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Feature requests & roadmap / Video Conferencing Video over IP
« on: December 29, 2008, 08:15:07 pm »
Having worked in higher education, many universities and campuses use video conferencing equipment such as Polycom units. I would think adding a video conferencing feature to Lmce would be a no brainer. Having the capability to video conference with other people in the house, across a city, or the world, by simply connecting to a hostname or IP address would be a great tool. Many cameras are available with pan/tilt/zoom functions that could be plugged into a video capture card in the core or possibly networked.
   I haven't done an extensive search of the forum if anyone else has suggested this, but did not see anything immediately related to it. I personally am not asking for the feature, but am strongly suggesting it.
   Kudos to a great project, keep up the good work.


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