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Like some of you, Im very new to Linux, and very new to Linux MCE.  Via some very wonderful dinners, as well as some other persuading on my part, i've convinced my wife to allow me to deploy Linux MCE throughout our new home.  The house itself is a work in progress, so I have a lot of options at this point.  But my overall objective is to utilize the full capability of what Linux MCE is capable of doing i.e. security, phone, media sharing, gaming...etc.

I've been watching the forums for a while, and attempting to get a handle on what is capable as well as what I'd like to do with this project.  I have a lot of questions, but, mostly i have a lot of requests for opinions on what i should be doing.  My list of "wishes" for the system im going to install are not that unreasonable (at least in my head they aren't) but I figure all of you that are reading this are the experts.  So i finally took the dive and signed up for the forums to put my ignorance out there.

Some Basics:

The House - 4200 square feet 2-story, 3 car garage, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, situated on the fairway of public golf course on the otherside of my fence.  It's located in Phoenix, Arizona, so there is a lot of entertaining outside the home.  We have no pool currently but there are plans to do so at the end of this year.

The Occupants - 2 Adults, my wife and myself, 4 kids ranging in age from 16 to 4 with the middle 2 being 13, 12 respectively.
(she is a web developer with the community college district here, and im a property manager) we are not completely unfamiliar with technical issues

My budget: 5k max..ahhaha....that is to include all things required and this is over a year in which she will allow me to set this up in the home.

Now, when i say "all things required", what I mean is that i would like to do certain things promised by the system that in a nutshell i've kinda read can be done....

My Objectives:

1. I would like to set up locations in all 5 bedrooms as well as family room, kitchen, office and backyard (more on this later) where i can access all media, as well as watch live tv, access the web, and security features (cameras) and Voice services.  Basically i would like the entire system functional by the end of the year.

2. I do currently have computers in the home, but Im going to be purchasing new equipment or will be building the equipment i need, as well as possibly running cat 5/6 throughout the home.

3. I would like to incorporate my children's game playing into the system...they have most consoles now, (Xbox, PS3, Wii) and this is a big one, and a biq question on if they can centralize these consoles and use them in all zones via the system for game playing?

4. I would like to add a element to the system of voice control if possible of some of the functions of the service (light's on, lights off, tv on, tv off) simplet commands

5. I would like to make a test bed for my wife to test out work related projects (web servers): you name it they do it, regarding web pages at her job...and she should be able to access this info from remote locations

6. I'd like to do this in phases, core, install it, add bedrooms, add family room, kitchen, add backyard...etc.

LET ME BE CLEAR WITH THIS, im really really really open to suggestions, comments, help of any sort other words i guess im asking what all ofyou would do for a reliable system based off the parameters that im attempting to accomplish...


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