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Users / My MCE build log (pics and details included)
« on: November 05, 2008, 10:59:30 pm »
 Hey guys, I always like to do build logs both for getting help and just for personal documentation. So here is mine!
A little info about me first, I am a generic IT helpdesk guy looking to make my way into development. So I do have general tech knowledge and am currently learning C++ (which will lead to .net and so on) so some programming knowledge and willingness to learn. I am well versed in W$ but have little experience with Linux, so this will be a learning experience. I am not one who backs down from a challenge or doesnt want to spend time "jacking with the system". I find that to be part of the fun. I currently use W$ MCE, and just find it limiting, plus I kind of despise Vista and have always been interested in home automation. I currently have a slew of PC's around the house plus an XBOX 360,that I have been using with VMC so I will be trying to use existing hardware whenever possible to save $$$$.

Now a little info about my house. Just built it two years ago and wanted audio pretty much throughout. I ran surround sound wires in my family room, then I ran speaker wires from some ceiling speakers in individual rooms into my pantry where I have a speaker distribution block and a 3 disc changer. I am on COX cable and have their cable TV, internet, and phones. I will post my house Blueprints when I get home.

So anyway that is my intro and I will go post more here in a few.

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