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Right, got a different NAS now, the D-Link DNS-320, and guess what, same problem. I've set the NAS up exactly as recommended, but LMCE still does not have permission to write to the NAS (live TV will not work).

I can fix the problem temporarily by doing a "chmod -R 777" on the symlink for the NAS windows share in the /home/public/data/pvr folder, but this does not stick after a reload or a restart.

What is the problem here? Is there any way I can permanently fix this? Can I permanently give LMCE permission to write to the NAS?


How are you trying to write to the nas?  Are you ripping a disc, browsing to \\dcerouter from a pc, kde, etc?

Users / Re: 0810 Web oorbiter - no buttons!!
« on: August 04, 2011, 06:20:57 pm »
hmm... Well I'm all out of ideas.  I've had my fair share of problems with LMCE but I can say this was one thing that just worked.  The only time I get what you're getting is when I try to access the orbiter while it is being regenerated.

You may have done this already and it maybe pointless but at this point I would delete the orbiter, reload, restart the core, create the orbiter, follow the progress in the orbiter page, give it another ten minutes after that has completed, reload again, restart the core, then try again. 

Sorry dude...

Users / Re: 0810 Web oorbiter - no buttons!!
« on: August 04, 2011, 04:04:57 pm »
I just noticed your log changed.  The first one was no route to host which is basically a bad address...usually.  The second is different.  You're hitting the core but you're being rejected. 

I'm thinking authentication but it's unlikely, especially since the page loads.  So my second thought it the firewall.  Since you can ping the core which kind of indicated the firewall is down, try changing the port for the proxy orbiter.  Try 3462, but I personally would jump to 3468 and work my way backwards until it broke again.  Although with the firewall down the core shouldn't be rejecting packets sent to any port.  That forces the question... Are you certain you disabled the firewall?  I'm with Purps, plug that PC into the LMCE network and see what happens. 

Personally I had to dismantle my existing network, build LMCE, learn what to expect and how it works (not that I've completely learned LMCe and how it works), then rebuilt my existing network around lmce.  At the end of the day I ended up building the two networks adjacent to each other.  LMCE is it's own self contained network equipped with it's own access points and NAS.  From a birds eye view LMCE and my windows network are two segregated networks that doesn't even know the other exist.  I have a router sitting between the two networks (technically 4 networks but why get complicated) to allow specific devices like my network monitor, kitchen orbiter, and terminal server to access the lmce network.  LMCE doesn't have to go outside it's network for anything.  This allows me to stick to the supported methods and rule out outside influences when there are problems.  Just a tip...

Users / Re: 0810 Web oorbiter - no buttons!!
« on: August 04, 2011, 12:13:47 am »
I'm confused, too.  I don't know why the Web Orbiter would get an IP.  I was scratching my head about that one.

So, I've recreated the Web Orbiter.  The IPs that were being added aren't now.  I think I know what may have triggered the weird behaviour before, but it's just speculation on my part, so I'll leave it out of this thread for now.

I browsed to the web orbiter's URL which in my case is http://core/linuxmce-admin/weborbiter.php, logged in, and selected the only Web Orbiter I have so far in my system. Once again, my screen is blank except for some buttons (Home, Back, Refresh, Exit, Logout).  Also, /var/log/pluto/0_web_orbiter.log has this, over and over again:

03-08-2011 17:39:37
Attempting to create socket on host port 3461 ... OK.
socket_connect() failed.
Reason: (111) Connection refused
Closing socket ... OK.

I'm going to guess a service that should be running isn't.  Or, something else is broken.

BTW, I'm not randomly changing things or doing anything else odd.  I'm following the wiki articles for the few things I've tried to do so far.

Did you change the name of your core to core or are you using DNS to resolve that name? 

I'm not accusing you of randomly changing things, but from my experience it was the things that seemed insignificant that caused the most problems.  I'm pretty sure if you changed the name of your core you'll have a problem loading the xp orbiter... I think...

Users / Re: 0810 Web oorbiter - no buttons!!
« on: August 03, 2011, 11:18:54 pm »
The IP is the IP that LinuxMCE keeps assigning to the Generic Web Orbiter.  The Proxy Orbiter gets the IP  I didn't input these - they get added automatically by LinuxMCE.

I don't know, someone correct me if i'm wrong, but I don't think you configured the proxy orbiter correctly.  My web orbiters don't  have IP addresses assigned to them and they all work just fine.  Did you follow these instructions?

Don't forget rule number 1.

Users / Re: 0810 Web oorbiter - no buttons!!
« on: August 03, 2011, 09:14:09 pm »
Also, I don't believe our setup is the recommended setup.  You should be going from your modem/ONT > to the core > to a switch > all other nodes and MDs.

You're going to have to pay attention to what you're doing so you don't run into connection issues.  You'll have to create a port forwarding rule on ipcop to the external interface on your core for remote access (out side your house).  You'll have to manually create routes and port forward rules on the core if you want to hit a device on the LMCE network from the external network.  Unless you know what you're doing you may want to add your nas (if you have on) to the external interface and follow the wikki to add a nas on the external interface.  You can add 2 nics to your nas but if you're not careful you'll create a loop in your network bring the entire network down and maybe even locking up a few devices.  I already had one and I've found that adding a DNS server to external network helped a lot. 

I said it before but it's worth saying again, do not change the ip range of the LMCE network.  I can punch a wall just thinking about how much aggravation that caused me.

Users / Re: 0810 Web oorbiter - no buttons!!
« on: August 03, 2011, 09:02:34 pm »
I have the same network setup and from a network position my system works fine.  I would also agree that I get a certain level of control and logging from my firewall that I don't get from LMCE.  Also it's well known that your firewalls and routers are two devices that should be on it's own doing it's one specific task and nothing else.  That is a business level way of thinking and I completely understand and agree with LMCE handling firewall duty.  Although, if you have the budget and know how to spawn a separate firewall and/or router I recommend doing so.  If not, let LMCE do it.

Back to your issue m3.  Did you turn off the firewall on the core.  You can sit there and open up ports and create routes but since you have a firewall between you and the Internet I would disable the firewall on the core all together.  Also, I'm not sure I understand this log you posted.  Is the IP address of your PC?  Here's the deal, make your life easy and assign a different IP range to the external network.  Keep the LMCE network in the range!! So IPcop will provide addresses in the range (external).  That could possible give your core an external ip address similar to, and your PC an IP address like  To access the web orbiter from the PC type in the address bar. 

Can you ping the core from the external network?  It sounds like you turned on remote access to the core on port 80 , which explains why you can get to web admin but not the orbiter or ssh.  Click on the firewall option under networking and disable IPV4 and 6 firewalls. 

Bit more information...

If I access the Stora directly through another computer, I DO have write access (after entering the Stora credentials of course).

However if I access the Stora through another computer VIA the symlinks in the LMCE public folder, I do NOT have write access. Same goes if I try to access the share from the core itself in dolphin.


I used to have that problem.  I don't have a stora but I'm familiar with them, the general concept is the same as my nas and most others.  I had to add the administrative credentials to the nas device in web admin.  So in the device tree, find your nas, add the admin credentials (the logon to the website) and select the requires password option.  For the share I left it as public and manually created the LMCE structure.  I don't know why but I found that if I used the LMCE structure I can read and write to the share from LMCE (most of the time) but from a PC I could only read.  Now I can read and write from Lmce and PCs.  Also, before adding the admin credentials the shares worked but It didn't know how much space was available on the share....weird.   I should add that I don't use MYth so I don't know how this will affect watching TV.

Another option that worked for me but for unrelated reasons i opt not to use; Create a password protected share and a user on your Stora and assign that user full access to the share.  If the user is an admin on the nas, use that user for both the nas device and the share in LMCE.  I founds that if I did that I could use the LMCE structure and have full access to the share from LMCE and PCs.

Users / Re: Diskless MDs not PXE booting
« on: July 27, 2011, 03:10:34 pm »
Something is preventing DHCP from working correctly. It's not the hardware - both nics can get DHCP IPs from my IPCop firewall.  No matter how many times I install LinuxMCE, I see the same problem.

I'm not trying to be an ass but unless there is a problem with the snapshot you downloaded this pretty much means there is a hardware problem.  Either broken, bad connection or not compatible.  Try a different snapshot to confirm, boot to an os other than linuxmce and confirm the nics actually work, then replace (not swap) cables. If all these test come back okay, check the LMCE network diagram and make sure you're connected properly.

From my experience the pxe boot, DHCP portion of LMCE just works.  I can't recall ever having a problem that swapping cables didn't fix and there is nothing to configure.  I had an issue once with one MD that had a wireless and wired card, but it was pretty far along in the boot process indicating the system did pxe boot.  I think it started booting off the wired nic but at some point tried to finish on the wireless nic which caused the system to reboot in an infinite loop.  The problem went away after I disabled the wireless card in the bios.  Are you certain the PXE boot is failing and not the boot up itself?  <--- I couldn't phrase that any better...

Users / Re: Issue running LinuxMCE on ESXi
« on: July 27, 2011, 02:46:15 am »
I have a question klovell..... when you are setting up just the core.... do you just stop the wizard after you setup the house?

Sorry dude, didn't see this.

Read this post

Apparently there maybe problems with setting up a core only install.  I planned out a test system but just never got around to creating the VM.  I use Vmware also so please post back your findings.

Users / Re: Diskless MDs not PXE booting
« on: July 25, 2011, 10:33:48 pm »
No way.  I'm going to cry if this really is the case.  Why would LinuxMCE care?

FYI: I put the internal on eth0 because eth0 is the on board Gb NIC.  eth1 is an Intel PRO1000 PCI card.  I figured the on-board NIC would have better performance.

I'll try the swap tonight and report back.

By default LMCE doesn't offer ip addresses to the external interface, therefore you can not pxe boot off of the external interface.  It doesn't care which interface is internal or external.  I had the same logic when I setup my core.  Both nic's are gb nics but I just figured the on-board nic would yield higher performance. 

Users / Re: Diskless MDs not PXE booting
« on: July 25, 2011, 10:24:00 pm »
Your logs are showing that your internal network is on eth0.
The external n/w should normally be on eth0 and internal on eth1.
If you swap your n/w cables and click "Swap interfaces" on the Network Admin page this should swap over eth0 and eth1 interfaces.

Try pxe-booting your machines again.


I'm not arguing these instructions, but if he swaps the cables and click on thw swap interface button wouldn't that put him back in the same position... Like a double negative? I thought the swap interfaces button was there so you wouldn't have to physically swap the cables.  I thought it swapped eth0 and eth1 in the config. 

Correct me if i'm wrong.

Users / Re: system and config buttons on orbiter?
« on: July 25, 2011, 08:51:09 pm »
He didn't really break anything.  For some reason my stb completely disappeared from the list of av devices in web admin and the orbiters but the media scenario was still there in web admin.  Also, on the orbiter when I pressed the more button my tv would turn on and switch to the antenna input.  It was an easy fix though, I readded the device, reloaded, unchecked the old stb media scenario, re-sorted the scenarios, and finally did a full regen.  She's all back to normal now but still a pain in the ass. 

Good to see this will be addressed and other people are running into the same issue.  I'm a little disappointed in myself since I'm pretty big on security and locking down these types of openings. I didn't see this coming at all.  I just got my wife to comfortable using the orbiters so I don't want to throw another step at it just yet.  I think if she had to log in she'll just stop using the orbiter.

I agree that patience is one of the bigger problems.  There are 3 areas in the house where the wireless coverage is weak at best, when my wife is at the orbiter in thouse areas she'll push a button 2-3 times then get pissed off when everything happens all at once or it stops working.  She just doesn't understand that the wireless is weak in those areas so it takes longer for the orbiter to communicate with the core.  I'll also add not knowing what to expect.  I have a webdt 515 orbiter and an MD in my kitchen but they are located across the room opposite from each other.   My cousin is over one day, got curious and pressed the Hulu button.  I saw no harm in that, he's computer savy... Well, all he got was a remote on the webdt and he didn't notice the tv behind him turn on so he hit the power button on the orbiter and pressed hulu again.  All of a sudden he lost his damn mind and started pushed random buttons.  Some how he figured this was a good idea.

Users / system and config buttons on orbiter?
« on: July 23, 2011, 09:18:49 pm »
How do you all prevent curious friends, family, and idiots from reloading the router, regenerating orbiters, and/or rebooting your system?

One of my dumb ass friends was at my house Yesterday, I left him alone in the living room for 5 minutes and he managed to start a orbiter regen, entered the md setup for the living room MD, got scared and canceled the setup, forced a reload (he started a regen of all orbiters), then rebooted my core.  Some how he didn't interpret the words "reset the core/hybrid" as a serious button that shouldn't be pressed.

How do you all handle this?

Users / Re: Issue running LinuxMCE on ESXi
« on: July 23, 2011, 09:05:17 pm »
I was going to virtualize my core but haven't gotten around to it yet.  I have it pretty well planned out though.  I was going to setup a core only to avoid interface issues with the gui.  I planned on installing vmware tools after "apt-get update" and before the linuxmce install script. 

I'm not saying this is right, this is just what I was going to do.  My procedure for setting up servers and clients has always been to update the OS before any other piece of software.  I'm pretty sure that might be an industry standard.  It also makes sense (to me anyways) that with the vmware tools installed linuxmce can use the virtual hardware to it's full potential, so the tools should be installed before linuxmce.

Hope this helps.

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