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Users / Re: Sound problems.
« on: June 06, 2011, 12:47:32 am »
The card is currently running in my core/hybrid under 0810 and 1004.  I have the latest nvidia 270 drivers with alsa 1.0.24 drivers, alsa 1.0.23 worked as well, I disabled my onboard sound and used alsamixer to unmute the audio or you can run the following in a terminal:

Code: [Select]
amixer sset "IEC958,0" unmute
amixer sset "IEC958,1" unmute
amixer sset "IEC958,2" unmute
amixer sset "IEC958,3" unmute

My current setup is on the wiki.


Users / Re: xine-lib and video playback issues?
« on: June 06, 2011, 12:29:45 am »
.dvd files work great for me in 0810.  Mine are all NTSC with AC3 audio.

Could you post your Xine_Player log (to pastebin or somewhere) when you try to play a .dvd file.  NTSC or PAL dvd? 


Users / Re: xine-lib and video playback issues?
« on: May 31, 2011, 03:49:59 pm »
I have followed all the steps mentioned to fix .mkv files, but it has not helped, when I play a .mkv file it is just stuttering, the Nvidia drivers and Libxine2 fixed the 100% CPU but the video is still terrible, is there anything else that I can try? - Done
libxine2 - Done
pluto-xine-player - was already a later version
VDPAU - Done
MD = Zotac ION ATOM 330

The later version of pluto-xine-player means you are using the pluto-xine-player from the lmce repository which will use the old libxine.  There have been lots of updates recently that would overwrite the .deb I provided, which is also getting outdated now.  I will look at building a more recent version soon.  Until then you can install the .deb in the first post using dpkg and see if that helps.


Users / Re: Xine with live tv
« on: May 12, 2011, 03:38:52 pm »
I have a question regarding vdpau configuration...   I have 'hardware acceleration' set to vdpau, 'Deinterlace Quality' set to NONE (although i tried vdpau also).  Ripped DVDs are playing well, and using vdpau (verified by ssh into MD and run 'top').   It is MythTV that I cannot get vdpau to work correctly.. the audio is 'REALLY' choppy, but the video is not near as choppy.   

As purps says, this should be split to a new thread.  But: I havn't set mythtv up in a quite a while but I remember that vdpau setting used to have to be applied manually to mythtv.  I don't remember if the vdpau settings are automatically applied to mythtv now or not.  Hmm, vdpau settings don't seem to be updated by so I really don't know if vdpau is automatically set for mythtv when you set it in webadmin.  You may have to check your settings manually in mythfrontend...  You can run mythfrontend from the KDE desktop to check your Playback settings for mythtv and see if vdpau is the selected method.


Users / Re: Xine with live tv
« on: May 12, 2011, 02:36:51 pm »
I upgraded nvdia drivers to the latest posted on nvidia's website 270.41.06 and now I can manually run the video files from the command line with xine -V vdpau fifo://. this works for both the pvr-150 and hdpvr files. Still a black screen in lmce with vdpau support on tho. There is no audio on the hdpvr file but i understand this to be a problem with the transport stream the hdpvr uses.

ok, I rebooted and all is well with the latest nvidia drivers. I got the roku box running with vdpau under lmce. Thanks for all your help. Still no audio with the hdpvr under videos but the picture looks great :-)

Hmm, looks like your issues are solved exclusively by the nvidia driver update!  The 270 drivers were still in beta when I posted the updated libxine2, I'll look at updating the link to the latest stable.

I have audio on the hdpvr file you posted just fine.

How is your audio connected?  Are you using analog, s/p-dif or hdmi? 
Do you have dts/ac3 passthrough enabled if you are using spdif or hdmi?


Users / Re: Xine with live tv
« on: May 11, 2011, 10:09:45 pm »
Your card sounds like it is similar to my Palit GT210 512MB Fanless.

Are you trying from lmce or from the command line?
Does video play at all or does the player die before showing any video?
How do you have your audio connected?

Launching xine at the command line will still use the old libxine1 (1.1.16) but if you use the media functions of lmce it will use libxine2 (1.2).


Users / Re: Xine with live tv
« on: May 11, 2011, 08:03:32 pm »
The PVR-150 file plays flawlessy with vdpau for me in 0810 (with the updated xine_player, libxine2 & nvidia driver from the thread above) and it plays flawlessly in 1004 here.

The hd-pvr file has some video corruption for the first 10-12 seconds but plays perfectly from that point forward for me in 0810 (with updates) and it plays equally as well in 1004 here.


Users / Re: Xine with live tv
« on: May 10, 2011, 08:28:07 pm »
Something else you could try is updating libxine to libxine2:

If you post a small sample of the video that is not working, to the web somewhere, I would be happy to test that video playback here and let you know if it works or not.


Users / Re: TV Issue...
« on: May 09, 2011, 11:33:37 pm »
The workaround (as svn is down right now I'm guessing but believe it is the 'external settop switching' workaround) will deal with the unexpected switching (back to MD) and perhaps some of the power on/off issues you were experiencing.  It won't deal with the dropouts of your equipment though.  The issue is solved but the patch has not been applied.

There have been known issues with USB->Serial adapters dropping off the usb bus and causing devices to be labelled as 'disabled'.  This sounds like the issue you are having with your TV when it 'stopped working'.  As serial ports are detected on reboot, but not router reload, you may experience times when you have to reboot your MD to get the adapter to respond.  Search around a bit there are lots of posts about usb->serial adapter headaches.  There are some adapters that work better (more reliably) than others I think.

I've also heard issues with re-detection, using the pnp scripts, of serial devices on reload/reboot, I'm not up on these issues atm though.

Sounds like you're being affected by all three of these issues.


Users / Re: xine-lib and video playback issues?
« on: May 09, 2011, 10:49:45 pm »
Terrific!  Great to hear.  I do actually have the nvidia driver packaged up for 0810 running with DKMS and it doesn't complain at all for me.  I'll see about getting it updated in the first post when I have a chance.


Users / Re: SSD in core
« on: May 07, 2011, 06:55:20 pm »
I have to add one more SSD Pro:
   Quiet - the SSD is completely silent in the HTPC case in my living room

All I can say is KUDOS to you for trying things.

I agree!  Great stuff for digging in.  Glad to hear you're not abandoning it!  Keep plugging through.


Users / Re: WebDT 366LX PadOrbiter Image
« on: May 07, 2011, 06:34:52 pm »
Responded to your PM.  Sounds like you have a 360 which uses a different video driver config.  I'll be happy to give you a hand getting it to work.


Users / Re: xine-lib and video playback issues?
« on: May 07, 2011, 06:33:13 pm »
Sorry guys.  I've been away from my computers for a while due to health issues.  The pluto-xine-player from the 0810 repository will use the libxine1.  So if it is upgraded from the repo it will revert to old playback capabilities.

The updated .deb for pluto-xine-player in the first post of this thread will use libxine2.  It will say that it is a 'downgrade' when you manually install the .deb.  I highly recommend using libxine2 and the updated pluto-xine-player, they work great for all my media issues.  Because I've been away I'm not sure if there have been updates to pluto-xine-player since I built the package.  If there have been I can build a new one to stay current with the svn tree.  There has been no interest in having these updates added to svn.

Since this, and a few other additions/bug fixes, are things I use as permanent replacments I may look into setting up a small repository somewhere so these can be grabbed automatically with apt.

I am also experimenting with the 1004 libxine2 (again) as I am having issues in 1004 with AAC multi-channel audio content, and some video, which I got working in 0810 with up to date source of libxine2 and by updating the libfaad2 included with libxine2 as it was old.


Users / Re: Modifying Core Maintenance Internet Download times
« on: April 01, 2011, 09:21:22 pm »
Due to me having un-metered internet access provided by my ISP between 6am and 8am in the morning, I am wanting to change the times that the core downloads the updates for the MD's and itself to this un-metered time.

Is there a solution already built into the core to achieve this, or will I have to edit the relevant times that the daily cron jobs run? (I have had a look on the wiki and forum but could only find information on the update process itself, not how to change it's activation time.)
If I do this manually, will the core put the config back on a reboot, or will it stay as I would like it?

On the same note, it would also be nice to change the time that it downloads the flicker images to the same window time as well. I'm not sure if this is a cron job, or something downloads when the process is active in showing images.

What other things does the core do on a timed basis that I can schedule during this time to reduce the internet use on my account?

I don't believe that any 'automatic update' process is currently in place, even though there are methods in place they are not currently used.  All system upgrades must currently be initiated manually by a user at a command prompt.  Most configuration files are overwritten on a reboot or package upgrade, do not expect changes to config files to be permanent.

As for the flickr downloads, look into the flickr script to see how it operates, it may be alterable.

As far as I am aware there is nothing else the core would do 'automatically' with your internet connection.


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