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Developers / Starting to use 0810 version
« on: June 08, 2010, 11:22:52 am »
Two year ago I have installed the 0710 version of LinuxMCE, and it works till today. I have made some driver's for own boards, translation to Slovak.
I have two MD attached and so on.

The whole systems runs, now I want to contribute to community. But contributing for 0710 system is not worth allready.

Now I'm installing 0810 system (latest snapshot) to my backup server to see how it's working, and want to made all the drivers to work.

The question is, how to extract own made Templates, Language from previous system and transfer it to the new version?
Must I make it again from the beginning?

Installation issues / Re: Security camera stops after reload
« on: June 04, 2010, 01:04:47 pm »
I have Analog capture card with 2 CCTV cameras connected and it behaves the same.
After Quick Reload, i get only last picture before the reload.
When reload again it sometimes starts to work sometimes not. After reboot it work's.
A would assume that the problem maybe somewhere in motion wrapper as I have not seen this problem with
Motion standalone use. But I have not found any solution yet.

Developers / friendlyArm/mini2440 Orbiter progress?
« on: March 15, 2010, 10:02:14 pm »
recently I bought mini2440 board with 7" TouchScreen LCD. I have already setup development environment based on buildroot.

I saw that there is work in progress to port Orbiter to this platform. Is there something to try or to work on? I have some experience with C and C++ programming for embedded devices and can help with this. It would be nice to see working Orbiter on mini.

I have already tried to compile some things (libDCEcommon,libPlutoUtils,libSDL_Helpers,libSerializeClass) but got problems by building/linking Orbiter.


Developers / Re: Start custom made DCE (cpp) device at boot.
« on: April 04, 2009, 10:53:01 am »
I searched in the logs, but there is no mention about starting my device. In LaunchManager.log and also pluto.log there are lines "Starting device ..." , but no such line for my device ID. I tried manual to start it with " 85 localhost my_program" , after that in log appears
"Starting device #85 ..", also log file for my device is created "85_my_program.log". It seems that launch manager even not attempt to start my device, may be some problem in configuration of template or related package. I jump to IRC and try to discuss it there.

Thank you.

Developers / Re: Start custom made DCE (cpp) device at boot.
« on: April 04, 2009, 12:11:31 am »
the Template for my Temperature sensor is as follows:
Implements DCE is checked.
Device Category Environment - Climate Device
This device is controlled via Device:Climate Plug-in  Category: Climate Plug-ins
Package points to package that I have created (I have looked on other packages how to configure it)

in Device:
Status :
Disabled is not checked
Registered: NO

after reboot no change to Registered.

where to search for startup log?

Developers / Re: Start custom made DCE (cpp) device at boot.
« on: April 03, 2009, 07:05:09 pm »
What do you mean with "packaged it"? Do I need to do full reboot, or quick reload router?

As I have written, I have created a device from my template (it get number 85). Then when I run my dce device in shell  as "my_program -d 85", it's working. I can see temperature from my sensor in FloorPlan on Orbiter.

But either after reboot or quick reload, it's not started.

I think I should see something like this in Running Processes
Code: [Select]
/bin/bash /usr/pluto/bin/ 85 localhost my_program

I am missing something?

Developers / Start custom made DCE (cpp) device at boot.
« on: April 02, 2009, 09:07:28 pm »
after some instruction I finally successfully compiled bunch of my custom made DCE devices. I can start them from command line and all is working, I can see data from my sensors (mostly AVR microcontrollers with PHY or AVR+RS485) on orbiter, switch relays etc. Now I copied the binaries to /usr/pluto/bin and hopped that after reboot they are executed with some sort of startup script. But nothing happens  :'(
What must I setup or hack that these devices are automatically started at boot?

What I have also done:
created New Software package (Advanced->Software->Packages->Create new package) for each device pointing to binary in /usr/pluto/bin
In Device Templates , added each package to right template.

thanks in advance.

Developers / Re: question about Translation
« on: March 28, 2009, 12:29:14 pm »
only to clarify
the SVN link should be

Installation issues / transfer diskless image on compact flash?
« on: March 26, 2009, 09:47:37 pm »
now my client boots over network, there is no problem, but it's realy lazy :)
Is there a way to transfer diskless image to compact flash card to boot faster,

Developers / Re: question about Translation
« on: March 22, 2009, 10:50:54 pm »
thank you very much. I start working on it.

Developers / Re: question about Translation
« on: March 22, 2009, 09:56:49 pm »
I program mainly in C. Therefore C++ is my preferred way. Is there a simple example (source code), how to write DCE device in C++.

Developers / Re: question about Translation
« on: March 22, 2009, 09:02:23 pm »
so easy. :) done it allready.

ok. now I want program a driver for my self made Relay ,Input , Thermometer boards. All are on RS485 network. the communication is
special. Before I wrote server daemon communicating with this boards and visualization made in JAVA.
Now I want to interconnect with dce and show all the stuff on orbiter.
Could you give me a some program example how to done it.


Developers / question about Translation
« on: March 22, 2009, 07:57:19 pm »

I have successfully installed LinuxMCE on my automation server this weekend. And I find it's a great software.
Now I want to translate the UI to Slovak language. I found various info how to done it. Installed HAD designer, successfully connected to database. Now when I want to change I have three options in the table English,French,German. I could rewrite text in one of these, but I want to have option for Slovak. How can I add this option to database?

thanks for answer.

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