanks in advance,

Installation issues / Re: Gyration Remote keys all wacky
« on: February 27, 2011, 02:43:35 pm »
Yahoo!!!    That fixed my gyration buttons issues too!!!


Just my 2 cents...    I have had no problems with the HDPVR (other than it doesnt autodetect so I had to add it to the Media Director on the admin page).

Ive moved it around a couple times because at one point MythTV stopped working... shortly after I added a gyration (DELL) remote.   I could get MythTV to work if I removed the USB receiver from my MD.   I intend to investigate further but the holidays make time very limited.


Thanks Thom!!!!

I'm workin on it...  :P 

    Yes... when i had my HDPVR on my core, I was able to watch fairly good quality tv on my MD thru the network.   Every once in a while, I would get a 'hickup' in the video and/or audio.  It was similar to watching a movie on my MD where the file was on my core. 
    Im running on a gigabyte lan, my core was an athlon64 with a gig of memory, and my MD is a dual core athlon64 with a gig of memory as well.   That may explain why i was having some luck.    But it actually works much better when the HDPVR is on the MD.

Installation issues / Re: 0810 64 bit support
« on: May 12, 2010, 04:17:06 am »
thats a rainy day thing!  8)

I had done this on my MD before, and also went into the core/hybrid and removed all reference to the HDPVR in Mythtv and in Web Admin.
Had no luck getting the setup to work.

I had another server ready to go, so I installed a new core/hybrid and joined my MD to the core.  Setup of Mythtv was successful... and it works perfectly.

I must have something misconfigured on my prior core...


Hello all,
    Ive been experimenting with LMCE for about a year.. slowly collecting hardware.
I have been working with the HDPVR on my core/hybrid, and can get it to work fine capturing Component video from my H20 Sat box.
My MD can watch the satellite broadcasts as well thru the network, however only one MD can access the HDPVR at a time.  I figure that the H20 Sat box and the HDPVR should be on the MD anyway (each MD would have same setup).   However, configuring the MD in Mythtv setup exactly the same as it was on the core, and relocating the HDPVR to the MD usb port, watching tv fails with a message "Mythtv is using all inputs, but there are no active recordings?"

Restart of entire system results in the same outcome.   Removing the HDPVR references in the core/hybrid Mythtv setup and restarting still results in same outcome.   Relocating the HDPVR and H20 back on the core/hybrid, and reconfiguring as original, and satellite transmissions can be watched on the core/hybrid, or the MD.. but not both simultaneously.

Any recommendations on what I might look at to resolve this issue?   I woud assume that each MD should be able to support a capture device and have a satellite box local to it to watch different programming that another MD.


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