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Users / Can I upgrade to Python 2.6?
« on: February 16, 2011, 06:10:00 am »
I have run across two extra software packages in the last month that I would like to install that would require me to have version 2.6 of Python.  I was wondering if I upgrade if I would break anything that relies specifically on version 2.5 of Python?

Thanks, TinkerMan

Users / [SOLVED] "Done with new device added" keeps popping up
« on: February 08, 2011, 01:31:39 am »
I added a new internal hard drive and everything went fine and is recognized just fine and the the media that's on it works just fine.

I have rebooted twice and I still get the message in the blue box in the left hand corner popping up every hour or so for the last week saying; "xxxxx:Done with new device added: Movies".

I searched the forums and only found this posting with a dead link;

How can I remedy this?

Thanks, TinkerMan

Users / Is there a "Viewed" or "Unviewed" attribute that I can set?
« on: April 02, 2010, 09:12:54 am »
I have just updated to LinuxMCE 810, (I was previously running 710 for a little over a year) and I have a collection of movies on a network share that I added back to LinuxMCE but most of the movies I have already watched. when I was adding the IMDB metadata I was looking for an attribute that I could set for the movies that I have already watched but I could not find one, although I know the system keeps track of it some where. 

Thanks, TinkerMan

p.s. great work on this new release, MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!

Users / Can I upgrade without reconfiguring my RAID 5
« on: February 03, 2010, 07:58:12 am »
I currently have a LinuxMCE 710 setup with six hard drives; four of which are in a RAID 5 array for MythTV storage,  one with LinuxMCE 710 on it and another drive that is blank for this intended upgrade.  The question is, does the new install of LinuxMCE 810 need to recreate the array or is it possible somehow to just read the original as it is and keep the 4 hard drive RAID 5 array intact with the data still on it.  I realize I would still have to do a MythTV MySQL database backup on the 710 and then a restore on the 810. Yes I suppose I could google around for an answer but I built the array through the Pluto-Admin RAID configuration page and I don't know how it is tied into LinuxMCE.

Thanks, TinkerMan

Users / Crystalfontz vfd/lcd, how do I install it??
« on: March 19, 2009, 09:50:44 am »
From what I have been able to find on the wiki and the forums it seems that Crystalfonts vfd/lcd are supported by LinuxMCE but I can't find a howto for installing it.  The closest thing I could find is the howto for the MSI Media Live Barebone under hardware in the wiki.  I was able to follow that to the point of having to enter something in the 'command line' field of the device template and yes I did use the 'Crystal Fontz USB/RS232 #1722' device template.  

Just a little FYI, before I added the device template I plugged the vfd in with usb and it was not recognized and also rebooted and it still was not recognized so then I followed the MSI lcd wiki to the point of the 'command line' then saved template settings and rebooted and nothing on the vfd sceen besides the flashing cursor. I noticed when the launch manager was starting things it hung a while on the Crystal Fontz device. I then checked the launch manager log file and this is what I found,

Code: [Select]
tail /var/log/pluto/LaunchManager.log

Not starting device 61 Crystal Fontz USB/RS232 - binary is not found, probably it is in the middle of installation

I then thought maybe the binary that was not found was supported by the lcdproc package so I installed that then restarted but made no difference so now I stuck.

What I want to do is put all my AV equipment in the rack with my network equipment and computers, a hybrid LinuxMCE being one of them.  But the only thing holding me back is the fact that I will be unable to see the receiver's lcd/vfd display, I still like to listen to regular radio and I need to be able to tune the stations. In the past (before I started using LinuxMCE) I tried googling for a way to extend the receiver's display by hacking it with a networked connected microcontroller and then being able to view the display in multiple rooms via network connected microcontrollers with attached lcd/vfd (if anybody knows of a link for this kind of thing I'm still interested in knowing how).  Now that I am running LinuxMCE I realize that it supports lcd/vfd (I have a CrystalFontz on the way) and not just MythTV's lcd support and also knowing that LinuxMCE can control a receiver via and rs-232 connection (I don't have one yet this is why I'm asking the question). So now is it possible to do what I want to do without electronic hacking??? Can LinuxMCE support multiple vfd/lcd for different zones that will not have a Media Director and just speakers connected to a receiver controlled by LinuxMCE??? 

Thanks, TinkerMan

p.s. this would make the ultimate home AV networked system!!

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