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Installation issues / Re: [SOLVED] VNC to the core?
« on: February 19, 2012, 11:56:37 pm »

Are you using 810 or 1004???

I suggest 1004 if you have hardware issues. Ubuntu 10.04 is a solid distro with a good amount of hardware support. Ubuntu 8.10 is OLD...

Installation issues / Re: Installation - Partitioning Issue
« on: February 19, 2012, 11:47:46 pm »
I've had problems with 8.10 before (not LinuxMCE, but other uses). It has issues with certain disk controllers, particularly PATA and newer SATA drive controllers. I concur that you should try 1004... It was one of the reasons I abandoned LinuxMCE a few years ago.

I'm going to be starting, my 1004 install tonight... I just wanted to back up my Samba conf file first, Just in case.

Motion detection is fine,... so is a routine to activate the cameras afterward,... But if the perpetrator is hooded or hiding their face, you won't get a positive ID,... A cell phone's Bluetooth MAC address is unique though (unless it's been hacked to change it). Plus the feature can be used to announce guests too. A MAC is easier than using facial recognition. Plus, as far as I know, nobody has a security system that scans MAC addresses and logs them... And it shouldn't be too hard to enact.

Many phone OSes don't let you change the BT's MAC... And most criminals are too stupid to realize that their BT can be tracked, or even make an attempt to turn it off, let alone spoof it.


The referenced patent has apparently been granted. It covers nearly the exact kind of thing that LinuxMCE has been doing since at least 2007, if not earlier.

Many of the patent "inventors" are academicians... Working in the (corporate sponsored) engineering departments of their various institutions. In my humble opinion, these men (yes, they are all men, I checked,... not like ladies wouldn't do this too for the right money too) ARE PLAGIARISTS, and should be fired from their positions!!!

I am highly incensed, to the degree that my wife asked me what (expletives deleted) was the matter with me... Maybe I'm just too self-righteous,... but to me this is STEALING. I can't claim that I am the first line person hurt by this (the LinuxMCE developers as well as the developers of the various Linux Bluetooth libraries and applications it is based on are). However,... something NEEDs to be done.

I have informed the EFF of the patent (two attorneys there). The 2 I informed were members of the EFF's patent busting team. While I am an attorney, I am not a practicing attorney (still licensed, not disbarred or anything) and I am not a patent attorney (there is a separate bar for that). I also believe that we should appeal to these men's academic sensibilities. Being accused of plagiarism is not a mild thing for an academic (my father is an academic, and a distinguished Professor of Physics and the longest serving professor at his institution,... and despite my jokes to the contrary, one heck of an educator). Professors, most of the good ones anyway, are a bunch who would not sit idly by as their reputations were impugned (it hurts future employment opportunities, plus they tend to be a moral sort).

It is my understanding that in patent law, each named inventor has the right to grant license on their invention. If we can convince one of these men to grant an irrevocable license to the FSF, it would act as an impasse to any future development (I'd insist on a public apology too).


But there are tools to get more ID information from bluetooth devices without connecting to them... and without going as far as "bluesnarfing." And what I am proposing is to have a setting to alert the primary user when unknown devices enter scanning range, as well as attempting to pull the user ID data (what the phone calls itself). The MAC address off a phone and the ID string should be enough to identify a device. In the case of someone who has broken in, and the system started taking snapshots with the cameras, if the police are able to recover the cell phone, the logs can be used to get a positive ID on the perpetrator.

By the way, I just noticed that a bunch of people have filed a patent application (late 2010, early 2011) for the kind and sort of bluetooth proximity detection scheme that LinuxMCE has been using for years... I would suggest that someone with connections with the EFF or whatever alerts them, so some patent busting can go on... It's us patent #20110028093 : Bluetooth proximity detection system and method of interacting with one or more bluetooth devices .

I take it none of you are on the team that "invented" the above?!?! Anyone working on the LinuxMCE "follow me" features may want to organize the documentation of the prior art involved.

Feature requests & roadmap / Scanning of unrecognized bluetooth devices?!?!
« on: February 18, 2012, 12:30:45 am »
Sound good as a feature,... for security, for example,... ?!?!

As the system scans Bluetooth for "follow me" signals, also have it pick up any bluetooth signals it is unfamiliar with, log them, try to pick up device identification information,  and forward that info to the primary user. You figure that people who enter a home illegally (or just kids coming over to the house when your rug rats are grounded) would probably be too dumb to turn off their Bluetooth,...

If the house is robbed, the primary user could forward the identification info to the authorities to verify the ID of the burglar. If it's just teenagers over when they're not supposed to be,... busted.

Also, bluetooth signals from regular visitors can be logged and use to trigger events,... like turn on lights or a smart announcement system... a kind of wireless doorbell... or even set up an intercom session with a user in a less accessible part of the house ...

I'm not a coder, but I know that there are already Bluetooth proximity programs to unlock desktops or trigger some other program or event.

Good idea??? (Or one that's already come up?)

Installation issues / Re: Cannot install Linux MCE 0810
« on: February 16, 2012, 06:15:29 pm »
You should be able to install Ubuntu & then install the Kubuntu desktop with synaptic to "convert" your Ubuntu to Kubuntu. But may have to be sure you chose the Kubuntu desktop meta-package, instead of just installing the KDE parts. That uninstalls the Gnome desktop meta-package, installing KDM in place of GDM, etc. But it leaves the Gnome packages otherwise intact, except where they conflict with KDE. You might even get the Kubuntu splash screen on boot instead of the Ubuntu one,... not 100% sure about that.

Installation issues / Re: Cannot install Linux MCE 0810
« on: February 16, 2012, 12:45:12 am »
What graphics chipset do you have on your machine???

Users / Re: New possible Tablet for qorbiter
« on: February 16, 2012, 12:28:15 am »
You don't REALLY have to wait until May. This device is a rebranded A9 Zenithink ZT-280 C71, which is available for some time now. You just have to find a way to flash it with the respin they put together... There are much better tablets available ... For cheaper...

Users / Re: Android Qorbiter crashing
« on: February 14, 2012, 11:33:19 pm »
I'm an Android user (Honeycomb, 3.2 on a Tablet). I downloaded qOrbiter. If/When I get a LMCE server & media directors up, I'll be happy to help alpha/beta test...

Thanks, Mike... Maybe I'll install my second (unused) one in my desktop machine with the nVidia card... I only have one of my two 1600s actually installed. That'll reduce my reliance on the two HDhomeruns I have for THAT system, at least (freeing them up for other purposes).

I believe the 3150 & the 945 use the same Intel driver. Essentially, the 3150 is an "evolved" 945. So, as long as the system, including the LMCE bits, detects and configures for "intel" as the driver, there should be no problem, software-wise at least. Playback quality may be a different story.

It might help Intel users to initially install Ubuntu,  rather than Kubuntu, and just install the Kubuntu pieces over Ubuntu. I had a similar issue trying to install other Ubuntu variants, and starting from a Ubuntu as a base install helped. I don't know how "touchy" LMCE gets about what's installed as a base system, though.

The SPA-3102 requiring manual installation/configuration actually is encouraging for Obi110 support. The devices are VERY similar, except for the extra Ethernet port on the SPA-3102, and the higher voltage requirements of the Obi110 (related to driving the ringer on the attached phone). As I said, the design team was made up of the same people (spun off, or quit?!?!, from Cisco/Linksys). If you can manually configure the SPA-3102, I'm sure similar settings can be used on the Obi. Plus, the Obi is cheaper and easier to configure for use with Google Voice as a free VOIP provider.

I don't have systems that can be modified to include a new video card. I have small footprint systems (2 Dell Studio Hybrids, and one ASUS EEE Box 202) as media directors. Those systems don't have room for a new video card. That means BUYing 3 new media directors, in addition to the 2 new machines I need to buy as lab machines for my RHCSA/RHCE studies (must be 64 bit systems, capable of hardware virtualization, 4GB ram min. each).

Those new machines can be repurposed as media directors when I'm done, to flesh out my system, fully as I originally intended. The NEW machines can have embedded nVidia, but I'm not replacing the older boxes that work perfectly well (well, maybe swapping the older/slower ones down to the kids, but not outright replacing them). Plus, all three current media directors have S/PIDIF optical out audio. It's not exactly easy to find small footprint, 64 bit quad core machines with embeded nVidia, S/PIDIF optical audio & support 4+GB RAM onboard, at least at a reasonable price.

Plus, the only system that I DO have with an nVidia card can't work with my Hauppauge cards (1600s), due to a (known) hardware conflict. Five new systems at an average $700 each is about $3500. It's not like I don't have the money for new ones, but with a wife & 2 kids, I've got way better things to spend it on... I can justify $1400-$1500 to the wife unit, conditioned on the fact I need the machines for my cert studies, and they can serve a dual purpose as media directors when I'm done.

My hardware was the reason I had left the LMCE community before... It's also why LinuxMCE hasn't exploded onto the scene ... Not trying to be insulting, or anything... I'm just saying.

Thanks for the reply,...

Good to know about the secondary controller status... MCV has been crapping the bed when it comes to supporting their devices and rolling out new fixes. I refuse to update past their UI2 on Vera1 because of that & their security model...

So LinuxMCE would just pick up the z-wave devices/scenes automatically, or do they need to be set up in LinuxMCE's web portal setup??? It's been ages since I played with LMCE...

Also, anyone with Intel GMA945 experience with LMCE 1004??? That was the show stopper for me a few years ago...

By the way, if anyone doesn't know about the Obi110 ATA, it's a POTS to VOIP bridge, similar to the SPA-3102, and actually developed by the same people.  Very easy to set up,... And I'm thinking that LMCE's Asterisk implementation could be set up along side Google Voice as the second available service for the thing.  Real cheap too. $50 US as opposed to $70 US for the Sipura/Lynksys ATA.

I'm considering coming back to LinuxMCE, specifically for the 1004 version. I was kinda rigging my own thing up to now. But I have a question about the status of 1004 support for Intel graphics. Are Intel GMA 945 series graphics working out of the box on 1004 at this point. Audio support for Intel chips??? And can a LinuxMCE box work as a secondary controller for a MCV Vera (vers. 1)???

Also, is the playback on LinuxMCE now VLC, or is it still Xine-based??? Are all the Haupaugge cards that are supported in K/Ubuntu supported in LinuxMCE as well (HVA 1600, specifically)???

And, has anyone tried intergrating an Obi110 ATA into LinuxMCE's Asterisk support (I have an SPA-3102, also)???

I know these are a lot of questions, but I'd like to know... Also, I'm studying for the RHCSA/RHCE certs, and so might be helpful when it comes to system config and beta testing on 1004...


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