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After trying snapshot 23559 I gave up as it would not do PXE boots so went back to a old image and all working fine the stupidly then did a update and upgrade and now all my MD's will no longer boot they now all come up with a msg saying "No boot file name received" the same as 23559 so it looks like back to old true and trusted image which still works

Anybody having similar problems or have a suggestion of where I should look, I looked in /usr/pluto/Diskless and it's empty also /tftpboot has no symlinks........go easy not an expert in linux so not 100% sure of what I am looking for
Best regards

Users / Denied File Access
« on: December 30, 2010, 02:10:09 am »
Can anybody help......since upgrading a couple of days ago I can now no longer access my RAID array on the core from my XP laptop see attached screen shots, I can still access them  from the core through the core and MD


Installation issues / Recommended Snapshot
« on: December 27, 2010, 10:59:52 pm »
Hi All,
Can someone suggest a stable snapshot to download as I have done an upgrade on my original install and I am thinking this may now be the best option to fix on going issues

Can anyone confirm if the atl1c module has been added to the recent snapshots, the other reason is I have seen that the picture viewer now has the ability to go full screen and mine does not so that's why I want to take the plunge and do a total rebuild as well to get all the latest features and fixes


Users / [SOLVED]apt-get update
« on: December 27, 2010, 04:17:13 am »
Hi All,
Due to recent ill heatlh etc I am still running on a old 810 release.

I have changed my /etc/apt/sources.list from .archive & .security to .old-releases.

But when I do an apt-get upgrade I get the following messages below so to me nothing has been updated............any help as usual is much appreciated.........I am sure it is something stupid I am doing just can't see it, or should I just download one of the latest snapshots as I see there have been many improvements over the last 12 months but I am not seeing anything different after doing a apt-get update

dcerouter_1006790:~# apt-get update
Ign file: ./ Release.gpg
Ign file: ./ Translation-en_AU
Ign file: ./ Release
Ign file: ./ Packages
Ign stable Release.gpg
Ign stable/main Translation-en_AU
Hit intrepid Release.gpg
Hit intrepid Release.gpg
Ign intrepid/release Translation-en_AU
Ign intrepid/testing Translation-en_AU
Ign intrepid Release.gpg
Ign intrepid/beta2 Translation-en_AU
Hit intrepid Release.gpg
Hit intrepid/main Translation-en_AU
Ign intrepid Release.gpg
Ign intrepid/main Translation-en_AU
Get:1 stable Release [1645B]
Hit intrepid Release
Ign 20dev_ubuntu Release.gpg
Ign 20dev_ubuntu/main Translation-en_AU
Ign intrepid Release
Ign intrepid/restricted Translation-en_AU
Ign intrepid/universe Translation-en_AU
Ign intrepid/multiverse Translation-en_AU
Hit intrepid-updates Release.gpg
Hit intrepid-updates/main Translation-en_AU
Ign intrepid-updates/restricted Translation-en_AU
Ign intrepid-updates/universe Translation-en_AU
Ign intrepid-updates/multiverse Translation-en_AU
Hit intrepid-security Release.gpg
Ign intrepid Release
Ign intrepid-security/main Translation-en_AU
Ign stable/main Packages
Ign intrepid/free Translation-en_AU
Ign intrepid-security/restricted Translation-en_AU
Ign 20dev_ubuntu Release
Ign intrepid-security/universe Translation-en_AU
Ign intrepid-security/multiverse Translation-en_AU
Ign universe Release.gpg
Get:2 intrepid/release Packages [99.5kB]
Ign intrepid/main Packages
Ign universe/main Translation-en_AU
Ign universe/non-free Translation-en_AU
Ign universe/contrib Translation-en_AU
Hit intrepid Release
Hit intrepid-updates Release
Hit stable/main Packages
Ign intrepid/beta2 Packages
Hit intrepid/testing Packages
Hit intrepid-security Release
Err intrepid/main Packages
  404 Not Found [IP: 80]
Ign intrepid/non-free Translation-en_AU
Ign 20dev_ubuntu/main Packages
Ign universe Release
Hit intrepid/main Packages
Hit intrepid/restricted Packages
Hit intrepid/universe Packages
Hit intrepid/multiverse Packages
Hit intrepid/main Sources
Hit intrepid/restricted Sources
Hit intrepid/beta2 Packages
Hit intrepid/universe Sources
Hit intrepid/multiverse Sources
Hit intrepid-updates/main Packages
Hit intrepid-updates/restricted Packages
Hit intrepid Release
Hit intrepid-updates/universe Packages
Hit intrepid-updates/multiverse Packages
Hit intrepid-updates/main Sources
Hit intrepid-updates/restricted Sources
Hit intrepid-updates/universe Sources
Hit intrepid-updates/multiverse Sources
Hit 20dev_ubuntu/main Packages
Hit intrepid-security/main Packages
Hit intrepid-security/restricted Packages
Hit intrepid-security/universe Packages
Hit intrepid-security/multiverse Packages
Hit intrepid-security/main Sources
Hit intrepid-security/restricted Sources
Hit intrepid-security/universe Sources
Hit intrepid-security/multiverse Sources
Ign universe/main Packages
Ign universe/non-free Packages
Ign universe/contrib Packages
Hit intrepid/free Packages
Err universe/main Packages
  404 Not Found
Err universe/non-free Packages
  404 Not Found
Hit intrepid/non-free Packages
Err universe/contrib Packages
  404 Not Found
Fetched 2B in 4s (0B/s)
W: Failed to fetch  Hash Sum mismatch

W: Failed to fetch  404 Not Found [IP: 80]

W: Failed to fetch  404 Not Found

W: Failed to fetch  404 Not Found

W: Failed to fetch  404 Not Found

E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.


Users / Earthquake in New Zealand
« on: September 04, 2010, 05:54:05 am »
To Forum members, families, relatives and friends living in Christchurch New Zealand that have been affected by a large 7.5 earthquake in the early hours this morning, I hope you are all safe and well and that life can get back to normal as soon as possible. I am so glad that there were no serious injuries or fatalities and would like to extend my best wishes to you and your family's.


Users / IMDB
« on: August 23, 2010, 09:40:17 am »
Hi All,
I saw a wiki page on using IMDB for metadata and cover art.........sorry if this has already been solved. I have done a search and can't seem to find an answer for this.

Is there a way to make IMDB the default in the cover art search in the Files and Media tab 


Installation issues / Orbiter failed to generate openGL
« on: August 08, 2010, 03:45:54 am »
Hi All,
Lost and need the assistance of the experts.........cant get IRC to work otherwise I would go one the IRC and get help there so if anybody can help with the following that would be much appreciated. I have submitted this issue on the forums previously and I really need some urgent help to get my one and only md working as I am recently out of hospital after a serious hemorrhage on the brain and I need to fix my md for the family and so I can lay on the couch and watch movies and recover for the next 6 weeks.

The issue I am having is I recently did updates on the Core and ever since when the MD boots up it's goes through all the normal process and then comes up with a error msg of Orbiter failed to generate openGL and won't go any further, I am using a Gigabyte motherboard with a Gigabyte 7600GS video card. If you need any log files I can upload them

I have tested the core and that works apart from the fact the image is far to big for the screen. I am running DVI at 1920 x 1080 on a Dell 24" monitor, not sure if this is coincidence as the core is also running the same motherboard and 7600GS video card as the md which was working all ok before doing the updates so my guess all my problems are driver related but I have know idea where to start.

If you need any log files to help diagnose the problems please let me know so I can upload them

Thanks and kind regards

Users / MD broken after latest update & upgrade
« on: July 16, 2010, 01:24:50 pm »
Have just performed the latest update & upgrade on the core after waiting for sometime as the last time I did it I ended up breaking the core, good news I believe the core is okay after the updates and I can even run the new Weborbiter 2.0, well just about waiting on an answer to fix a small bug with the iphone orbiter in another post. The main issue is my one and only MD now refuses to play any videos or audio, it get's up to the point of selecting play and then it just returns to the screen saver with a msg of DVDCSS is not installed. I have deleted the MD and done a new diskless set up but no good still the same.............I have to assume the update or upgrade has changed something as everything with the MD was okay before the update & upgrade but unfortunately I would not have a clue of where to start looking

If anybody has suggestions that would be much appreciated as the wife is going nuts........also if someone could advise how to get the MD to do an update, I remember the MD's have a different user name and password when you SSH in which I found on the forums once before but after of hours of searching I still can't find it

Thanks & regards

Has anybody been able to get this Foxconn Nettop - 0331i to do a PXE boot.
It fails as it can't find eth0 in the diskless image of the Atheros LAN card so it ends up with a kernal panic, I have searched the wiki's and found two entries of how to add the missing module into the diskless setup but really need some assistance please...not sure of the module name to add.......not too experienced in command line linux

Installation issues / Alarm Panel Intergration
« on: April 18, 2010, 07:31:46 am »
Hi All,
Looking for advice on integrating our existing alarm panel using mce's built in security if possible.

We have 5 battery operated wireless pir's, 3 x hard wired pir's, external siren and strobe, internal piezo siren, wireless control panel, wired control panel and 3 x wireless remotes for alarm control. Can mce control this type of equip and would I need something like a GC-100 or would it be simpler to use RS232 which I think the panel has..........any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

The alarm system is a Honeywell Ademco Vista-48A


Hi All,
Had a perfectly good working 810 b2 and thought well I haven't done an update for awhile so I did both apt-get update & apt-get upgrade on both the core/hybrid and the one md I have and after they all completed I now get the following msg when trying to log in to webadmin and the md boots up with a black screen and only a cursor.

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) in /var/www/lmce-admin/include/adodb/drivers/ on line 338
Fatal error: mysql error: [2002: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)] in CONNECT(localhost, '****', '****', pluto_main) in /var/www/lmce-admin/include/adodb/ on line 77

I have no knowledge of SQL so I can only assume that one of the updates broke the install, if it is easy to fix please let me know otherwise I can re image the whole system in about 9mins and be back up and running............then I just reload my most recent backup file.........I glad I have this working as it saves me a whole heap of time and heat from the wife.


Installation issues / can we stream movies to the internet using VLC
« on: March 17, 2010, 04:00:11 am »
Just wondering if I have a high speed internet connection at both the core and at work with no firewalls at work am I able to stream movies from my core to work using say VLC if so does anybody no how, I have seen how you can add programs to media directors but where I am stuck is trying to work out how to configure VLC as I would like to use it to see if it fixes my .m2ts problem as well. I am a real knob when it comes to programming but can easily follow cmd line instructions.........any help much apprecited :)


Installation issues / NVIDA H264 Codec
« on: February 15, 2010, 02:23:37 pm »
I am running a core and MD both with NVIDA 7600GS video cards which under XP will playback my home videos which are 30Mb bit rate .m2ts files but under linuxmce the videos are in slow motion though the sound is fine also some of them have horz lines through them, is it time to upgrade to newer 9 series video cards to overcome this. Currently running 810 b2 with NVIDA 195.36 drivers...any advice is always much appreciated

Users / WebDT366 [SOLVED]
« on: February 13, 2010, 02:02:46 am »
I have a WebDT366 web pad and I am wondering can you adjust the brightness of the screen somehow.......checked out google use the 3rd button from the left on the bottom row in conjunction with the 4 way pad on the rhs and you can turn the brightness up and down

I have tried searching everywhere to turn off auto resume after it was mistakenly turned on.............where do you find the option so it brings up the screen and gives you the option to resume from where you left off or not when playing back a movie, I am tipping it is something really simple and I am trying to hard to find it, any help is much appreciated as usual.


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