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Installation issues / Re: Snapshot 20151106143331585-i386
« on: November 08, 2015, 06:04:31 am »
:D  I *just* finished watching that movie.  Brilliant.  I'm also trying the snapshot.


Thank you!  I'll see what I can make of all this.


I'd be more than happy to have brave women testing too...  :D


Users / Re: Joggler setup lmce-disked-mid-joggler
« on: November 05, 2015, 06:35:00 pm »
I have not had a chance to look extensively at it yet.


Thanks for the additional information.  I still need to know the Device Data under the Core for "IPv4 Network Interfaces" before and after.



After thinking about this some more I think we should remove the conflict in the libcec3 packaging and see if they'll live side by side without issue.  Again, I'm not sure why pulse-eight put that conflict in place but with separate library version it's likely they will co-exist nicely.

I'd still be concerned about the possibility of the vdr and cec adaptor devices fighting over the CEC bus.


I'll need the Device Data and the ifconfig outputs from before and after as well.  The interfaces file alone is only one piece of the puzzle.  Thanks.


The CEC Adaptor is using libcec3 for bug fixes and improved control on many manufacturer's devices.  The debian packaging has a conflict set for libcec2, I'm not sure why the pulse-eight people added that.

I thought you said the libcec2 error was a non-issue?  Has that changed?


No new snapshots have been created.  They will return soon.  1204 is the recommended install, 1404 is available as well.


Looks good. Do you need the libcec for control?

CEC control would be best handled by the LinuxMCE CEC Adaptor, there could be issues if other software tries to manage CEC control as well.  I've not tested that theory but knowing how the library is used I would expect issues.  Just fyi.


Tank for you reply phenigma.
I honestly do not see any other category.
For /etc/network/interfaces, (before/after) I'll do it tonight.

:)  I was referring to the topic of the thread, not the category in the forum.  It's a non-issue and just a comment.

Don't forget to get the other data that I requested at the same time you get the before and after for the interfaces file, that data will be important to determine what is happening.

Thanks very much for reporting your issue and helping to solve it!  It is appreciated very much!


/etc/network/interfaces is not setup correctly during installation process resulting in a non functional network.

Are you able to provide the requested information to help troubleshoot this issue?


Installation issues / Re: Raspberry pi 2 installation
« on: November 03, 2015, 10:28:07 pm »
ERR: interactor has not yet created ' /etc/Disked_DeviceID' .
# FIRSTBOOT NOT COMPLETE, CANNOT CONTINUE LOADING /etc/pluto/Disked_DevData: No such file or directory
IP: mac b5:27:eb:29:59:de; Gateway:; DeviceData: armv7l|9|0|7|22|262| jessie|209|Raspbian|; DT/endor:rpi_b;Command: select
connect: Connection times out

Welcome to LinuxMCE!!

Based on the IP address and Gateway it appears that you are trying to boot the rpi on the external network rather than the internal network.  Make sure that your rpi is connected to the internal network of lmce or it will not be able to connect to the core.


Installation issues / Re: Raspberry pi 2 installation
« on: November 02, 2015, 04:36:37 pm »
The jessie image has successfully been installed by a few users at the moment.  The other images are old or for those who are testing/developing.

Can you be more specific than "doesn't boot" ?


Hi, it sounds like you system is installed and I'm wondering why this is titled 'installation issues'. 

We could use a ticket for this.  We would need the contents of the IPv4 Network Interfaces device data under your Core from prior to you pressing the update button, and after.  The before and after contents of the /etc/network/interfaces file.  The output of 'ifconfig' on your core before and after.



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