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Installation issues / Cisco 7940
« on: September 24, 2009, 11:15:00 am »

I'm trying to have a cisco phone 7940 working on LinuxMCE 710...

I follow this article as a guide line.
I think that the article is for an older release, possible?

For the MAC's, i tried to insert 00:15:13:00:00:00 till 00:15:14:00:00:00. After i apply, it change towards 151? Any suggestion what could go wrong?
Is it necessary to use the dhcp? Can't i fix the phone? If so, must i put in a tftp, cm...?

ps will i have problems when i try to use the 7970 template for a 7940?  :-[

Installation issues / Re: Cancel the Wizard?
« on: September 24, 2009, 08:44:58 am »
no...  :-[

And the problem is that it's a 1HU server, so i don't have place to put in a pci card. The only pci slot is taken by a RAID controller...

Maybe an external usb audio-card? Could this work? :$

Feature requests & roadmap / Demo Server
« on: September 23, 2009, 10:57:26 am »
Maybe a kind of demo server on the net?
This way, people can log in to the administration page, have a look around...
A screen like they can have on their orbiter, pocketpc...

And if there are any people with great knowledge of java (or so), and layout that you can actually light on or light off things...

Installation issues / Cancel the Wizard?
« on: September 23, 2009, 10:51:43 am »

Just tried to install LinuxMCE 7.10 on a 1HU server.

The installation started well, just a 'bug' when he tries to find the right BIOS drivers. But a few moments later, he tells me that the installation is finished. So i reboot then the machine, and the wizard starts.

In here, i select 1024 x 768 for my screen resolutions (works great) and no audio.
Then Sarah (?) comes to tell me congratulation. But since i don't have audio, i don't hear her...  :P
But then i tried to say next, and nothing happens. Cancel the wizard gives the same result. When i hit a bunch of keys, sometimes the 'admin window' of linux comes up. But later on, back in the wizard.
I tried to reboot it several times (2 times), but same result, back in the wizard.
Maybe an issue is that the buttons (next, cancel, repeat...) aren't on the right, but more in the middle. At first sight i want to see that the resolution isn't correctly lined up? So maybe i just push next to the buttons (i actually try that also)...

Any idea how i can bypass her? Sorry Sarah...

Since this machine will be used as a server somewhere in a cabinet, i don't need to have video/audio/... things on it. Or i'm a wrong?

Some things about the hardware:
- CPU: P IV 2,5
- Memory: 4GB
- Disks: 2x72GB SCSI RAID
- Audio: none
- Video: ATI Rage XL SVGA

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