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I think I might have found part (?) of the problem. DCERouter.log keeps filling up with the following

Code: [Select]
The target device 41 (routed to 41) has not registered. <0xb657db90>
08      03/10/11 11:05:39.338           Received Message from 12 (Event Plug-in / Office) to 41 (HDPC Master OnScreen / Master), type 1 id 242 Command:Set Now Playing, retry none, parameters: <0x96df6b90>
08      03/10/11 11:05:39.338             Parameter 3(PK_DesignObj):  <0x96df6b90>
08      03/10/11 11:05:39.338             Parameter 5(Value To Assign):  <0x96df6b90>
08      03/10/11 11:05:39.338             Parameter 9(Text):  <0x96df6b90>
08      03/10/11 11:05:39.338             Parameter 29(PK_MediaType):  <0x96df6b90>
08      03/10/11 11:05:39.338             Parameter 41(StreamID):  <0x96df6b90>
08      03/10/11 11:05:39.338             Parameter 48(Value):  <0x96df6b90>
08      03/10/11 11:05:39.338             Parameter 50(Name):  <0x96df6b90>
08      03/10/11 11:05:39.338             Parameter 103(List PK Device):  <0x96df6b90>
08      03/10/11 11:05:39.338             Parameter 120(Retransmit):  <0x96df6b90>

I believe that this is the cause of at least some of the problems. I do not have any events. I cannot cancel this command from any orbiter. As soon as the media director with that orbiter is turned on and the orbiter registers, problems seem to appear (like Router reloads). How can I delete cancel that command (I do not know where I would find it)?

No. Network Card Chipset for Core is Intel 82574L (Driver e1000e).

unfortunately not. I have all the recordings already scheduled. The problem is that something is "killing" the Core services. I mean that once it runs for a couple of minutes, everything starts to stop working including mythtv and mythweb.

I checked the DCERouter.log, and it keeps on executing :Command:Set Now Playing for the orbiter that cannot reconnect. It must be something on the COre because my Windows Orbiter cannot connect either. Today is the worst day for this problem because I do a lot of checking. Any ideas what log files could be relevant to the issue?

I updated last night. I smell a lot of trouble in my near future because Mythtv cannot  do any recordings, and tonight are shows that need to be recorded because my wife is out of town (and she doesn't know about this problem).
Coming back to the problem. I keep on getting the message: Orbiter cannot register with router. This comes up a few minutes after a reboot. I can use the orbiter for a couple of minutes (non functional as described above) but everything is really slow. Video takes one minute or longer to start and it doesn't work as described above.

I have a similar/same problem. My orbiters do not work anymore (after update). Full regen and media director rebuilt did not solve the problem. The media director hangs for a long time before the Orbiter finally shows up. However, the orbiters do not work. I cannot watch any videos nor use mythtv. Some videos play but I can only listen to the sound and I cannot see the video. ANother problem is that I cannot exit the video properly. It takes the orbiter 2 to 3 minutes to stop the video. Waching TV through Mythtv does not work at all (except on the core for a couple of minutes). I noticed that the DCERouter keeps on reseting/reloading because my Windows Orbiter keeps regenerating. After a couple of minutes, no on screen orbiter works (including windows & core orbiter). Mythtv cannot record any scheduled recordings.
I haven't figured out what caused the problem. Can anybody provide some help to this related issue? I remember that I received an error message that the orbiter could not be created (immediately after the update). However, I have been able to successfully recreate the orbiters.

Hi everybody,

This is an "older topic", and it seems that some people have found a solution to their individual problems and others did not (or did not provide feedback).
I have/had the problem that I could connect to my Samba/Windows Share. I could play & access the files on the MDs. However, I was unable to access them through the Web-admin interface when it is user-restricted. If I change the share to a public share (no username or password required), I could see it in the Web-Admin interface.
So I spent some (unfortunately most of my day) in solving this problem. It was obvious to me that it is a permission problem. After quite some time, I had the idea to check the apache2 error log and noticed that Apache2 reports "permission denied to use the stat command.
I added /usr/bin/stat to superdoers for the www-data user. This did not work. Then I added www-data to the group public because that is the group under which linuxmce mounts the Share. After a rebooted LMCE it finally worked. I could see all files & folders (I could actually create folders on the Share from the web admin interface, but I could not see them). This was the permission issue that I spent my day on. It seems that www-data also needs to be in group public to successfully execute stat.
I wanted to share my temporary solution, in case somebody else has the same problem, and I also want to ask for some feedback. Is there a better solution that I did not think of? I tried too many things, and I am tired (2:40am).
How wide did I open up my system? I know that www-data has gained some access (especially when your system is accessible over the internet). LMCE is very, very complex and I believe that adding www-data might be a great security risk.
I hope to get some feedback. Thanks

The Problem components consist of:
Openfiler with LDAP, user&password controlled
added to LMCE as Windows SHare CIFS

Feature requests & roadmap / Re: ZWave Schlage door lock
« on: June 21, 2010, 05:18:05 pm »
I just wanted to add that Kwikset SmartCode uses Z-Wave as well (I do not know if Z-Wave is a new feature of that product, but it seems like it is). I hope that it will be available outside of the US so that a smart person, who has experience with Z-Wave and the proper tools, can add it.
I just googled Z-Wave, and i found OpenZWave. It seems that Kwikset is a better lock & there is "some" interest in that lock.

Users / Re: Orbiter crash when retrieving video list
« on: May 14, 2010, 09:55:11 pm »
I just devoted a little time towards finding the exact issue, and I believe that I might have found part or the exact issue. I believe that the id3 Tags are the Issue. A copy of the picture is stored in each Id3 Tag file. This is additionally to the Thumbnails and "real" picture that is stored under mediapics. This increases the id3 file size & this should be the problem for the orbiter crash due to the increased reading time (According to WIKI, LMCE shows the pictures from mediapics, so the actual picture is not the problem).

Unfortunately, I do not have the time (getting back into programming plus understanding LMCE structure) to resolve this issue. I do not know the whole structure under LMCE, and it is very hard to understand all the connections if you start late in the game to understand the complex structure of this fantastic product. This is why I do not know if this is an easy fix (as I believe that it would be for the original programmer of a feature) or a complex task. One way would be to allow users to upload files through the Cover Art feature. The other way would be to allow the user (through a checkbox or something similar) to decide whether or not to save the picture in the id3 Tag (This seems to be a simple fix if-else statement, but this might be contrary to the LMCE concept or it might cause problems with other features). I might try to do it myself depending on my understanding of the LMCE structure & me getting back into programming.

I hope that this is the actual culprit. I will add this finding to the ticket.

Users / Re: Orbiter crash when retrieving video list
« on: March 29, 2010, 08:04:20 am »
Did you find a solution to the problem? I have/had the same problem.
You can also find the same problem reported here (
A reinstall with deleting all the id3 & key files solved the problem for now. It seems that the cover-art is the problem. I just wanted to check if you found a solution to the problem before I start adding cover-arts back in the database. Thanks.

Users / Re: Getting really tired by now
« on: March 29, 2010, 07:55:43 am »
Have you figured out a solution to the problem? I have the same problem. I actually did the same steps that you did in your ticket description (before I read it). The ticket number is 586 (in case anybody wants to follow it). The sad part was to delete all the attributes/pictures so that the system will work for now.

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