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Users / Re: [12.04] OpenZWave Aeon ZStick Issue
« on: October 13, 2014, 09:50:28 pm »
I couldn't get LinuxMCE to reset my Zstick so I had to do so via a trial homeseer install on another machine.

I re-added one of my nodes to the network and seems to be working now. Will update once the rest of my network is added back.

Users / [12.04] OpenZWave Aeon ZStick Issue
« on: October 13, 2014, 06:20:17 pm »
I started having an issue this morning with my Zwave setup where I lost communication to my network. In trying to debug I decided to update my install to get the latest changesets which effect OpenZWave.

Following the Zwave log there seems to be communication with the controller as there are polling requests being sent out to all the nodes and responses coming back.

If I send a command to the device via webadmin (e.g download configuration) there is no corresponding action in the log.

Also I'm seeing these which I never noticed before:

Code: [Select]
2014-10-13 12:15:41.262 Info, Node006, Sending (Poll) message (Callback ID=0x13, Expected Reply=0x04) - SwitchMultilevelCmd_Get (Node=6): 0x01, 0x09, 0x00, 0x13, 0x06, 036     10/13/14 12:15:41.287           ZWInterface::OnNotification() : unhandled/ignored notification = 3 <0xb63ffb40>
36      10/13/14 12:15:46.317           ZWInterface::OnNotification() : unhandled/ignored notification = 3 <0xb63ffb40>
36      10/13/14 12:15:51.349           ZWInterface::OnNotification() : unhandled/ignored notification = 3 <0xb63ffb40>
36      10/13/14 12:16:01.389           ZWInterface::OnNotification() : unhandled/ignored notification = 3 <0xb63ffb40>
36      10/13/14 12:16:06.420           ZWInterface::OnNotification() : unhandled/ignored notification = 3 <0xb63ffb40>
36      10/13/14 12:16:11.451           ZWInterface::OnNotification() : unhandled/ignored notification = 3 <0xb63ffb40>
36      10/13/14 12:16:16.481           ZWInterface::OnNotification() : unhandled/ignored notification = 3 <0xb63ffb40>
36      10/13/14 12:16:21.625           ZWInterface::OnNotification() : unhandled/ignored notification = 3 <0xb63ffb40>
x02, 0x26, 0x02, 0x25, 0x13, 0xf3

All loglevels are enabled.

I deleted my zwave device, restarted, went through config, and the parent ZWave device is added but none of the nodes get auto-added to the config.

Any ideas?

Obviously the NICs don't appear in ifconfig for you, but do they appear with

Code: [Select]
ifconfig -a

For me, this was the case. The NICs were recognized by the OS but weren't "up" because the LMCE install logic failed to configure them.

The reason for that: turns out my cable modem requires a power cycle when the MAC address connected to it changes, otherwise it clams up. If the LMCE install logic can't find a path to the internet on either NIC it leaves them both down I think. See if you can bring one of them up with ifconfig and run dhclient to verify DHCP is working and you can reach the internet.

Some combination of unplugging/replugging and rebooting fixed it. Wish I could provide more info!

I added this device using PnP via orbiter.  After detection and device creation it appears LMCE is completely unable to communicate with the controller. See log:

This same stick in the same hardware config works on 1004.

Phenigma mentioned in IRC seeing similar issues but got things working by doing a few things including resetting his Z-stick. I will if there's no other choice, but I have all my node info from 1004 on the device and I'd rather not break that.

Not sure if it's abnormal but I've deleted and re-added the device several times, with the dongle in the same physical usb port, and the /dev/ttyUSB2 seems to change (it's shown up as USB0 an USB1 in the past)

Any ideas?

Installation issues / Re: 12.04 Aeon Z-stick (Zwave) is not detected by PnP
« on: September 05, 2014, 09:45:49 pm »
Massive face-palm.  How did I not think to check that... I know better.

Installation issues / Re: 12.04 Aeon Z-stick (Zwave) is not detected by PnP
« on: September 05, 2014, 03:36:29 am »
I captured DCERouter.log after plugging in the dongle to the usb port. Here is the output which I'm not very able to make much sense of. I hope I captured a long enough period.

Anyone experienced this?

I've tried unplugging and replugging the usb dongle.

dmesg sees it:

Code: [Select]
[ 1668.440102] usb 1-1.4.1: new full-speed USB device number 25 using ehci_hcd
[ 1668.552648] cp210x 1-1.4.1:1.0: cp210x converter detected
[ 1668.644276] usb 1-1.4.1: reset full-speed USB device number 25 using ehci_hcd
[ 1668.753372] usb 1-1.4.1: cp210x converter now attached to ttyUSB0

And it works fine on my 10.04 install.

I created a ticket here:

Users / Re: Need some dedicated testers.
« on: August 28, 2014, 04:40:10 am »
So finally I am back on board with some time to test this...

Just gave QT4 a whirl on my HTC One
  • Tablet UI seems to load. This was happening before and I think you said it was due to the high resolution detected which qOrbiter assumes means you are using a tablet. Is there a way I can force phone skin to load?
  • Using smokey skin, I get "I cannot load this screen at this time. Please ensure that it exists and is error free." when I try to launch TV (MythTV). Not sure if this is expected, but if not let me know what debug info I can get you.
  • Using default skin, I cannot change channels in TV using the scrollable channel listing (I can if I use previous and next buttons).
QT5 crashes on launch.

That's all for now, cheers!

10.04 configured my external NIC to MTU 1500

12.04 configured it to 576. I tried changing it to 1500 and haven't yet had the errors reported (they were happening quite frequently before... maybe once in 5 page loads). Will keep an eye on it.

How does the installer decide what to set the MTU to?

Installation issues / 12.04 Client Machines Can't Browse Some Websites
« on: August 27, 2014, 04:38:32 pm »
I have my old 10.04 server and a new 12.04 server that I've assembled and am testing (vanilla install, no modifications yet).

I have a win7 client and a win8 client. Both are having intermittent problems accessing certain websites via the new 12.04 core. Specifically, * (and likely others I just haven't tested thoroughly yet)
  • On the win7 machine, Chrome reports ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE. Several refreshes and the page will usually load. I tried the same pages in IE and they also don't load but IE gives no useful debugging info.
  • On the win8 machine, Chrome reports ERR_CONNECTION_RESET for these pages.
  • These errors are thrown instantly. There is no time-out.
  • My android phone can access these sites reliably via Chrome.
  • I have no issues with web access on any client with the same configuration through the 10.04 server.
Anyone encountered anything like this or have suggestions to narrow down the issue? I've cleared the browser cache of all my browsers, restarted machines, etc to no avail.

EDIT: Found this which sounds like a similar symptom but I'm not on pppoe so not sure yet how or if this applies

Installation issues / Re: 12.04 August 16 29241 notes
« on: August 17, 2014, 05:29:54 pm »
Having the same experience with Flickr

Installation issues / Re: 12.04 NAT Port Forwarding Issue
« on: August 14, 2014, 08:05:03 pm »
can you get  me the output of: iptables -vnL (with sudo).
here i can see of the forward rule  is created.
It's not. I'll have to wait till I get home to get you the output of that command, but I did run it last night and noticed that the forward rule was missing. When created the forward rule manually via the iptables command from my last post, it started working.

Installation issues / Re: 12.04 NAT Port Forwarding Issue
« on: August 14, 2014, 06:33:23 am »
Shows up in iptables now:

But still doesn't seem to forward traffic.

I got it working manually in iptables using

Code: [Select]
iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 33892 -j DNAT --to
iptables -A FORWARD -p tcp -d --dport 3389 -j ACCEPT

Seems that the required FORWARD chain rule does not get created (even though it is created in webadmin). Also seems that

    1    60 DNAT       tcp  --  *      *              tcp dpt:3389 to:

should be

    1    60 DNAT       tcp  --  *      *              tcp dpt:33892 to:

Installation issues / 1204 MythTV - Can't Configure HDHomerun
« on: August 12, 2014, 05:14:05 pm »
On a fresh 1204 DVD install, my tuners are correctly detected and corresponding devices created in LMCE.  In MythTV setup, I can do a channel scan and the expected channels are detected, so communication with tuner appears to be working.

In MythTV setup under "Input Connections" the tuners are not assigned a video source by default. I can manually map this connection, exit the setup, reload router, but the setting does not persist.

Trying to watch live TV, I'm given the error that no tuners are available.
This exact same hardware setup works normally under 1004.

I created a ticket here:

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