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What I found in alsamixer was if I muted headphone and line jack I could get sound on YouTube videos.

If I re-ran Setup Wizard I got audio (having only Sarah after earlier reload from scratch).

If I re-ran AVWizard everything returned to default and I had to unmute everything, but headphone and line jack, plus, push the volumes up.


Hmm.  That's very odd behaviour and not standard behaviour for a sound card.


I reloaded the 14-Feb-2014 again from scratch and I got Sarah but no audio.

(This time I checked "Install this third-party software" in "Preparing to install LinuxMCE.)

I'm presently trying to determine what the audio issue is.

My audio hardware is SIS SI7012 (Card0_SI7012;pci0000:00/0000:00:02.7) in AVWizard.

Install third party software is not required with lmce.  It installs codec packs mostly, and we install the items that lmce requires.

Can you pastebin the file /etc/asound.conf and /etc/pluto/xine.conf please after you have been through the AVWizard.  What are the complete audio options that you are choosing?  Is this Stereo/hdmi?  We will need specifics in order to try and find the problem.



I don't think that's a bad guess. I had some errors come up during the installation regarding networking but when all was done and dusted the network was up and things were working. I wasn't sure if the issues were real or what everyone experiences.

I'll have a look at my install notes and see if I noted the errors, otherwise I'll clobber another install and take screenshots the old fashioned way.

Let me know what you find.  I believe that the dvd is set to use a google nameserver at the moment.  I will also test here.


If anyone has a working Flickr on 12.04 - under /home/public/data/pictures/flickr/2014/02/XX  where XX is 18, 19, 20 do you have 2 or 3 same file numbers with extensions?

Like XXXXXXX.jpg    XXXXXXX.jpg.tnj  and/or XXXXXXX.jpg.id3?

The .jpg is the original image file, the .jpg.tnj file is a thumbnail image for use in lmce menus and datagrids and .id3 files are used to store metadata about files.  These are all normal files to find on an LMCE system.


I've been going nuts with dhcp addressing issues taking control of things it shouldn't.

This is by design.  The system must act as the dhcp server to enable proper device discovery at this point.  We are open to patches to extend this functionality.


Installation issues / Re: LinuxMCE on raspberry pi
« on: February 18, 2014, 11:06:24 pm »
rpi MDs create automatically following the wiki instructions now and will bring you to Orbiter UI1 when the setup is complete.  This is by no means a fully working/supported installation.  I will be concentrating on making rpi-b qMDs but I had to restore all the functionality I had prior to moving forward.


Installation issues / Re: 12.04 install, motion wrapper
« on: February 18, 2014, 11:03:02 pm »
This is updated now and a new package will be created and pushed to the repository.  Thanks cfernandes!


Hi guys,

As there are significant issues with the installations you two have been reporting on I'm going to suggest that you both have some serious issues with the installs.  Flickr is working great on fresh 1204 installs here.  There is nothing that has changed for AV setup in recent snapshots either.

If I had to guess I would say that it sounds like some serious networking problems during install prevented the system from configuring and installing properly.  That is my reaction from all of your posts I have just read.


Installation issues / Re: 12.04 - video config (AVWizard)
« on: February 18, 2014, 10:50:49 pm »
  • Firstly, when selecting an option from the initial screen resolution, connector, frequency page and pressing next (or enter), it can take a really long time to show the screen where you have to confirm. Like 8 minutes! Any idea what's going on there? That's, of course, tricky, because you tend to be doing something else so catching the "yes it's ok" bit in 10 seconds is tricky.
I've never seen this happen.

  • Secondly - 1280x1024 doesn't seem to work any more. I select it because it's definitely what I had previously, but
    when it "tests" it, the screen is oversized - ie  lots of the buttons are offscreen. I went through with it anyway, because
    I figure maybe there's something quirky about avwiz and I could guess my way through blindly having done
    it so often ;-) But then when I finally get to a running system it's the same problem - the menu bar is offscreen.
    And when I check the monitor it says it's receiving 1024x768, not 1280x1024 which I chose.

    I can confirm that in webadmin the media director video settings are 1280 1024/60.
The intel video drivers have changed drastically from 1004 to 1204 and could be part of the issue.  Otherwise I'm not entirely sure.

I can't see any Xorg.conf file. Do we use one anymore? How to troubleshoot?

Yes we use xorg.conf (except on the rpi).  If you do not have an xorg.conf file after avwizard then there is an issue there for sure.

  • And then finally, just a question - Does the frequency still matter in the AVWiz screen setup? Especially for LCD screens? Is there a default? I'm assumig 50 or 60 Hz? Will it make much difference? Should one experiment with these?
It does not make a difference on LCD monitors (that I have tried).  But is very important for proper operation of CRT monitors.  I'm not sure how this data is being utilized in the current AV setup scripts.


Installation issues / Re: 14-Feb-2014 build notes.
« on: February 18, 2014, 10:44:22 pm »
"is connected to the internet" always failed no matter which ethernet cable was in eth0 or eth1.

This is a known issue and will not affect the installation in any way.

I have not had any of the other issues you describe.


None of these problems *appear* to be system problems with LMCE.  I (and none of the devs) are experiencing issues like this.  Ususally this is down to NIC problems or other network problems (cabling, switches)... 



We will need much more specific information to be able to trace any of this through.

Please include the full snapshot number for the installation you did.
Please include the FULL name of the video card you are using.
When you say 'it failed' please provide copies of logs and/or specific error messages.
Please run 'lspci -nn | grep VGA" and paste the output to identify your video card.

Without all of this information (and perhaps more) we cannot even begin to trace the issue.  Thanks.


Developers / Re:
« on: January 30, 2014, 09:43:07 pm »
I'll have a look at getting these committed this weekend.  Thanks  mkbrown69!  J.

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Help Wanted / Re:
« on: January 30, 2014, 09:17:29 pm »
For audio you can add your user to the audio group.  If you file a bug report in trac then I'll add this to the installation process.  J.

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Help Wanted / Re:
« on: January 30, 2014, 09:16:02 pm »
Hi Johnny, sounds like a driver issue.  If there is a driver for the card in the kernel then lmce will use it.  Check to see whether that specific card if sorted in the precise kernel.  J.

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