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Users / New to PVR/ Linux LinuxMCE
« on: October 19, 2009, 08:45:15 pm »

Sorry to be annoying, but I am trying to NOT use WHS + Sage, I have heard great things about LinuxMCE, but I cannot seem to install it.  I download it, waiting patiently, and burn it to dvd..

When given the option to install linuxMCE, I havent tried installing Kubuntu first. 

Anyway, I get almost done with the install, and I get a fatal error.  Kubuntu will still operate, but not MCE.

I have tried reburning the DVD, using verification, but the verification comes back with an error, and I have made 5 coasters.

My first download was w/ torrent, 2nd was just the .iso, both resulting in fatal errors.

Can anybody think of what I maybe doing?  WHS installs fine, but I am a complete noob as I have previously stated with Linux.  I have some experience, but only with Mint, because I prefer gnome over kde.

I have a 1.5TB drive, I have tried both installation options where it installs to the whole drive, or breaks the drive into 2 equal partitions..

Thanks for the help, I am really excited to use MCE, once i get it working!

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