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Users / CNN article on Home Automation... No mention of Z-wave or LinuxMCE
« on: February 28, 2012, 03:18:39 pm »
There's a CNN article on Home Automation... But there is no mention of Z-wave or LinuxMCE... Anyone with a Discuss account want to set them straight in the comments??

Feature requests & roadmap / Full Metadata in the 1004 repository...
« on: February 23, 2012, 02:58:12 pm »
It would be nice to have full metadata in the LinuxMCE repository. I had installed LMCE 1004 and the synaptic package manager (I hate KDE's package manager) and noticed that the LinuxMCE packages contain no descriptions... It would be nice to have this info fleshed out so that people could tell which packages do what jobs... It would make fixing things and installing new functionality a tad easier.

Just a suggestion...

Feature requests & roadmap / Scanning of unrecognized bluetooth devices?!?!
« on: February 18, 2012, 12:30:45 am »
Sound good as a feature,... for security, for example,... ?!?!

As the system scans Bluetooth for "follow me" signals, also have it pick up any bluetooth signals it is unfamiliar with, log them, try to pick up device identification information,  and forward that info to the primary user. You figure that people who enter a home illegally (or just kids coming over to the house when your rug rats are grounded) would probably be too dumb to turn off their Bluetooth,...

If the house is robbed, the primary user could forward the identification info to the authorities to verify the ID of the burglar. If it's just teenagers over when they're not supposed to be,... busted.

Also, bluetooth signals from regular visitors can be logged and use to trigger events,... like turn on lights or a smart announcement system... a kind of wireless doorbell... or even set up an intercom session with a user in a less accessible part of the house ...

I'm not a coder, but I know that there are already Bluetooth proximity programs to unlock desktops or trigger some other program or event.

Good idea??? (Or one that's already come up?)

I'm considering coming back to LinuxMCE, specifically for the 1004 version. I was kinda rigging my own thing up to now. But I have a question about the status of 1004 support for Intel graphics. Are Intel GMA 945 series graphics working out of the box on 1004 at this point. Audio support for Intel chips??? And can a LinuxMCE box work as a secondary controller for a MCV Vera (vers. 1)???

Also, is the playback on LinuxMCE now VLC, or is it still Xine-based??? Are all the Haupaugge cards that are supported in K/Ubuntu supported in LinuxMCE as well (HVA 1600, specifically)???

And, has anyone tried intergrating an Obi110 ATA into LinuxMCE's Asterisk support (I have an SPA-3102, also)???

I know these are a lot of questions, but I'd like to know... Also, I'm studying for the RHCSA/RHCE certs, and so might be helpful when it comes to system config and beta testing on 1004...


I recently updated my Core/hybrid to LMCE 8.10,... and I am having a problem accessing a USB attached external storage drive via Ubuntu Jaunty PCs attached (via Ethernet) to the internal network... I used to have one (my eeePC Box 202) working fairly well as a disk-less boot MD, but I just don't seem to get a proper video configuration with 8.10 that I had with 7.10.

I need 8.10's functionality as an SIS controller for z-wave, because I am getting a MCV Vera to sit as the external router (a second router will act as a wireless access point to the internal network). I need the MCV Vera, since it is just about the only way to safely & currently access external z-wave control through their free secure portal.

My hardware consists of:
Core/Hybrid --> Dell Inspirion 530 with (currently non-working) Haupaugue HVR-1600 (I have a second once I get #1 working), internal 320GB HD, 4 GB RAM, 2 Ethernet NICs (as recommended), Intel GMA950 graphics chipset.

MDs (I want them to act as external PCs accessing media through Samba or NFS);
1- eeePC Box 202 attached to a multimedia system through optical sound out and a Sanyo 42" LCD through DVI to VGA adapter... (runs Jaunty,... very WELL, I might add)
2- Dell Studio Hybrid attached to a 36" Sanyo LCD through DVI to HDMI adapter, sound is conventional stereo audio. (also runs Jaunty, not as well as the eeeBox, despite the same graphics chips)
3- Desktop PC in my office --> (another) Dell Inspirion 530 with nVidia graphics and 2 GB RAM, widescreen DVI 19" monitor.
4- 2 Neuros OSDs connected to TVs through their composite output. (capable of accessing SMB shares, if I could get that configured, but couldn't act as a disk-less MD)

Orbiters (or potential Orbiters)
1- Pepperpad 3 (if I could get it working 100% again)
2- 2 Archos 604 Wifis
3- Asus eeePC netbook
4- Viliv S5 MID (if I can get the touch screen, wifi and bluetooth working in Jaunty).
5- 2 older Dell laptops
6- 2 Palms (Palm TX and a Palm T3).

Getting -->
1- MCV Vera & z-wave devices to control lights and Garage doors, initially, then sky's the limit
2- Nokia N900 as phone/Orbiter (busted my N800,...Damn! I loved that machine!)
3- Maybe a temporary Haupaugue card that's a little older until I figure out HVR-1600 support.

So,... How does one configure Samba and/or NFS shares to be able to show up on the Jaunty machines, internal web based Orbiters, and firmware controlled devices like the Neuros OSDs???? Sometimes I can see the directories on the Core,... sometimes I get errors trying to connect... However DHCP works fine...

Users / My dev system....
« on: April 30, 2009, 02:58:46 pm »
A few years ago, after using a Linux based PMP to have essentially movies on demand, the batteries started going wonkly after being in the docking base too long, and I had to look for replacements. MythTV was one solution, but I wasn't ready to take the plunge yet... I ended up with two Nueros OSDs. After noticing a few neat Bluetooth apps, like signal strenght detection and such, I though t to myself, "wouldn't it be neat to be able to control the whole house with a server that had bluetooth detection capabilities and MythTV functinality?!?!" Lo and behold, after a few Google seaches I discovered Pluto Home, and then its open source offspring, LinuxMCE.

I am now in the process of building my LinuxMCE Core server: a Dell 530 with 4 GB RAM, two Haupauge 1600 cards, 3 external USB Hard Drives, 2 wireless routers, soon to have a USB Z-wave controller, an HDHomeRun, and controlling two media directors; a Dell Studio Hybrid, and an Asus EEE Box B202.

I am trying to build a compiled LinuxMCE installation based on Kubuntu Jaunty 9.04, rather than Kubuntu 8.10, primarily because of all of the problems with the later in terms of video setup (no control over your Xorg because 8.10 ignores changes to the xorg.conf file). Another reason is that the more recent Haupauge cards, like the 1600, are better supported with later kernels. Has anyone tried doing something like this???

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