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Users / Re: Nokia N800 orbiter reloads itself after selecting TV
« on: September 07, 2011, 04:00:57 am »
Not silly at all!  Great question.

It launches from the same icon you currently use to launch the diablo orbiter in maemo.  I use the same icon to launch this build as the 0710 lmceorbiter that I have always used.  It's built from the source that is in svn at with a few updates for new dependencies and fixes for building.

The installer .deb deals deals only with the installation, installing the fonts that orbiter requires and the orbiter package itself.  The installer is a simply a repackaged version of the one niteman created, hosted at, but it is updated to depend on this newer build.  After the .debs are installed you should have an icon available for lmceorbiter, the same as you do now.


Users / Re: Nokia N800 orbiter reloads itself after selecting TV
« on: September 07, 2011, 01:00:04 am »
Thanks Coley, I wasn't aware of the n900 build hosted by the community, I'll check it out.

If the screens work for purps then I'll talk to posde, I'm not using lmce for television currently.  I'd also like to see if niteman has a more recent source for the maemo wrapper than is in the lmce svn.


Users / Re: Nokia N800 orbiter reloads itself after selecting TV
« on: September 06, 2011, 10:34:52 pm »
Someone can correct me if I am wrong but... This is because the new TV screens require a rebuild of the orbiter to work properly and that hasn't been done on the Maemo builds since the TV screens were added almost 2 years ago now (I think).

Here is an updated Maemo n800/n810 orbiter, with dependencies, that you can try out to see if it fixes your issues, you can always revert to the old version if you have problems:

On your n800 you will need to get to the command prompt, get root access and un-tar the archive and install the .deb files with dpkg.
Code: [Select]
mkdir work
cd work
tar xvf ../lmceorbiter-diablo-0810.tar.gz
dpkg -i *.deb

You may need to do an 'apt-get -f install'

If you can't access the DL link I can post it elsewhere. 

The only bug I can see is that it is not automatically restarting if it crashes, I havn't even looked into that yet but I think that niteman must have newer source than what is currently is svn.

I have a new n900 build as well, if anyone is having the same issues, just havn't tested it yet.


Users / Re: touchscreen problem
« on: July 04, 2011, 04:02:25 pm »
I know this post is going to piss off at least one person but...

TSCHAK was *PAID* for this work (and paid well).  Shouldn't TSCHAK fix it rather than pawning it off on someone else?  Why should others have to do the work that TSCHAK was paid for?


Sorry l3me, I didn't mean to sound like I was suggesting what you were doing was incorrect.  On the contrary!

I was simply putting the information out there 'in case' you (or others following) were not aware.  It's impossible to tell what others do or do not know.

I think this is an important bug to tackle!  The work you're doing is very necessary and you should keep it up! 


My nVidia GT210 w/HDMI also has IEC958,2 & ,3.

Code: [Select]
amixer set -c 0 "IEC958,2" 60 unmute
amixer set -c 0 "IEC958,3" 60 unmute

This is currently handled by the script: '/usr/pluto/bin/', which runs before AVWizard. 

The current script is only affecting a couple of the possible devices. 

SPDIF devices do not have an associated 'volume' level unless a software mixer has been manually created for them in asound.conf.  App_Server cannot adjust the output (volume) level of digital (spdif) outputs without a mixer.  Audio is typically passed at the stored level of the sound file through spdif devices.


Developers / Re: Whats up with the programming tasks?
« on: June 13, 2011, 06:10:03 pm »
Bugs need to be fixed for sure....   The programming tasks are 'new features' predominantly...  Is there not a feature freeze on?

Posde msg to you on June 5, 2011:


ps.  I don't disagree with you golgo, I even went so far as to do the work for an 0810 splash screen.  But it's a feature and I believe it is more important is to stick to the feature freeze than to add new bugs.

BTW, I am currently in the early stages of playing with a new feature...  an inotify client on my NAS.  The goal is to have an inotify client inform update_media of changes so it doesn't have to poll locations that an inotify client is monitoring...  And of course maintain polling for locations that cannot be monitored by inotify.

Installation issues / Re: Update/upgrade MD's from core not internet?
« on: June 13, 2011, 05:45:54 pm »
Now I need to incorporate the system backup function (I don't know if it is more than a sql dump) and exclude some directories from the tarring process... and then make a button under computing, which ideally spawns a monitor window, sort of like the web admin does for certain functions.

The backup/restore process is a little more tricky. 

The database is updated as the core is upgraded...  Subsequent MD updates may have minor updates/changes applied to the database.  Restoring the database from a backup would mean that the database information will be out of sync with the installed packages on the core.  So a database restore should only be performed if the CORE packages would be restored to their original state as well.  This is probably best done, by the user, through a clonezilla image or other external backup system.  Perhaps there is a way to store a list of the upgraded packages to restore them at the same time as a database restore...  This seems like it'd be pretty flaky.

Restoring a 'live' MD (one that is running) that had been upgraded through SSH means that the MD in question cannot simply be 'restored' from the backup directly.  The machine would have to be powered down for the /usr/pluto/diskless/XX directory to be removed and then un-tar'd.  Tricky, especially if someone is using the MD in question at the time.

Restoring an MD that is not running (updated through chroot) is trivial.  The directory can be removed and restored from the .tar archive.  Unless the MD is booted partway through the update/restore process...  This would present an issue.

I think there are some big issues that would need to be addressed before any kind of restore capability could be implemented.

Other notes:
Use a variable for the DATE in your script, otherwise it is possible for a user to start the script one day and have the initial tar-ing of the backup archive, or the upgrades, take long enough it rolls over to the next day.  For instance, lets say I start the script at 11:55pm, it tars for 20 minutes, and upgrades for 20 minutes.  Later in the script the backup archive and the backed-up sources.list files will not be found because the date has rolled over to the next day...  Perhaps just don't use the date in the backup name, unless you see a need for it to be there.

Code: [Select]
mv /usr/pluto/diskless/$moonDir/usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d{,.lmce-update}
mv /usr/pluto/diskless/$moonDir/sbin/start-stop-daemon{,.lmce-update}
echo -en '#!/bin/bash\necho "WARNING: fake invoke-rc.d called"\n' > /usr/pluto/diskless/$moonDir/usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d
echo -en '#!/bin/bash\necho "WARNING: fake start-stop-daemon called"\n' > /usr/pluto/diskless/$moonDir/sbin/start-stop-daemon
chmod +x /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d
chmod +x /sbin/start-stop-daemon

The first 4 lines, above, affect the desired scripts in the MDs directories.  The 2 final 'chmod' lines unfortunately are affecting the files on the core, not the MDs where you just created the diversion scripts.  Those two lines need to point to the /usr/pluto/diskless/XX/... structure so the appropriate files are affected.

Code: [Select]
rsh moon$moonDir apt-get update || /bin/true
rsh moon$moonDir apt-get -f -y upgrade
rsh moon$moonDir apt-get upgrade -f -y --force-yes

In this code the middle line should be 'apt-get upgrade -f -y install', rather than the two 'upgrade' commands.

Code: [Select]
cat /usr/pluto/diskless/$moonDir/etc/apt/sources.list-`date +%Y%m%d`.bak > /usr/pluto/diskless/$moonDir/etc/apt/sources.list

Are you using 'cat' here for a specific purpose?  I would use 'mv' here rather than cat.  Unless you see a need to maintain lots of chronological backup files.  Again, perhaps drop the date portion and use another file extension (such as .lmce-update) or something else.  This can be done with the 'mv' command and using {..}, like the backup of the scripts.

Code: [Select]
cp -ru /var/cache/apt/archives/* /usr/pluto/deb-cache

This line doesn't need the 'r' option.  I would also alter this and 'mv' (move) the files rather than duplicating them and comsuming the extra HD space.  The only files that need to be affected here are the '*.deb' files, you don't want to move any sub-directories from ../apt/archives/ to ../pluto/deb-cache/ -- just the .deb files.

Code: [Select]
dpkg-scanpackages /usr/pluto/deb-cache /dev/null | gzip -9c > /usr/pluto/deb-cache/Packages.gz

Although I havn't tested it, this line will not create the 'Packages' file, only the 'Packages.gz' file.  I did this is a couple steps in the version I edited to ensure both files are created.  I think the both files are required, but I am not certain.

The cleanup trap should probably umount the bound deb-cache folder for the chroot updated MDs.

Wow, lots to look at!  Keep it up!


Installation issues / Re: Update/upgrade MD's from core not internet?
« on: June 06, 2011, 05:57:23 am »
The scripts will be run from the MDs environment so the scripts need to be overridden there.  Yes, the -f option should probably be used.

As for the {,.lmce-update}: the {A,B} substitutes a value of A for the first argument and substitutes the value of B for the second argument.  So sometext{A,B} expands to: sometextA sometextB.


Installation issues / Re: Update/upgrade MD's from core not internet?
« on: June 06, 2011, 05:18:23 am »
Good stuff!  Yep, unmount using the dir listed 2nd in the mount command.

I noticed that you're altering the init/startup scripts on the core instead of the MDs.  This needs to be done for an MD that is updated via chroot, but not ssh.  I'm attaching the version I tinkered with a little, it takes these things into account and should restore the original sources.list files.  I admit I'm only just learning about trap now as well.  I've tested it but not much.  Keep up the good work!


Installation issues / Re: Update/upgrade MD's from core not internet?
« on: June 06, 2011, 03:40:49 am »
Great work!

An observation:

MDs already mount the core's /usr/pluto/deb-cache when they boot, for chroot upgrades the directory can be bound locally (mount --bind /usr/pluto/deb-cache /usr/pluto/diskless/XX/usr/pluto/deb-cache) on the core, negating the need to copy the .debs to the /usr/pluto/diskless/* locations.  Duplicating the contents of the core's /usr/pluto/deb-cache for each MD is redundant and adds up to a huge amount of HD space.

Upgrade the core, then copy the contents of /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb to /usr/pluto/deb-cache, run dpkg-scanpackages and gzip the Packages file.  Then all MDs can have access to the latest files.


Users / Re: Sound problems.
« on: June 06, 2011, 12:47:32 am »
The card is currently running in my core/hybrid under 0810 and 1004.  I have the latest nvidia 270 drivers with alsa 1.0.24 drivers, alsa 1.0.23 worked as well, I disabled my onboard sound and used alsamixer to unmute the audio or you can run the following in a terminal:

Code: [Select]
amixer sset "IEC958,0" unmute
amixer sset "IEC958,1" unmute
amixer sset "IEC958,2" unmute
amixer sset "IEC958,3" unmute

My current setup is on the wiki.


Users / Re: xine-lib and video playback issues?
« on: June 06, 2011, 12:29:45 am »
.dvd files work great for me in 0810.  Mine are all NTSC with AC3 audio.

Could you post your Xine_Player log (to pastebin or somewhere) when you try to play a .dvd file.  NTSC or PAL dvd? 


Users / Re: xine-lib and video playback issues?
« on: May 31, 2011, 03:49:59 pm »
I have followed all the steps mentioned to fix .mkv files, but it has not helped, when I play a .mkv file it is just stuttering, the Nvidia drivers and Libxine2 fixed the 100% CPU but the video is still terrible, is there anything else that I can try? - Done
libxine2 - Done
pluto-xine-player - was already a later version
VDPAU - Done
MD = Zotac ION ATOM 330

The later version of pluto-xine-player means you are using the pluto-xine-player from the lmce repository which will use the old libxine.  There have been lots of updates recently that would overwrite the .deb I provided, which is also getting outdated now.  I will look at building a more recent version soon.  Until then you can install the .deb in the first post using dpkg and see if that helps.


Users / Re: Xine with live tv
« on: May 12, 2011, 03:38:52 pm »
I have a question regarding vdpau configuration...   I have 'hardware acceleration' set to vdpau, 'Deinterlace Quality' set to NONE (although i tried vdpau also).  Ripped DVDs are playing well, and using vdpau (verified by ssh into MD and run 'top').   It is MythTV that I cannot get vdpau to work correctly.. the audio is 'REALLY' choppy, but the video is not near as choppy.   

As purps says, this should be split to a new thread.  But: I havn't set mythtv up in a quite a while but I remember that vdpau setting used to have to be applied manually to mythtv.  I don't remember if the vdpau settings are automatically applied to mythtv now or not.  Hmm, vdpau settings don't seem to be updated by so I really don't know if vdpau is automatically set for mythtv when you set it in webadmin.  You may have to check your settings manually in mythfrontend...  You can run mythfrontend from the KDE desktop to check your Playback settings for mythtv and see if vdpau is the selected method.


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