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Feature requests & roadmap / Re: raspberry pi
« on: July 16, 2012, 03:51:28 am »
Got my Raspberry Pi, it is an great small monster of a device...
Anybody got to install LinuxMCE on it?

I have a disked MD running on my Pi in a test setup here and the most of the system cross compiled for armel on debian squeeze.  Orbiter is slow as there is no accelerated X driver.  Audio plays in xine, video is untested but not accelerated by xine.  Coley mentioned a player designed for the pi so that could be a solution for media playback.


Users / Re: PS3 as a device
« on: July 16, 2012, 03:34:17 am »
You are correct there Thom.  My PS3 is left on quite regularily doing background downloads and Folding@Home, so I rarely it off.  The PS3IR 1000 is a better choice for complete integration with LMCE if you use the PS3 solely as a typical stand alone media playback device.


Developers / Re: qOrbiter gets some Pi
« on: July 16, 2012, 03:27:58 am »
Glad to see there's more than me looking at the Pi and lmce.
What dev environment have you set up? is it a scratchbox type setup?
I started cross compiling some of the pluto libs as their code is currently compiled into qOrbiter, and they'll be needed as libs if any DCE devices are to run on the Pi. But I was messing with too many makefiles and parked it. Then you chimed in :)
I was thinking of the media stuff and probably the best route, correct me if I'm wrong, would be to create an omxplayer device for the Pi as that is specifically built for the Pi and can  make use of the h/w acceleration.

Wheezy seems to be a bit faster according to some reports and also there is a hardfp image of wheezy out there.


Sorry, took off to the cottage after that post.  No internet there.

I setup a scratchbox environment and a 1004 build enironment.  I added configuration files for an armel squeeze build and altered MakeRelease to use the scratchbox environment.  I altered the build database so debian squeeze was used and updated package names in the database that were different/redundant/not required under debian.  Then I altered many makefiles to permit the use of the armel build libraries through a variable, and added the library directories to the variable in the existing build scripts (buildmaindebs) and began building the system.  Then I set about installing the packages for an MD and doing some manual configuration to get the system to boot.  So I am essentially using the standard old build system with scratchbox, database data for squeeze and configs for debian squeeze armel.

I will likely rebuild for wheezy hardfp (probably raspian).  I wasn't aware of omxplayer, sounds like a great way to go.  We can continue this discussion in another thread if you wish, little OT for this one.


Developers / Re: qOrbiter gets some Pi
« on: July 07, 2012, 12:23:41 am »
Is the hope to have the pi as a media director, or qorbiter-only type setup (so it can be connected to an in-wall touch panel). Or both?

Havn't been hangin' out online much lately but for kicks I've been playing a bit.  This is a little off topic as it is not qOrbiter related but it is Pi related.

I have 95% of the system built for armel on debian squeeze and one of my Pi's is booting as a disked MD in a test system I have here.  UI1 is functional and working but without accelerated X drivers screen draws are slow.  Audio works great!  Havn't tested video yet but again there is no acceleration as of yet so it may play SD divx files but I don't expect much more than that at this point.  XBMC is achieving half-decent screen updates using the OpenGL ES acceleration on the GPU, they also benefit from accelerated x264 decodes (and a couple others) which play 1080P material very well.  Xine has no current way of hooking into this (not that I've noticed anyways).  I plan to keep experimenting and keep an eye on accelerated X driver development for RPi and Xine.

My experience so far is suggesting that coupling the typical MD software (LM, app_server, etc) with qOrbiter would yeild a great system.  Especially if QT can accelerate video playback.


Users / Re: PS3 as a device
« on: July 07, 2012, 12:05:52 am »
Could you elaborate more on this? You are using a harmony to talk to both the USB-UIRT AND the harmony bluetooth adapter? or have the USB-UIRT facing the bluetooth adapter and have LMCE sending the commands directly to the bluetooth adapter which is connected to the PS3?

Thom's suggesting is just as easy. 

I do not have a harmony remote.  I purchased the Logitech PS3 Harmony adapter (takes IR in and emits bluetooth).  I have a USB-UIRT and I created an IR device for the PS3 Harmony Adaptor.  I entered in the codes for the PS3 Adapter (available from remote-central ).  Both the usb-uirt and the harmony adapter point into my room, the usb-uirt I have is more than powerful enough that the signals bounce off the rear walls and back to the harmony.  If this is not convenient, or does not work (black walls, etc.), it looks like you can connect the usb-uirt output directly to the harmony adapter with an 1/8" mono TRS connector (a mono headphone jack cable) so the signal is direct with no IR.  Could be more reliable if reliability is a problem.

So LMCE -> USB-UIRT -> Harmony Adaptor.  No extra usb dongles in my ps3.  Works like a charm.


Users / Re: PS3 as a device
« on: May 23, 2012, 08:43:12 pm »
I realize this is couple weeks behind the conversation but...  But IR control from the USR-UIRT to a Logitech Harmony PS3 adaptor (bassically an IR to Bluetooth converter) takes IR codes and sends the bluetooth codes to the PS3.  Supports all functionality of the PS3 BD remote control.

I have 2 of these converters with USB-UIRTs sending IR from LMCE and controlling my PS3s wonderfully.  Easy, simple, no fuss, no re-inventing the wheel, it just works.


OK,... a quick click on that search link brought up some AppleTV forums where someone explained that they (m4v, m4a, etc) are all varieties of the mp4 container type (with slight differences that would mostly affect AppleTV). Thanks for the suggestion. That will save me a lot of work...

I've been away for a while so just noticed your post.  You're welcome.  I hope it works out for you!



The information I suggested was the information that others had been providing in various google searches I had done.  Try it and see if it works for you.  That is all I am suggesting.  Search and investigate a little.



Users / Re: WebDT 366LX PadOrbiter Image
« on: April 13, 2012, 02:22:20 am »
Hi, sorry for posting in this old thread, but is someone having a link to the file, the above link is not working.

No problem, lets me know the link is not working.  I've updated the link in the first post.  Have fun!


Does anyone know how to add mv4 codec support to the playback engine, or am I going to have to transcode any mv4 files to avi files???

Do you mean .m4v files?

A simple google search returns numerous suggestions that xine should play these files, but that if you have trouble you could try renaming the file to .mp4. 

Linuxmce uses xine-lib for video playback, all (almost) video playback functionality is provided by the xine library.  All codecs that xine supports linuxmce supports.  Xine is in constant development and Linuxmce is not always very up to date with current xine releases.


Users / Re: Android QOrbiter
« on: April 04, 2012, 09:56:50 pm »
*play all implemented across all skins
*some buttons made bigger
*tried to correct as much text as i could find
*made now playing on audio screen more readable
*im sure there is something else but its 2am and broham is tired :)


Wow!  I'll update and check it out tonight and get back to you.


Users / Re: Android QOrbiter
« on: March 25, 2012, 01:07:05 am »
I suspect there was an update or something that wasnt transparent fully with ministro and that the library versions are mismatching. Let me know when you can

Everything's working on both my phones and the tablet now.


Users / Re: Android QOrbiter
« on: March 24, 2012, 07:31:36 pm »
I will be investigating the issus with the galaxy S. I have updated and tested the user and room selector for the android phone, they should now be working

Keep in mind that my phone is the Galaxy S Glide (Captivate Glide in the US) and so it is not the same as the Galaxy S that everyone is used to.  This is a dual-core phone with a slide out keyboard.  Just in case there is confusion (I know most people are about the 'S' line).

Room selection:
  • On the Galaxy Tab 10.1: Images are now a little lower on the screen and I can read the names along the top. 
  • On Both: Selection seems to function properly and the scenarios on the screen change accordingly.  The name of the room on the room button does not change and always remains the original room.

User selection:
  • On Both: Selection seems to function properly but I can't actually tell as no user name is displayed anywhere to tell if it has actually changed.

*Play all should be coming soon

k, I will stop mentioning it until you say it's in.  Just didn't know if was supposed to be there yet or not.

*im investigating the issue with the very curious as to what thats all about, will report back asap
ok, i found a potential fix for the text issue. Its been rolled in and is on my website for your download and feedback. :)

Cool the synopsis and performers lists expand/contrct.  On both the phones and tablet.

Okay, in the Now Playing screen for Audio:
  • On the Galaxy Tab 10.1: Artist Name and Track Name are showing correctly but the Album Name/Year are showing in blocks.
  • On the Galaxy S Glide Phones: Artist Name and Album Name/Year are showing correctly but the Track Name is showing in blocks.  :-p

Okay, in the Now Playing screen for Video:
  • On the Galaxy Tab 10.1: Video Name shows correctly, Genres show correctly, Performers show in all blocks and whatever the text is above the current time is showing in blocks as well.  Synopsis has some strange characters and blocks in it but mostly correct.  The 'image' that loads is not always the correct image it is often showing us the image for the last media track played or the first image loaded only, regardless of how many media tracks we continue to play.
  • On the Galaxy S Glide Phones: Everything seems to be displaying correctly.  The 'image' that loads is not always the correct image it is often showing us the image for the last media track played and not always updating.

Audio Lists (datagrids):
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1:Text seems to show fine for audio, when I choose a track to play and it brings up the info screen for the track the text on that screen is all in blocks except the name of the track. (The play/move/close screen).  Button text is fine.
  • Galaxy S Glide Phones: Images show, text is all blocks.  There are twice the number of actual tracks showing in the list. (16 tracks, shows 32 in the list).  The play/move/close screen shows text properly.

Video Lists (datagrids) essentially the same as for the audio:
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1:Text seems to show fine for video, when I choose a track to play and it brings up the info screen for the track all text on that screen is in blocks except the name of the track. (The play/move/close screen).  Button text is fine.
  • Galaxy S Glide Phones: Images show, text is all blocks.  There are twice the number of actual tracks showing in the list. (16 tracks, shows 32 in the list).  The play/move/close screen shows text properly.

'Power' Menu:
  • On Tab: Power menu opens, pressing buttons (display on/off, MD on/of) doesn't have any affect.
  • On Phone: Selection seems to function properly and the scenarios on the screen change accordingly.  The name of the room on the room button does not change and always remains the original room.

thanks for testing!

You're welcome.  Thank you for all the amazing work you're doing here!  I am only too happy to help!  My wife is really liking the idea of controlling the system from her phone and she is very tolerant of me breaking things if it will ultimately lead to an improved experience.  She's very forgiving.  :)


Users / Re: VIDEO CARDS: ATI, Intel, VIA... whatever you got...
« on: March 24, 2012, 06:39:16 pm »
phenigma... that should absolutely not be occurring anymore.

My bad, adding the virtualbox driver I missed the test for detected driver equaling current driver which prevented the AVWizard override from being set.  I've caught it now.  Everything is working great!  I spent last night updating my 1004 builder to current svn and I'll submit the code addition I'm using to detect the virtualbox video driver.


Users / Re: Android QOrbiter
« on: March 24, 2012, 12:47:46 am »
Updated my skins folder, re-ran the qorbiter-generator.php for my device ids.  Grabbed the new experimental apk on each device.  Results:

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G likes the photos running in the background.  ;)  Nice touch.  Functionality is improved across a lot of the interface.  Maturing well!  Great job!  No 'Play All' button for audio media, have to play tracks individually.  Power menu appears, didn't do anything when I selected an option.  Selecting the 'Room' button at the bottom loads some pictures along the top at the left hand side of the screen that have no text,actually I think the orbiter screen is pushed up off the display by the amount consumed by the Android Os tablet menu along the bottom of the screen, all the screens appear to be missing this chunk of pixels along the top of display.

The Samsung Galaxy S Glide phone (Captivate Glide stateside) is not working.  App starts, gets to 'Setting up Lmce' and freezes.  No response.  Have to kill it from the task manager.  I'll have to remove the app and config folder and re-install to see if this fixes the app load.

Performed a fresh install on my wifes phone, identical, and the app loads.  Go to choose a room and the list appears but we are unable to select a room, the list never closes.  Lights on/off works.  Advanced menu shows, haven't tested buttons on this menu yet.  Video menu brings up a list of videos, some pics show, but all text is showing as small boxes in place of each letter of the titles/names.  Choosing items to play videos works, now playing screen shows text properly.  Volume up/down works in media playback.  Audio list is similar to video list, blocks for letters.  No 'Play All' but playback of individual tracks is working.  Audio track info in the now playing screen is showing blocks for letters in the text.

Icon is great, nicer than the large 'Q' :).

If you want more specifics or real-time feedback in irc let me know.


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