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Installation issues / Pioneer DVR-216 RPC1
« on: January 02, 2009, 08:58:21 am »
scrappy but working! I can play Region 2 discs!  ::)

It's even easier now - no cross flashing required :)

Pioneer released a newer firmware (1.09) (Japanese site, in English).
Pick up the DVR-216 (Zip/EXE, 1.1 MB) firmware you need (DVR-216, DVR-216SV, DVR-216SV are the same drive/firmware).

There are other variations on this drive, and there are different firmwares for them.

Firmware 1.06 is available at their DVD Asia site

I checked the MediaCodeSpeedEdit help, and it knows about the DVR-216, DVR-216D and DVR-216L.
All I needed to do is use it to modify the downloaded firmware and use DVRFlash to flash it.

I then verified with DVRFlash that the drive was indeed RPC1 :)

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