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Users / Re: Doorbell... Help Please
« on: September 06, 2012, 06:00:22 pm »
I keep hearing about ...(redacted)... and wonder if manufacturers are building drop-in devices for those technologies as available modules to solve some issues like this that z-wave is just not broad enough for yet.

So right, I'm not holding my breath anymore, either. Your approach with a gc-100 seems very reasonable.

...(redacted)... but I can't help but think that if a device contains it's own logic to get a signal from a sensor/switch/meter/lightcondition/etc that the 'work' would then be in getting LMCE positioned to listen in respond to whatever these sub networks are sending around ethernet, wifi, rf, etc.

I use my MCV Vera in a similar way to the smart controller idea you're describing...

The Vera can trigger events that LinuxMCE can "see" happen (status of the lights), but doesn't "own." The Vera is easier to configure for "if A, then B," scenarios that are triggered by a Z-wave device (especially security protocol devices, like locks). LinuxMCE is better/required for control of events that are caused by anything else (media, communications, etc.). I haven't made any attempt to get the Vera and LinuxMCE to "talk" across the network itself,  as I understand they would just conflict with each other (related to MCV "lifting" the Vera's DCE logic from LinuxMCE/Pluto, if I understand correctly). LinuxMCE can (with ?!limitations?!) trigger a scenario based on an observable Z-wave event:

- The z-wave window sensor wiring (this would be a good place for a device as the gate is between the house and garage where we have z-wave plans that will need devices mesh networking to reach)

There are two approaches in the links I posted (I think both are mentioned, or can be found there)  ,...
  (1) Is to use the magnetic contact sensors to be triggered by the magnets in the doorbell ringers.
  (2) Is to wire the sensors directly to the contact switch of the doorbell button, itself.
Both have issues, as discussed in those threads (voltage, in direct wiring or duration of sensor event when rigging the sensor with another magnetic source). The Z-wave radios in the sensors might not be strong enough to bridge long distances (So, other stuff needed). The radios in keychain remotes, compatible with a WDHA-12R (see below), might have better range. Plus they're relatively simple, and potentially easier to physically hack.

- Z-wave in-wall scene controllers. ...

I have a WDHA-12R, which is similar, in some ways,.. to the in-wall controllers, you are talking about, in how they are set up, if I'm not mistaken. I've never taken the time to get mine working the way I want.

Issues I've researched/experience with these gadgets;
  (1) P.I.T.A. in terms of configuring it ("dumping" Z-wave net to them as secondary controllers)...  EZ to screw that up.
  (2) I don't even know if LMCE even responds directly to Z-wave events from these gadgets (don't think so, maybe custom?!)...
  (3) Expensive (most of them)...
  (4) To make it more complicated there are scene controllers and zone controllers,... and they work differently ... &
  (5) There's a Z-wave "zone protocol" to consider, which I don't know if LinuxMCE supports (or whether that even matters to LinuxMCE, or is completely superfluous)...

Users / Re: Konsole item in computing menu,... help please...
« on: September 06, 2012, 02:56:13 am »
Thanks,... I ended up going with gnome-terminal,... as I read some stuff about konsole not resolving its WM_CLASS right,... from 8.04 up to 12.04... I think I had even tried konsole.Konsole at some point last night before getting tired & giving up...

Gnome-terminal works, though, including tabs and even transparency after editing the default profile... Plus I actually like it better. But thanks for the help, anyway.

Users / Re: Doorbell... Help Please
« on: September 06, 2012, 01:40:05 am »
There is documentation on the doorbell setup using the z-wave window/door sensor modules, a standard magnetic door chime and using the magnets in the chime to trigger the z-wave door sensor...

I suppose they are using it in reverse,... that is causing a z-wave scene to trigger when contact is made, versus lost...

There's more,... including the addition of relays for timing...

Users / Re: Konsole item in computing menu,... help please...
« on: September 05, 2012, 04:36:39 pm »
I think I may have found the problem,... There may be a a unique quirk of konsole that it does not resolve its WM_CLASS name properly. I may have to use Gnome-terminal...

Users / Konsole item in computing menu,... help please...
« on: September 05, 2012, 03:51:15 pm »
Over the weekend,... I had created a menu item in the computing screen for the konsole terminal emulator. After a bit of fussing with it and figuring it out, I got it to the point where it would launch the konsole application, but it would only flash on the screen for a split second and "disappear" underneath the onscreen orbiter. I could access it only if I switched to the KDE desktop. The reason I created it, in the first place, was to not have to drop out to the KDE desktop to get a virtual terminal (or have to switch ttys).

I'm pretty sure I got the WM_CLASS correct,... And I tried it a couple of different ways,... So, if anyone has any tips or pointers, suggestions, etc... I'd appreciate it.

Users / Re: qOrbiter Skin - first design
« on: September 05, 2012, 02:43:38 pm »
Has anyone looked into "lifting" an Open Source icon set? They might not have everything needed for a home automation setting, but I've seen some nice ones associated with the Cairo-dock project.

Here's a link to the open icons library on Source Forge:

Users / Re: Update on the Game Player
« on: September 05, 2012, 02:33:48 pm »
Question on how the games layer works:

Does each emulator plugin need its own wrapper or modification, or is there a generic wrapper that might also work with native games?

The question is directed at how the game playing layer captures and conveys input (keyboards, mice, joysticks/gamepads) and integrates with LinuxMCE at that level.

Why don't you change the way the media director sorts the list to sort by source (or file type, if different)? Or else, maybe you could use private tags on recordings... I don't know if you can set attributes on recordings like that,... but it's potentially worth a shot.

Developers / Re: QOrbiter: Updated
« on: September 04, 2012, 05:07:19 am »
How about 32 bit Linuxes (don't wanna upgrade unnecessarily)???

Users / Re: Pictures not showing in Orbiter
« on: September 04, 2012, 05:05:39 am »
What orbiter are you running??? Windows orbiter (either native or through Wine on Linux), qOrbiter, Web Orbiter???

Users / Re: Update on the Game Player
« on: September 04, 2012, 05:03:09 am »
I personally am waiting on the Steam port and on a possible LinuxMCE plugin...

Users / Re: qOrbiter Skin - first design
« on: September 04, 2012, 04:53:27 am »
I like the almost steam-punk icons...

Users / Re: Collaborator Wanted: Verbal Announcements
« on: September 04, 2012, 04:51:36 am »
I can help you vet your bash scripting... If that's how you will do it... But I am not in a position to be an expert,... My experience in this regard comes from document assembly stuff,... which is a similar to your approach in very many ways (I feel like I'm channeling C-3PO meeting Owen Lars for the first time, as far as he's aware,... talking about the binary language of moisture evaporators being similar to binary load lifters).

Anywho,... if you can develop a script that says what you want to say,... I can help you break it up in bits that can be assembled on the fly... All we need is a little text extracting magic, from the source application or utility, and a beginning and end piece for the script that's compatible with LinuxMCE initiated to convey the desire information...

I may (soon,... too soon) be having additional time (lack of employment related) giving me more time to contribute to the project and increasing my marketable skill set. In a spirit of turning lemons into lemonade, I'd be inclined to help the project move forward, even while I am treading water,... Ya know... make a positive out of a negative situation...

Users / Re: Z-Wave Compatible Yale Locks
« on: September 02, 2012, 05:29:40 am »
My Vera is primary, LinuxMCE is secondary, as Z-wave is concerned. To effectuate this, you need a Z-wave controller that is recognized by LinuxMCE to make LinuxMCE a secondary controller as far as the Z-wave network is concerned.

You need a LinuxMCE compatible inclusion controller to to interface with the Vera as the secondary controller. Get a secondary Aeon Labs inclusion controller USB stick. Plug that into your core (USB extension cable helps). Follow the procedure for making a secondary controller enabled on a Vera system in the Vera documentation. Also, after adding the Aeon Labs stick to the Core, initiate the Wizards with Sarah... to recognize your Z-wave network (LinuxMCE as secondary controller).

You may need to rebuilt your Z-wave network on the LinuxMCE core after adding new equipment...

I've only deleted Z-wave equipment, from LinuxMCE so far. I Haven't added any new Z-wave stuff since switching to LinuxMCE 1004.

Users / Re: Collaborator Wanted: Verbal Announcements
« on: September 02, 2012, 04:14:07 am »
The following doesn't sound right...

Roadblock =
Text to Speech template in LMCE only accepts 'quoted' statements.  There is no way to get a path/to/file.txt into the event/statement area.  

With careful script editing, you should be able to cat the text into the script without too much difficulty...

What about defining a bash script variable and use the cat command to assemble the text???

You could even set scripts to to assemble other scripts on either side of the quotes by creative use of the cat command...

Just theory of course...

PS: You really want something like this to be coming out of LinuxMCE?

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