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i could probably justify this expense in this phone in one location ..possibly two, if my wife agrees...(she is reading this gentlemen/ladies so please justify it for me) but Im thinking more in the lines of some type of phone system that is workable around the house....something more domestic.....

I've heard/seen the cisco's  mentioned in the post's repeatedly, is there any particular advantage to these phones versus others?  Ive read a bit that it's because they are able to be Orbiters as this the only reason?

You guy's are great, and I plan to stop buy that Forum before the initial purchase which hopefully will take place this weekend....I'm even taking off of work for a week just to do the wiring of the house.  And I may have skipped something, as I want to build a bullet proof Core, that can handle all of this.  I do have a bit of a budget surplus just for this. Are there any specific reccomendations?

And Tim you mentioned something, that was on my mind as well; NAS storage.  I've been thinking that this might be the way to go for various reasons, mostly that one stability is reached in the system, I dont want to have to "crack" a case in order to add more primarily im using the Core for this. So would it be better right from the beginning to simply setup a NAS storage system, that i can simply add a terabyte drive as needed for movies, files, music..etc along the way?

My next source of ignorance, is the Z-wave Modules.  With the house being the size it is, I know this can well eat up my entire budget, but at this point, and from what you've taught me, im willing to only do the downstairs portion of zones first, and wait to add modules upstairs as more funds become available.  What I dont understand though, is how specifically it integrates with LinuxMCE.  Is it all controlled off the orbiter, and are there things i should be looking out for?

Oh, and by the way, Im intiating all of this, from purchase to install in about 30 to 45 days.  I plan to detail, via video tape, and blog, every step along the way..i figure if i can do it, then ANYONE can do it...and want to show the successes and mistakes along the way....should be valuable to all of us out here, who really love the Idea, but dont quite know how to get it done...can't wait to get to the point where i have some more challenging questions...

and on blue ray im not the concerned at the moment, as again, my objectives are to build the system and use it to distribute video/web/telephone/home automation/security ..and add components as it becomes available...i would like it to be stable...

you Double Rock...

and that is what I've been picking up, that it seems my first choice on the MD's is the way to go, and I did have the question about the gma intel video if it would work..

I haven't bought equipment ...other than TV's at this point...this is a completely organic install....any suggestions, in other words, if you were doing it, what would you do...and i've been getting some great suggestions here....and much insight...

your turning into a Godsend of information....thank you as your hitting each subject that i have the  ??? look on my face question, earlier, i was mentioning that  I planned on using the WebDT orbiter, that seems to have speaker/microphone capability? do you think that I could utilize this as a telephony device, ....

you rock by the way Mr.E...

but there is a saving grace, in that whatever i invest is going to be working there long after they are gone, the Hauppauge card interests me, ...and that's a question is it a card at all?, as when i wen to my local fry's electronics, all i saw were modules that sat outside the case.....??? is this the same devices?

24 dont know my kids, they had full surround sound 5 years, doesnt' it make you want to be a kid again..????

25 we go....

VOIP...i truly do not understand the VOIP portion of this service.  I know what i would like, which is to be able to convert my phone service over to VOIP, and utilize the connection i have, with voip lines, with multiple numbers....basically 2 line for the house, one for home office....I want the system to manage the VOIP services, but not quite sure how im going to do this, and tie into my existing phone lines into my house or would it be better to use cordless phones? and the switching of the phone lines?...ahhah.... ???

that is one heck of a rig, and now if i could talke my wife into a little more budget lets talk about tuner cards, to accept Dish/Direct TV and cable connection....

are there any recommendations for sound processing OUTSIDE of the core?  for instance, like a main audio receiver?

thank you for all of that have no idea how this helps.....

to me, it's sounding like my first choice is the box im looking for..for a few different reasons....

The HDMI issue is exactly why i tried (hahah) to put my selections in order of usability, as i saw them....i guess my question on the MD's was based off of cost...first...and yes, all TV's can show a minimum of 720p even in the kids rooms right now.  We are buying only one other TV in the near future....and we've decided to splurge on something 60 inches or better ...and although not as popular, we are pretty much thinking plasma....

Now, ....sound....boy do i have questions....

What main receiver(s) should i be looking to get? As i want to have at least "full" system of some type in the master bedroom and the main family room?

Okay, that makes since on the wiring...(im sold!)...the last few days I started pricing what it's going to take to run Cat 6e to each location and not as bad as i thought if i do the wiring myself.  Basically, since it's a pretty simple design on the house upstairs/downstairs the overall challenge to wiring is distance to router which seems a easy fix via a gigabit switch. 

I plan on buying two orbiter pads (WebDT 366) one for my wife and I and one for the downstairs family room.  And on the subject of Orbiters again, still looking to see if there is going to be one that even my 4 year old might be able to operate, so any suggestions there would help.

The Media Directors
There seems to be a very big choice in Media Directors out there.  Since this is going to be a new purchase as well, and from what i've been able to discern from your answers with this question and the forums, I've decided on about three prospective choices

1. Acer - acer aspire revo 1600

2. Shuttle -

Shuttle X27D X Mini Series Barebone PC

3. MSI Wind Nettop - 120 - 1 GB RAM - 1.6 GHz - 160 GB HDD

or the one, budget depending, i saw at the LinuxMCE store that's being offered.  The only thing holding me back on this was cost as i was trying to keep my cost per directore at about 200 dollars U.S.

Any other suggestions would be great?  What do all of you think of my choices? Has anyone had any experience with any of these units?


This component, does confuse me the most, as again i want something that stable, something robust that can handle at least two signal feeds, and something that's not going to be budget is basically about 1000 dollars for it.  Any suggestions on a off the shelf Core, or would i be better just building what i needed?

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