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So DViCo cards work fine under the Linuxmce 810 Alpha... ? Which is not yet for meer mortals.... ahh well I shall wait and see what the next release of linuxmce brings :)

Thanks for the heads up Andrew.... I might give the template a miss...

Users / DViCo Dual Digital 4 and Dvico Hybrid DVB-T Hardware profiles...?
« on: February 14, 2009, 03:06:48 am »
After a couple of days sifting around for answers I have come to the conclusion DViCo cards are not loved by linuxmce :(
I Would like to try to create a Hardware profile to simplify adding DViCo tuner cards to linuxmce 710...
I realise some people have noted that in linuxmce 810 that DViCo cards are much easier to install and use, however as linuxmce user userable edition has an unclear arrival date......

I will spend some time trying to research exactly how this can be done but I thought I would post here to see if anyone can point me towards some documentation or HowTos for createing hardware profiles. This could be a good step in teaching myself about linux in general or a complete turn off that will send me running for the hills  :o

And if anyone has done this already please do enlighten me on how I can obtain a copy ?

Or is this all silly talk and I'm just going to end up wasting a heap of time trying to achieve an un-achievable goal?

ok after a bit of stuffing around i've broken something important :( and looks like i'm gonna start from scratch...

OK is there anything i can do to make my dvico cards be picked up at the linuxmce installation steps ? I would like to try using the vdr instead of mythtv ... seems to be intergrated a lot nicer and the misus is already getting annoyed at missing various soapies(don't ask) .....

I'm gonna try these steps again as everything seemed to work up till the point whrer i broke it :(, are there any special steps i need to take to get these tuners to work in the VDR ?

As I'm still only new to the LinuxMCE at the moment, I've had the tv on for some time now gonna sit down and watch the tennis for a bit soon. only had one drop out at the moment but i think it's not linked to the tuners looked like more of a myth tv thing as changing channel then changing back worked...

However HD channels don't seem to display too good... not even going to try to explain what happens but basically they are unviewable...

Can I update to this 8.10 (2.6.27) ? still not sure about linux in general is the kernel equivelant to 8.10 ? or can I have a higher kernel but still be on 7.10 ?

I'll monitor how it runs over the next week or so and post back any issues.

I haven't looked yet but can anyone run me through how too make use of more than one tuner... ie record 1 show watch another I've actually got 2 tuner cards both DViCo ... giving a total of 3 video inputs... I set a show to record the try to select another channel but it doesn't alow me to change unless I cancel the recording :(

Once again I'm quickly becoming a huge fan of LinuxMCE and linux in general :)


After a late night last night I finally figured it out :)
I found this and it sort of clicked in my head that this 12C_DRIVER_TVMIXER had been removed from something so I found the 12c-id.h and added it back in and voila everything else fell into position it all works now :)

so if anyone else is having this problem or knows if it is a bug or not ? the fix is below.
diff --git a/include/linux/i2c-id.h b/include/linux/i2c-id.h
#define I2C_DRIVERID_TVMIXER    28      /* Mixer driver for tv cards    */

Now I just need to figure out guide data and the remote control for the DViCo Cards....

Installation issues / Re: Black screen after installation is finished
« on: February 01, 2009, 12:24:44 am »
I Read it here
perhaps it was 1 i had pressed ... or maybe 2 first then 1 after ?....

Extract from that site (Note: I have no internal speaker).
Alternatively, the AV Wizard can be started during bootup. Either hold down the Shift key on the keyboard, or press the "A/V Menu" button on the remote to make the A/V wizard start. During bootup you should hear a series of escalating beeps to tell you when LinuxMCE is monitoring the Shift (and "A/V Menu") keys.
When you hear the descending beeps it means that you're too late; the bootup has already gone past the AV Wizard check and LinuxMCE has already started.

I had restarted my pc by hard reset during install when it got to the black screen... then after a couple of tries at the 1-5 keys I found this guide and hold in the shift key to reveal AV Wizard.... Worked for me :)

Installation issues / Re: Black screen after installation is finished
« on: January 31, 2009, 01:15:29 pm »
I'll post up my experience so far with linuxmce 7.10 DVD version.
Initial setup went smoothly then it asked me to remove the dvd and reboot.
After reboot it gets part of the way through then stops at a screen with a flashing cursor at top left .... cut to the chase

Read around about it not working on dvi connector.... pressed 2 on keyboard it flashed to nothing then a second later the cursor comes up again.... I read everywhere for a way to fix it.... ended up finding that holding the shift key down after pressing 2 (to select the dvi mode) the av setup wizard would appear !!!
I've had this work a couple of times so far no vga connecters required! just press 2 then hold the shift key afterwards.

Good Luck

Installation issues / First time Linux User problems with Dvico cards :(
« on: January 31, 2009, 06:52:37 am »

I'll start off by saying that linuxmce is a great idea and as far as i can tell runs everything I need.

I've used both windows xp MCE 2005 and windows vista.
Installation issues thus far using the DL DVD RC710 I belive, Plasma was not being recongnized upon installation. found I had to hold down a shift button when a certain flashing cursor displays. Got past this set up my system, tuner and remote where not found during setup :(

System (built from bits and pieces I had lying around):
XP 2800+
1 gig ram
6800GTS 256mb
40gb IDE HD (operating system drive)
250gb Sata HD (Media Storage)

DViCo Dual Digital 4 Tuner
DViCo DVB-T Hybrid Tuner

ABit or Asus ANF7 mainboard can't remember

problem at the moment is getting the tv tuners to be recognised by MCELinux, I've followed this guide downloaded the drivers and begun compiling ...

I get this error whilst compiling ... tvmixer.c:226: error: 'I2C_DRIVERID_TVMIXER' undeclared here (not in a function) I'm guessing tvmixer.c should be compiled to tvmixer.o ?

Anyhow I can't seem to figure out whats gone wrong...

Anyone had this issue before or wish to point me in the right direction?
Keep in mind I'm very new to linux and the whole konsole thing....

Thanks in advance!!!


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