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Installation issues / Re: Kworld T399u and DHCP
« on: August 12, 2010, 10:14:29 am »
Hi Barney,
Thanks for the welcome and the quick reply. I have followed your advice and rechecked the myth setup however only the pvr 500 is showing up (/dev/video0 and /dev/video1) under 'capture cards'. Is this the section you are referring to?

As for the dhcp issues, internal NIC is Asus NX1101 and is supported OTB in 8.10 according to wiki. Latest is that internet becomes available to devices after 3 refreshes of browser, but doesn't always successfully load the page. I do recall seeing earlier posts with similiar issues but can't seem to find again.

Thanks again

Installation issues / Kworld T399u and DHCP
« on: August 11, 2010, 05:23:50 pm »
Greetings all  :)

This is my first post so kind. After much lurking, reading and investigation I have migrated from windoze to LMCE after finding, like many, that win MCE isnt cutting it. After multiple installations I seem to have a stable, albeit with niggling problems-fighting with DHCP, beta install (snapshot 23148).

However, even with the help of the wiki and debs from totallymaxed i cannot seem to get my Kworld T399u tuners recognised. I have followed the wiki page

Once i had Kubuntu installed i tried installing the debs but I had an error and was unable to install the v4l firmware (presumably due to the changes Mandingo has been working on with PnP?-i am unsure) but as per but the wiki I continued and the v4l modules successfully built and installed. The cards were not detected. As per the wiki advice i copied the latest firmware file as recommended, rebooted and initialised the linuxmce install from kde. No apparent issues on install and i successfully booted and went through av wizard-cards did not show. I have a stable and functional base but don’t seem to be able to get LMCE to detect the cards. Being the complete linux newb that I am, i am not sure where to start looking to find a solution, especially as it seems that it should have worked.

My second issue is just as annoyingly simple i am sure. The modem for my adsl 2+ connection is an isp provided router/modem tpllink TD8840. Again I have followed the wiki and all advice for a dual nic standard setup. eth0 is connected to 'external' network ie modem router (with DHCP) and given IP second eth1 (supported OTB asus GB PCI NIC) connected to a seperate dlink 8port GB switch. From what I can understand the setup seems and is configured as it should be; LMCE detects my other compluters on interna network etc and assigns 192.168.80.XX IP addresses. However there is no internet connection for these devices. I am not looking for any unsupported setup, simply to let LMCE to its job, i must be missing something...Disabling DHCP on router modem has caused headaches

Motherboard is an Asus m4n78-Pro with 2gb ram 320gb system drive,onboard gig NIC and asus supported pci nic. I also have a haupaugge pvr mce500 card which I plan to use (at a later date) for capture of a sat tv box. 

I am learning quickly, but any help or a pointer in the right direction would be appreciated


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