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Right removed the second install and the driver install look like it worked.

Tried to follow the quick test steps and the following happened.

root@********:~# apt-get install dvb-utils
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
dvb-utils is already the newest version.
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
root@********:~# scan /usr/share/doc/dvb-utils/examples/scan/dvb-t/au-Perth > channels.conf
scanning /usr/share/doc/dvb-utils/examples/scan/dvb-t/au-Perth
using '/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0' and '/dev/dvb/adapter0/demux0'
main:2247: FATAL: failed to open '/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0': 2 No such file or directory

Any ideas on where to go next?
There is dicussion about firmware upgrade for a rev1 card but to not worry about it for a rev2 card.
What everyone thoughts about stepping through the firmware upgrade?
Can this do any damage to the system?  Both computer and/or the TV tuner card.

I am hoping to get this to work so that I can add the steps into the Wiki, once I get this Tv tuner working.


I had to replace my TV tuner card (dont ask it involves a 2 year old and a cup of juice).
I was unable to get another Nove-t-500MCE card so I now have a DViCO FusionHDTV DVB-T Dual Digital Rev2

I looked into the hardware pages on the Wiki and it sent me to an Aussie Uni page with a fix for the rev1 card but not the rev2 card.
More searching sent me to the Ubuntu forums and yahoo a rev2 card patch that is supposed to work great, with step-by-step instruction.
HOWTO: DViCO FusionHDTV DVB-T Dual Digital 4 Rev 1 and Rev2 with remote tutorial

I type in first two lines and all seems to works OK
I type in the third line (apt-get install install mercurial build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`) and I get the following error.

root@*****:~#apt-get install install mercurial build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`
Reading package list...Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information...Done
E: Couldn't find package install

I tried moving a few spaces around in case I was missing a space or had a space where it wasn't but the same error always comes back

Anyone have any idea what i am doing wrong?


Users / Re: Move DVD from windows to LinuxMCE
« on: January 18, 2009, 12:42:30 am »
Thanks for the help.

First I am a noob and as such i dont have the two machines networked.  Still need to learn how to do that.  If they were then it would be a slower connection as the Windoze machine is a 2000 vintage.

Next I tried the USB Idea with 1 file to test.  I realise that this is slow but it is still faster then ripping the DVDs.  I was thinking along the same lines as skeptic's idea of set it up and let it run one night.
Once I cleared out the USB HDD and copied the 1 file I connected to my LCME box.  It can up with an error relating to the NTFS formated not Linux formated.  I did this via KDE and it mentioned about doing a forced mount via the command line.  Read the help file a bit and dont fully understand what to do and how as I am new to the command line stuff. 
I am not to worried if I bugger up the data on the USB HDD as this is just a copy but I am concerned about stuffing something in the LMCE.  (I have had any problems yet and I dont want to test my luck, as the TV and PVR side of things is working great [touch wood])

Can anyone help me through this little bit.


Users / Move DVD from windows to LinuxMCE
« on: January 17, 2009, 05:52:15 am »
I have my LinuxMCE hybrid up and running without any problem (touch wood it stays that way).
I have two harddrives 1st for application + music, 2nd for video.
I currently have all the kids DVd and videos stored on my Wuindows machine approxs 120 or about 500GB worth.  (Yes the kids are spoilt)

Simple question hopefully.
How can I transfer from windows (NTFS) 500GB hard drive to LinuxMCE 1TB hard drive?
I would prefer not to have to get all the orginals out and rip them again as that will take forever with mesitting at the computer.
I have a 250GB & 500GB USB postable, as well as a 8GB USB stick that i can use, and I am planning on transfering the Window 500GB harddrive to the LinuxMCE in the end so moving it over is not an issue.


Installation issues / Please check New hybrid spec's
« on: January 14, 2009, 12:12:26 pm »
Hello community

As a noob I am ordering a new PC to make into a Hybrid.  My idea is to ask now if anyone can see hardware spec problems so as to try and avoid any 'issue' later (good planning).  I would like to use a newer Graphic Card but I am unsure of what to use and the highest power card that will not be a huge effort to get up and running. 
I am happy to fix bugs and stuff if there is an idiot guide (step by step) for me to follow but I would prefer not to have to fix a new bug.
Also do you think that is a good Mainboard or would you recommend a Asus board of some type as these seem to be more supported.

This is the system specs are (including everything) as bleow

Gigabyte Mainboard GA-EG43M-S2H - Intel G43,ICH10,Socket 775,1-PCI-Ex1,1-PCI-Ex16 slot,Micro ATX,4-DDR2 Dual-CH/H D Audio,1394,GbE LAN,6-SATA 3Gb/s,12-USB2.0, HDMI [GA-EG43M-S2H]

Intel E8500 Core 2 Duo Processor - LGA775, 3.16GHz 6MB L2 Cache 1333Mhz FSB 45nm

Kingston 4GB 1066MHz DDR2 PC2-85 100 CL5 240-Pin DIMM (Kit of 2) [KHX8500D2K2/4G]

500GB 3.5" SATA-II Samsung Hard Drive 16MB Cache 7200rp rpm 3.5" [HD501LJ]
1000GB Seagate Barracude  SATA-II 7200rpm 32MB Cache NCQ [ST31000333AS]

Asus DRW-2014L1T LighScribe 20X SATA Black&Beige DVD ReWriter, Retail Box

Zalman CNPS8700 LED, (Copper) CPU Cooler with LED, 2-Ball bearing, Multi Socket, 110mm Fan with blue LED, Silent and Low noise operation

Cooler Master CM Media 283 Case, Black, No PSU [RC-283-KKN1-GP]

Hauppauge Wintv Nova-T 500 MCE, Dual Digital Tuner

Cooler Master Modular Silent Pro V2.3 Active PFC 500W(Modular) PSU [RS-500-AMBA-D3]

Leadtek 8400GS Low Profile Graphic Card 256M PCI-E Extreme with Low profile bracket 2 pc, 1 for dvi, one for D-sub.

Thanks heaps for all the assistance in getting t this point in my install and also thanks for any assistance in the future.


Users / Network Security upgrades
« on: January 14, 2009, 06:47:24 am »
I am a bit of a newbie to Linux in general and LMCE.  I have put in the order for a new computer to install LMCE onto and start playing with it.
I am going to attempt to set the system up as my connection to the www, and use it as a bit of a server for my other computer to access the www through.

What is the go with network (www) security.  Does LMCE have all the good apps to protect my system and the data stored on it or do I need to install other apps to protect my systems. 
If yes what apps would you recommend?


Cool idea but personally I HATE finger prints on my screens. 
It is hard enough keeping the kids grotty finger marks off the TV's let alone giving then a reason to leave them there.  At the end of the day a PDA is just as good and if local control is what you want use a fix orbiter type thing to do the job and also control everything else in your house

Users / Re: Use of the LMCE logo?
« on: January 11, 2009, 02:35:13 am »
First thing.  I am not try to start an argument or anything like that, just adding my thoughts into the discussion for discussion, so please do take offense to anything i say or ask

As mentioned further up in this thread.  The opensource communicty wants to not impose the licensing issues that the non-open source companies have in the past.  As such the GPL was invented, and has been tested a few times through various countries court system, both successfully and unsuccessfully.  So the first question that will need to answered by a court is the one of 'Is the PPL in coherance with the GPL?'  As I am assuming from this thread that this has never been tested through a court yet then that is the first question. 

I ask that because LMCE distributes its software under the GPL firstly and also with aherance to the PPL.  But does the GPL in some way over ride the PPL in some way when the software is distrubuted by a seperate organisation to the PPL licensee?  Hard isnt it?  This, unfortunatly, is why we  have courts of law.  This is also why the Opensource community is trying to avoid the licensing because of silly questions like that one can then spend months in courts and cost millions of dollars to some little person just trying to do the right thing.

Remember that a solicitor can write a statement they think is correct and will withstand testing in a court of law but until it is tested and the precident is set that statement remains untested in a specific juristicion, so therefore the statement has the possibility of not being held up.  This becomes a major problem when a statement is writen in one juristriction and then tested in another (written in one country and tested in a different country).

I dont know the answers to these questions, this is why I suggested to ask a solicitor that works in the specific juristion that Zug is working in.

Anyway the original question is about the use of the log.  Personally I feel that it should be simply get ask for permission to use the logo from the owner of the logo.  If permission is given and the logo is used in adherance to the conditions of use issued by the logo owner then all should be good.  Basically the principle of ask the owner.  I feel that Zugs original question should be directed to the owner of the LMCe logo, whom ever that is.  Someone must be the legal copyright owner (some is usually the legal representive of the organisation, director, CEO, etc)


Users / Re: Use of the LMCE logo?
« on: January 10, 2009, 11:41:03 am »
firstly this is a very interesting discussion as it leads to a whole world of other questions in relation to the relationship between Pluto and LMCE and any commercial arrangements, one of those being is the PPL in breach of the GPL by that I am asking is the PPL imposing a condition that is in contradiction of Plutos GPL.  Remember that Pluto must abide by the GPL in order to b able to use Linux in the first place.


Zug here is a silly idea.
As you are asking about the legals to sell a product, it is safe to assume that you are running a business (most probably for profit).  This means that as all good businesses you will have a solicitor that you run any scary legal things past before you move forward.
Why not take you question to you legal guru and ask him, as he is the real solictor in your country, state, provience, town.  He may send you to a specialist in IT law but at least that way you are far safer then listening to us here that are not really qualified to safely answer this question for your business (and therefore family income).
Your solicitor may ask you to chase up information for you from these type of forums but at least then they you will have to correct information.

Though if you feel like it do give us a simplified version of your solicitors answer as the end of the day.

Anyway just some silly ranting from the flu infected mind of chipppy

Users / How new a navidia graphic card can I use
« on: January 10, 2009, 07:18:19 am »
I am getting quote for a new Hybrid PC.  How new a navidia graphics card can I use.  I would like to use a 9500GT and I see the driver is available on the navidia website but can I use it with LinuxMCe is my question.
I realise that not all card have been tested and I am happy to be the test crash dummy if noone has ever used this new a card.  I am more looking for the 'no way on this planet will a card that new work with LinuxMCE' type response.  If you think it is possible with some 'tweeking' then I will try one.


Users / Re: Which CPU for hybrid
« on: December 05, 2008, 11:59:16 am »
hmmmm very good question.  I was assuming that since Linuxmce is a server type system that it would be written to take advantage of the multi core CPU, also remember that it is based upon the Ubuntu Distro, so that is probably were the multi-core utilisation should be occuring.
Being new to Linux and LinuxMCE I dont know.
I will ask on the Ubuntu forums if they know more about this issue, and drop a note back in this htread when I get an answer.

Users / Re: Which CPU for hybrid
« on: December 04, 2008, 01:06:43 pm »
A quad core AMD 9350e (2GHz) is about $80 more than an Intel Dual core E5200 (2.5GHZ) That is why I ask.  As to RAM I can get the AMD X4 + 4GB 1066 RAM for $315 so I am thinking of hitting that deal.

As to the MoBo I am looking at a Gigabyte high end MoBo with NV 8200 SLI onboard graphics, with GB ethernet.

I am trying to future proof a little so that as I learn and understand more I can just build without to much trouble that is why I am putting in a lot of effort to understanding the hardware.


Users / Which CPU for hybrid
« on: December 03, 2008, 01:51:24 pm »
Ah the good old which CPU question.  This should get some healthy debate going.
Dare I ask the AMD or Intel question, but to at least make it a little less personally.  Which is best for a newbie and why?  Is one easier for the install or ongoing running.  Lets ignore costs or types for the moment.

Second question is dual or quad core?  Lets say the price differents in very little between a dual and quad core.  Which is best and why? 
Is outright speed better or multitasking?
Again is there any know installation isssue that could make life hell for a newbie?

Oh and sorry for any great debate that this could start


Yoou have a very good point about the theft-v-open source option.  I now better understand your thought process and agree.  Thanks for sharing it.

Raeding throguhn this I get the feeling that you missed the whole free choice idea.  LinuxMCE is about free choice.  There is some restrictions but they have been kept to a minimum.  LMCE dosent support it all but with some work on someones part it can be made to run what ever you want.

An example is the fact that I live in Australia.  There is not a lot of support for the Home Automation system that are installed in Australia (eg C-Bus from Clipsal or the HPM equilevant)  I have C-Bus in my house and I will need to learn and build the coding to support the C-Bus system.

I like the ideas you presented from a professional point of view but this is not about making money it is about free choice.  If VMCE does it better then it is up to the community to chose to match VMCE or not.
The greater Linux community is trying to free everyone of the shackles of the corperate world and reintraduce the concept of free choice.  (I say that while being at work shackled to a corperate job)

I also agree with your comment that this community has done something amazing in creating LMCE.

Please join and contrubute to this community and encorage other to join and contrubute.

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