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What I am asking is how to get samba shares served by the core to be accessible to PCs connected to the internal network... the files, access to network printing, etc. The network server runs on the core... If I set it up with the advice I get from somewhere else,... it might break CORE functionality... I fail to see how this is not LinuxMCE related...

There are two variants of this card so first off you need to figure out which you have. Go here to get some info on how to do that and also whats needed to get the card working.

I've got 2 74041's. I specifically got them because the support QAM...

Sorry for not replying your question, instead curious and need to ask one: how come MCV Vera, why not let the core take care of Z-wave units also?

1 main reason; LinuxMCE currently has no free secure remote portal for accessing the system, especially without a static IP.... MCV Does have a secure web portal for the Vera that is free, and LMCE can be an SIS controller and co-exist...

I don't really even understand the question - are these MDs or are they running Jaunty? They can't really be both....

My original intent was to run them as disk-less MDs... But I have a handful of reasons for them NOT to be set up that way...
1 - The driver configuration and support in LinuxMCE for the video and audio is lacking for both the eeePC Box 202 and even more so the Dell Studio Hybrid in comparison to Jaunty (Jaunty "just works'). Argue if you like, but I've been exclusively Linux at home for 8+ years, and configuring Video drivers in LMCE makes me feel like I'm back with SuSE 6.1...
2 - The interface for LinuxMCE is too complicated for my wife (and kids when they are old enough). I've researched the alternatives and prefer Elisa (or even the successor, Moovida) to UI1 or U12, for ease, simplicity and functionality...
3 -  I can use a web orbiter on the eeeBox and Studio Hybrid, and get all the more complicated home control stuff that way.
4 - We use Skype, because we have family that also use it, as opposed to using something like Ekiga or any of the other asterisk based video VOIP clients. &
5 - I have 2 Neuros OSD units (not OSD2s, by the way) and want them to be able to access the content on the system for playback. They are perfect for older, smaller TVs. They also cannot be booted as disk-less MDs.

Been 4 days,... bump... Anyone??? Bueller??? Anyone??? Bueller???

Users / Re: thezfunk LinuxMCE Project build
« on: September 04, 2009, 07:34:02 am »
I can answer your quick question: Yes, the MD's will typically take their drivers from the Core...

I'm not sure about your second question, but I don't think that LMCE was designed to do multi-headed MDs (including the Core/Hybrid).

I have two Hauppauge HVR-1600s and would very much like to get them working, and am willing to do the leg work if someone were to help me with the play by play of getting them set up in LMCE... (Yes,... I AM running 8.10)...

So far the most I have gotten out of them is green snow... and once having one detect the broadcast ID of a station that didn't come in... Of course I was attempting LMCE 7.10 at the time...

I recently updated my Core/hybrid to LMCE 8.10,... and I am having a problem accessing a USB attached external storage drive via Ubuntu Jaunty PCs attached (via Ethernet) to the internal network... I used to have one (my eeePC Box 202) working fairly well as a disk-less boot MD, but I just don't seem to get a proper video configuration with 8.10 that I had with 7.10.

I need 8.10's functionality as an SIS controller for z-wave, because I am getting a MCV Vera to sit as the external router (a second router will act as a wireless access point to the internal network). I need the MCV Vera, since it is just about the only way to safely & currently access external z-wave control through their free secure portal.

My hardware consists of:
Core/Hybrid --> Dell Inspirion 530 with (currently non-working) Haupaugue HVR-1600 (I have a second once I get #1 working), internal 320GB HD, 4 GB RAM, 2 Ethernet NICs (as recommended), Intel GMA950 graphics chipset.

MDs (I want them to act as external PCs accessing media through Samba or NFS);
1- eeePC Box 202 attached to a multimedia system through optical sound out and a Sanyo 42" LCD through DVI to VGA adapter... (runs Jaunty,... very WELL, I might add)
2- Dell Studio Hybrid attached to a 36" Sanyo LCD through DVI to HDMI adapter, sound is conventional stereo audio. (also runs Jaunty, not as well as the eeeBox, despite the same graphics chips)
3- Desktop PC in my office --> (another) Dell Inspirion 530 with nVidia graphics and 2 GB RAM, widescreen DVI 19" monitor.
4- 2 Neuros OSDs connected to TVs through their composite output. (capable of accessing SMB shares, if I could get that configured, but couldn't act as a disk-less MD)

Orbiters (or potential Orbiters)
1- Pepperpad 3 (if I could get it working 100% again)
2- 2 Archos 604 Wifis
3- Asus eeePC netbook
4- Viliv S5 MID (if I can get the touch screen, wifi and bluetooth working in Jaunty).
5- 2 older Dell laptops
6- 2 Palms (Palm TX and a Palm T3).

Getting -->
1- MCV Vera & z-wave devices to control lights and Garage doors, initially, then sky's the limit
2- Nokia N900 as phone/Orbiter (busted my N800,...Damn! I loved that machine!)
3- Maybe a temporary Haupaugue card that's a little older until I figure out HVR-1600 support.

So,... How does one configure Samba and/or NFS shares to be able to show up on the Jaunty machines, internal web based Orbiters, and firmware controlled devices like the Neuros OSDs???? Sometimes I can see the directories on the Core,... sometimes I get errors trying to connect... However DHCP works fine...

Users / Re: Archos 5 Internet Tablet (Android)
« on: September 04, 2009, 05:22:44 am »
Not if Archos has anything to say about it... They are worse leaches of of FOSS GNU/Linux than TomTom or Tivo are...

I bought two Archos 604Wifis, expecting an experience similar to the PMA430, but what I got was a hardware locked device. That said, I never updated the firmware to the latest, so my 604s could theoretically use the html exploit to give me a root shell and (temporarily until next boot) install apps...

You'll be better off spending your hard earned dough on a brand spanky new Nokia N900... It uses the new Maemo 5 (the next generation of Maemo), is supposedly not locked, and has wifi, bluetooth and 3G... and can be a phone. Plus orbiter software has already been ported to Maemo. Probably just needs a re-compile to support version 5...

Users / My dev system....
« on: May 01, 2009, 08:25:23 am »
OK,... What kind of progress have you made in taming 8.10's "automagical" Xorg setup... ??? Specifically, I need the latest Intel drivers to be back-ported to 8.10 in order for my system(s) to work... I had tried porting the Debian unstable versions, but with no avail,... Alas, until I had stumbled onto using SuSE's SAX2 to do the config file and using the latest drivers from Jaunty 9.04 Beta to get accelerated video, accelerated video was nowhere to be found.

I will admit that my compiling skills are weak (why am I having Death Star "A New Hope" flashbacks?),... and I haven't coded since the early 1980s. So, I'd have to (re?-) learn C, to get around compiler errors generated by changing versions...

I also just had a look at the bug-tracker... yuck... I thought dealing with an ant infestation was bad... So I'm game in post-poning (but not giving up) my desire to go to 9.04... Just tell me what you need from me to get my hardware working and I will gladly post. ...

By the way, I see a fair number of people appearing upset that there are no more Gyro-mice available. I have two Targus presentation pointers which have a mouse and presentation mode... I think they would make excellent replacements and can readily be found at any Staples.

If there are any developers in Eastern PA, I should be relatively close for a weekend afternoon hardware troubleshooting session.

Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Documentation / Wiki overhaul
« on: May 01, 2009, 07:27:07 am »
I will gladly contribute any spare time that I have (steal away from my life) to contribute to making the documentation more readable and newbie friendly... I am setting up my Core now and am actually undertaking the daunting task of trying to build LinuxMCE on top of Jaunty 9.04... No matter how futile that seems (I just think Jaunty's a better platform),...

I'll trade my time and sweat equity for increased clout as to what projects get worked on first. I have a dream for my system's functionality... I have motivated self interest pushing me to make time contributions... Hell, I converted a closet in my house to be used as a Core server closet... complete with power, shelves and ventilation. My wife wanted it for a linen closet... Do you know what that costs me?!?!?

Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Archos Internet Media Tablet
« on: May 01, 2009, 07:07:41 am »
Been there, seen that link... Nothing new there... please move along...

Seriously, though,... The Archos hack is tempting, but useless in the long run. Too many people have upgraded their firmware beyond the point of the hack's usefullness, and for those who haven't... The hack is a temporary fix for a permanent problem... Pig-headed, and greedy executives. They fail to see the potential sales that would result from a truly open platform. In the USA, Walmart doesn't carry their crap anymore on the shelves.

To make Archos open up their devices, one would have to win the lottery,.. purchase a contrroling interest in Archos company stock and fire the B*tards who run the company like a bunch of tightly clenched posterior end sphincter muscles. If I win the state lottery, I'll let you know how it goes...

Users / My dev system....
« on: May 01, 2009, 06:38:47 am »

With 9.04 released and with its greater similarity in video configuration to 7.10, and with 8.10 being a short term release... Why don't you guys shift gears and concentrate instead on 9.04??? You have the advantage of a newer kernel, Xorg configuration that is more customizable, and better bells and whistles like better Compiz support. I have never had a huge love for 8.10 as a release... Nothing but problems...

Ubuntu 7.10 I used for a long time, and 8.04 I was OK with, but I had a bunch of issues with 8.10, and really only use it on my one desktop that has an nVidia card (which is ironically, almost the same machine as my Core, except the desktop has, half the RAM, an older BIOS and older CPU chip, as well as an nVidia card. Wait,... I think that even my Asus Netbook uses 8.04... can't remember, because it was a quasi-custom eeebuntu release...

Jaunty 9.04 is getting rave reviews (the Ubuntu, Gnome version, at least). I have installed it (Kubuntu 9.04) on my Core, and am getting ready to build packages, once I have all the hardware running properly. I only had problems with Jaunty and my eee Box B202. It was actually the only thing that would run on my Dell Studio Hybrid. By and large, I am going to be shifting all machines in the house over to it, when I have the chance. It would be nice to have a LinuxMCE installation that is as up to the times as the rest of the computers in the house.

Installation issues / Re: kubuntu 9.04
« on: April 30, 2009, 07:04:46 pm »
I am going to try building LinuxMCE on Kubuntu 9.04 from source... Any help from anyone who is experienced in building LinuxMCE from source is greatly appreciated. I need to use 9.04 because of the Intel video driver situation (Core and both MDs use various versions of the X3100 chipset).

If I manage to do it,... I may possibly try to build an Alpha DVD installation disk for it... However, my build may be hardware specific.

Hardware list;

Core: Dell 530 w/ 4GB RAM, 320 GB HD (4 partitions, /, Swap, /mnt/recovery/ and a small /home), Dual Core 7200, Intel X3100 vidoe chipset (embeded), 2 Haupauge HVR-1600 boards (only one in it right now until I figure out how to configure these damn things), & soon to have a Tricklestar 300ZW-US-W controller and an HDHomeRun.
MD #1: Dell Studio Hybrid attached to a widescreen Sanyo LCD TV
MD #2: Asus EEE Box B202 attached to another widescreen Sanyo LCD TV
Possible MDs: 2 Neuros OSD attached to older LCD TVs
Possible Orbiter: PepperPad 3 (if I can get it working again) &/or Aigo MID p8888w (if I buy one)

Users / My dev system....
« on: April 30, 2009, 02:58:46 pm »
A few years ago, after using a Linux based PMP to have essentially movies on demand, the batteries started going wonkly after being in the docking base too long, and I had to look for replacements. MythTV was one solution, but I wasn't ready to take the plunge yet... I ended up with two Nueros OSDs. After noticing a few neat Bluetooth apps, like signal strenght detection and such, I though t to myself, "wouldn't it be neat to be able to control the whole house with a server that had bluetooth detection capabilities and MythTV functinality?!?!" Lo and behold, after a few Google seaches I discovered Pluto Home, and then its open source offspring, LinuxMCE.

I am now in the process of building my LinuxMCE Core server: a Dell 530 with 4 GB RAM, two Haupauge 1600 cards, 3 external USB Hard Drives, 2 wireless routers, soon to have a USB Z-wave controller, an HDHomeRun, and controlling two media directors; a Dell Studio Hybrid, and an Asus EEE Box B202.

I am trying to build a compiled LinuxMCE installation based on Kubuntu Jaunty 9.04, rather than Kubuntu 8.10, primarily because of all of the problems with the later in terms of video setup (no control over your Xorg because 8.10 ignores changes to the xorg.conf file). Another reason is that the more recent Haupauge cards, like the 1600, are better supported with later kernels. Has anyone tried doing something like this???

Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Archos Internet Media Tablet
« on: April 15, 2009, 03:59:13 am »
I have another possibility here... They may be able to be used as orbiters running the web interface... However they do not have bluetooth, and so the follow-me function would not work. The also do not play streamed video. Later models have made the browser a separate firmware add-on purchase (when the units have wifi capability built in). Not the best orbiter set-up, but pass-able.

I also have a PepperPad 3 (which is broken, in terms that I have wiped it, installed my own preferred version of Linux and now not all the hardware works). Those are better Orbiter candidates.

I have just recieved my server and my media directors, So I am starting the  setup now... I will keep you up to date on progress, and how well the Archos 604 Wifis do as Orbiters.

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