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Compatible Products & Services / Re: list of ip based contols please?
« on: April 26, 2009, 05:25:26 pm »
This project is run by volunteers and just because you're clueless, doesn't mean we have to cater to your every whim. 
Thanks for your interest in the project; you may be interested to know that the whole thing is run exclusively by volunteers and we don't (yet!) have the commercial links to get stickers added to compatible products, nor to exhaustively test every piece of available hardware.  The LinuxMCE community develops support for new hardware cooperatively, so if there's a piece of hardware you need help getting to run submit a post - if you're able to offer some sort of compensation for the hours of work that go into developing solutions you may find you get there even quicker!
Instead of whinging about the wiki, your efforts would be better spend to help improve it.  But I guess that would mean actual effort on your part and is probably way over your head.
The wiki too relies on contributions from the community - if there are particular pages you had difficulty with please use the 'Discussion' tab to suggest ways to improve clarity.  To get the most out of LinuxMCE, and the community, you'll need to put a little bit in :)

Zaerc, you're a pus-dripping bell-end that needs to learn to act like an adult.  Somebody believed from the info available on the web that LinuxMCE was a fully-fledged commercial product sizable enough to get "-compatible" stickers on hardware.  A pretty silly assumption I grant you but that's no excuse for your reply, and if you spent less time lambasting newbs for thinking of this project as a professional organization maybe you'd find the time for some 'whims' - like a list of hardware LinuxMCE actually works with.  Maybe you could even get organized enough that building a home around the system actually sounds viable.

I'm surprised and appalled that the other mods/ admins think that your behavior is appropriate for an admin; if this is the sort of support people can expect from representatives of LinuxMCE they'll go elsewhere and this project will slowly wither and rot.  Your reply reads like you were already in a pi55y mood and were looking for an excuse to rant at someone - just because your little boyfriend wouldn't let you play with his wing-wong doesn't make it okay, m'kay?  The LinuxMCE team should think seriously before letting you continue any sort of public association with this project. IMHO, like.

Frankly, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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