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Users / Nothing came up on my monitor
« on: December 03, 2009, 11:01:10 pm »
According to this page,, I can select 1, 2, etc to try the various connectors. What is strange is that I have my monitor connected to the VGA output. 1 doesn't work, 2 doesn't work, but 3 does work but according to the noted web page 3 is for 'Component' but I'm using VGA.  Is it possible that the web page is wrong and 3 really means VGA2?  Selecting VGA2 from the AVWizard works but selecting VGA does not.

When I do the disk check I get a message stating that 152 files have errors. 

The sha1sum value of the dvd and iso is edc1f2cdcf1d7cb06b326af498477f94690f4c48 so the DVD was written correctly.

The md5sum of the iso is ab942378ae93608d8d07441c3cffde46 which matches the value in ccoudsi's post.

Can I conclude that the ISO image on the torrent is corrupt?

- Tom

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