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Users / Movement will not turn on lights
« on: December 16, 2008, 04:16:34 am »
Hi all.

In a previous post I was asking about motion and cameras.

I actually by luck had the system turning on and off lights when the camera sensed movement. However I have some how broken this. I have nearly had enough of this as the system seems to have a mind of its own. Like the delay command that varies its length with no apparent reason.

I think I will be employing X10 motion sensors to turn the lights on and off as I cannot now get it to work via cameras.

I went to the Respond to event section

under Event Handlers

and added an event of type MOVEMENT IS DETECTED (and also tried the SENSOR IS TRIPPED one as well)

and then added the camera I want to use etc.

It never triggers yet I get images under the SECURITY ALERTS LOG.

I had this trouble before then out of the blue it started to work and I can't remember how the hell I dot it to work.

Any suggestions?

Users / what does this mean
« on: December 15, 2008, 10:18:04 am »
I used to have a camera that would fire events when it detected movement. I added another camera and couldn't get it to do the same thing and somewhere in the process I broke the original one. In looking at the log for the Motion Wrapper I got the following.

05   12/15/08 19:45:57.709      Creating child 31 <0xb797f6c0>
05   12/15/08 19:45:57.709      Note: Device manager has attached a device of type 66 that this has no custom event handler for.  It will not fire events. <0xb797f6c0>
05   12/15/08 19:45:57.709      Note: Device manager has attached a device of type 66 that this has no custom handler for.  This is normal for IR. <0xb797f6c0>
05   12/15/08 19:45:57.710      Creating child 49 <0xb797f6c0>
05   12/15/08 19:45:57.710      Note: Device manager has attached a device of type 66 that this has no custom event handler for.  It will not fire events. <0xb797f6c0>
05   12/15/08 19:45:57.710      Note: Device manager has attached a device of type 66 that this has no custom handler for.  This is normal for IR. <0xb797f6c0>

I get images under the SECURITY-ALERTS-LOG but no events.


Users / is there a way of stabilizing the DELAY
« on: December 14, 2008, 02:37:51 am »
Hi all.

As in a previous post I mentioned the DELAY comand is all over the place. Sometimes the same delay command takes 5 seconds and the next time it may be minutes.

Has anyone got an idea on how I can make it consistant? I don't care if the numbers and minutes etc don't correspond, I just want say a delay of 5 minutes each time the DELAY command is called with the same number as its parameter

Users / strange ir codes and x10 question
« on: December 14, 2008, 12:25:54 am »
Hi all.

Located here in Australia we often have different devices than the rest of the world as we like to stand alone and be annoying.... so a couple of q's

Is there a way of teaching mce the ir codes of devices like pointing the remote at a plugged in receiver and telling mce as an example, the next ir code you see is the TV volume up code?

I also have a X10 radio transmitter that I used to use to turn lights on etc. As a few of my appliance controllers are the radio reciever type, will my cm12au pass the any x10 codes that it sees on the power line side of things back to mce and thus I would be able to use it to talk to mce?

Users / Re: Random Delay
« on: December 12, 2008, 07:42:15 pm »
Has no one else found this happens?

Users / Adding a drive of videos
« on: December 09, 2008, 10:51:45 am »
In my previous life I used windows to stream to my media player as part of my home entertainment system and have a large hdd full of movies formatted either fat or ntfs

Maybe this is a linux question but can I hang that drive of the slave port and have lmce detect it or do I have to add a spare drive and copy these across?


Users / Playlists
« on: December 09, 2008, 10:48:04 am »
Is there a way to randomly select a track in a playlist or to have the system shuffle/random a track as part of an event?

I am using a timed event as a wakeup and would like to wake up to something differnt each day. I can create a playlist of all music and load it but how do I get a random track each day.


Users / Random Delay
« on: December 09, 2008, 10:12:32 am »
Hi all.

I am trying to use the DELAY command. However I find it seems to have a different length each time its ran. I have it in between a light on and off command with it set to say 50. Sometimes it comes on then straight off, the next it may be a 5 minute delay, then 1 minute then 30 minute.

Any ideas?

I too am very intersted in this. I have a camera set up overlooking my workshop. I want to activate a device (X10 Appliance plug in) when ever there is movement in that area and idealy when there has been none for 15 minutes, turn the lights off.

I think I have tried most bits and pieces but cannot get it to work.

My X10 is working great. I can turn it off and on with the TEST. I have also added this to Wake House and House Sleep mode and it turns on and off

So under my Wizard Reaction to sensors I have my Camera Showing up and I have

Monitor Mode ticked
All N boxes ticked
and in every mode I have movent selected.

If I check the Alerts Log, I have a list of images of each time I walked in front of the camera.

I have tried adding an event, security sceneriou and I have confused myself.

Can someone point me in the right direction please?

Users / Whats an X10 device called
« on: December 03, 2008, 02:03:43 am »
Hi all.

Located here in Australia our x10 devices I think are the same but are sometimes labeled different so I have a CM12AU which is a Computer/Power point interface unit that comes with the Computer interface kit. I bought these for another job some years ago and thought I would try these with Linuxmce.

I couldn't find a cm12 in the templates so installed it as a cm11 with a usb cable.

EDIT: I can confirm that following the WIKI will work with a CM12AU and a plug in appliance module.

Is there anyway I can confirm the the system can see it etc and its working?

And 2nd

I have some appliance modules AM12AU appliance modules that I simply want to turn on and off etc as some of my outside light are plugged into these. I did a search but have no idea how to add these to the system. I was going to select the cm11 under advance-configuration-device-cm11 and add a child device but not sure and since I have a camera system etc up and running, don't want to foul it all up.

EDIT: Found the WIKI for this part....

I use the camera's (or I want to) to turn my lights on and off as I move around the house and If I know the x10 part works I will buy a few dimable modules etc.


Users / Re: Motion is driving me crazy
« on: December 03, 2008, 01:23:21 am »
"Congrats on sorting it out. Now, you should add your steps to the wiki. In case in the future, you re-install, or someone else runs into your same issue.



I am happy to do that if anyone can point me to the instructions on how to add it....

Without all you help, I wouldn't have got as far as I did.


Users / Re: tv card in core server?
« on: November 29, 2008, 09:06:43 am »
Thanks for that. Yes I actually pay for my Pay tv and have the dish etc. I just want a simple way of feeding it to most rooms and this appears to be the answer. Isn't it funny how if you mention Paytv and computers together evryone assumes your hacking into it so you can get it for free.

Users / Re: extra events
« on: November 29, 2008, 01:09:40 am »
Hi all.

I actually program in Delphi for that horrible os Windows and when I get problems, I add stuff so it writes to a log file so I can see where its up to. So just after I posted the above, I did a Google and found you can simly add

logger some type of info

to your scripts and it writes it to the syslog

So yes it is actually running the script.

It seems that the script works if I call it from the command line but doesn't do all it should when called from Motion so it must be a permisions type problem and not a Linuxmce or Motion one.

I will keep you informed. Thanks to all those who helped..


Users / extra events
« on: November 28, 2008, 09:16:16 pm »
Hi all.

Probably not the best subject heading but I will explain a bit more.

I have my capture card working. Really well actually. I was going to give up but persisted and glad I did. Now I have it firing Linuxmce apparently as I can view the Alerts Log and see images and times of motion detection. So I assume the that motion is passing the info back to Pluto etc ok.

I would like to fire a script to send the captured image etc off site via email and ftp etc. I have added

on_picture_save /usr/bin/send_mail %f
on_movie_end /usr/bin/send_mail %f

to the CONFIGERATION section of the Advance-devices-motionwrapper-camera

bit yet it doesn't seem to fire it.

Can anyone see a mistake or it there another way?

I have checked the cameras conf file in the motion stuff itself and the above has been added to it.



Users / Re: Motion is driving me crazy
« on: November 27, 2008, 10:10:13 am »
Thanks all.

Well a bit of googling and a read here and there and I found how to fix the problem. I ended up finding my system didn't know what card it was and added some infor to the MODPROBE.D/options file and away we go.

Thanks all.


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