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Users / 0810 beta mouse control
« on: October 26, 2009, 10:27:44 am »
So I spent some money on some controllers. The gyration is still the sexiest way I have to navigate... but there is a contender.

It is about the length of a US dollar. It is the Logitech DiNovo Mini.

The round pad is a mouse or directional key depending on either a switch or using the function button. In 710, the mouse did not function natively, but after some modprobing I was able to get that working successfully. It operates like a touch pad, and is not nearly as fluid as the gyration... but functional. Moreover, when you adjusted the mouse acceleration in KDE it was reflected in LinuxMCE... this is no longer the case. Curious if anyone had any pointers (no pun intended) on mouse acceleration in LinuxMCE. Currently it takes about three full swipes to move from one end to the other at 1024x768.

Installation issues / Re: Beta 0810 and nvidia drivers
« on: October 26, 2009, 09:52:36 am »
No, really... thank you guys. I will be testing lots of hardware/configs.

My 710 is a thing of beauty. (-flickr of course)

I haven't actually punched out any code in a long time, but plan on re-familiarizing myself in short order.

I am looking forward to doing a lot of work with the GC-100 series of products for I/O. In a past life I used to code programmable logic controllers (PLC's) for autonomous function. The ultimate goal being to use lmce's event handling to interact with security hardware on a more intimate level. Features like a door bell waking up equipment and switching to camera x on the live orbiters... or zone motion sensing beginning an internet feed/backup to begin with (I am sure others have done this) and much more complicated tasks in the future. Making the GC get up and dance will probably be the area of my focus, and hopefully contribution. In another life I used to write portlets for an enterprise level portal which, in part, interpreted I/O for strange or antiquated systems for control by newer/more common systems. So if you have robotic automotive painting plant, built in '79, and want to control it with a wireless windows laptop, I'm your guy... or... I was... back when the internet made money.

I have a good bit of hardware available in the home automation/security side of things, and though I am pretty much crap in linux, I am a programmer at my core, just rusty. In a few weeks I will be able to afford a few weeks of sleepless testing. Till then, I will test here and there.

I really need to get to a bookstore...

Installation issues / Re: Beta 0810 and nvidia drivers
« on: October 26, 2009, 04:11:13 am »
I should preface this with the fact that I am not really sure the version I am on now as the lmce install came from a wiki which STATES that it is for 0810 beta, yet verbiage on the scripts is "latest_alpha". If someone could tell me how to check the version that would be keen.

So, by following the instructions on this wiki
I was able to get most of the way through the main install, crashing at mythtv-backend download in a loop. ctrl c out, run the post installer. On first load after reboot I see that it is downloading myth backend. Nice. Maybe it will be ok. Brings me up, eventually, with everything skinning really nicely in A2. The flicker script which caused me nightmares on the 7.10 seemed to be behaving.

I go to KDE and there is a noticeable element missing. That little control panel which allowed you to do a myriad of useful things, not the least of which is get back to lmce, is not there. Everything in desktop is glitchy and slow. Turns out this is, at least in part, again due to the flickr script background... which is less easy to get rid of for me. It now just strobes white, causing the same irregularity. I will go at it again with inept fingers. On 7.10 I had to disable (which seems to do nothing) remove, and then reload before it would go away. It had to go away because if it ran in the background, when you added multiple layers through the menu or alerts, it would hang. Now it isn't there, but it is strobing and causing hangups. The desktop freezes every 5 seconds. Its pretty awesome.

I assume I just have a broken install and that there is some way to control lmce functions outside of the admin site within KDE. If anyone with working beta can tell me if there is some tool missing which allows you to reload routers, start orbiter, etc. Or if someone knows the .sh which would bring it up I'd be grateful.

At this point I am running an onboard and a pci NIC. Not going to bother with more until I can kill flickr.

This is my experience thus far with this board on beta 1 (maybe). I remain optimistic.

Also, if anyone could tell me how to kill lmce from console that would be swell.

Installation issues / Beta 0810 and nvidia drivers
« on: October 25, 2009, 08:37:47 pm »
So I had 710 running flawlessly on an asus M3n78-EM (nvidia GeForce 8300 using driver 185.18.36) with alpha 2 and all that jazz.

8.10... not so much. Opening the restricted drivers from taskbar icon typically locks the system... nvidia 170, 185 and 190 exist.

1.9 WILL bring KDE up... however linuxmce will not load X for wizard.

Briefly, this is what I have done.


Installed kubuntu with last option "Linuxmce install"
Checked for updates
Installed updates (NOT upgrade) 14 exist.
ran nvidia-xconfig

This boots to KDE in higher res using native detected 190.35 drivers. AVWizard will not load.

Clean install, same as before, but no nvidia-xconfig
AVWizard boots and loads MCE in plain UI.

Run nvidia-xconfig, and no dice. Revert.

Manually loaded 185 restricted driver. Will not start x.
Manually loaded 190. Will not start x.

Used envyng to auto-configure nvidia/x

Will load kde login manager but on login breaks and reboots login mgr.

I would love to make this hardware work in 8.10, but if I need to move on, I will take suggestions as well. Thanks in advance.

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