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Users / Hardware Recommendations
« on: January 07, 2011, 06:42:30 pm »
Hello All,

I have scanned the forum and wiki and I have found helpful information about hardware.  However, I have yet to figure out an anwer to the best complete hardware list for a hybrid box.

What I would like to know is, is there a list of recommended hardware for building a comlete hybrid box that is known to work together out of the box. For example, motherboard "X", processor "Y", video card "V", Tuner "A", and sound card "S" is a complete package that works with LMCE and are compatable with each other.  I have had problems in the past when I was building my Myth TV box when video card "nV" is not compatable with tuner card "H" and you have to jump through hoops to correct the memory allocation.

Any help or constructive advice is appreciated.


Users / DVD Playback
« on: February 02, 2010, 01:09:52 pm »
Hello all,
I have a question about DVD playback.  It is important to me to do things legally and I am in the US so restrictions are tight.  So I was wondering about the feasability of using Fluendos codecs for legally playing encrypted DVDs in LinuxMCE (or other Linux media players).  I know that usually in Windows, when you install a software dvd player, that other applications (such as Windows Media Player) can use the codecs to playback DVDs. Does anyone know if this is the case for Linux?
Sorry if this is a newbie question but I am very new to everything Linux.


Users / USB-UIRT question
« on: January 30, 2010, 09:14:37 pm »
How many external IR emitters can one USB-UIRT support.  Is only has one jack but I was thinking that maybe it could be split to more than one emmitter.  I know that the same signal will go to all the units but when you use a hand-held remote pointed at the rack, everything in the rack receives the same signal and they just ignore what doesn't appy to them.  This being the case, could I possibly use one USB-UIRT connected to my computer and use this modified external emmitter and control my TV, my receiver, my external HDTV receiver (I only have a single tuner in my computer and I may want to watch something else while it is recording), and my stand-alone DVD player (so I can play encrypted DVDs.  Currently, my equipment doesn't have RS-232 control.  As I upgrade my equipment, then I will be looking for this as a feature.  But for the time being, IR is the only control available.



Users / Introduction and thank you...
« on: January 30, 2010, 05:33:48 pm »
Hello all,
My name is Michael, I got a nickel…  I don’t have an issue (really? my wife would disagree), at least not one that I will be addressing in this post.  I just wanted to introduce myself.  I am new to Linux/LMCE/MythTV.  The bug hit me when I was introduced to FreeNAS about a year ago.  A couple of months ago I started playing with MythTV which led me to LinuxMCE.  I haven’t been successful in getting LMCE going yet but I am hopeful 0810 will be my solution.  I am interested in employing this at work as we have a need for media playback and we need it simple to operate.  Right now we are setting up the projector, plug in the DVD player, dropping the screen, dim the lights, unmute the mixing board, and press play.  For this to really work for us, I need to control DMX from the computer.  That would make it useful for the entertainment industry.  I have a friend that has also become interested in Linux MCE.  He has a website, , in which he helps people with their computer and other electronic issues.  I don’t post this as an advertisement but more of a resource for any and all.  He may be interested in development of whatever or helping with website issues.  You can contact him through his website.
I also want to take a minute to thank everyone that has helped me without even knowing it.  I search these forums frequently and I try to learn from what everyone else has done.
PS. This is the first time I have ever posted to a forum.

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