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Users / Setting up a Pinnacle 310i Digital Freeview PCI card
« on: November 03, 2008, 04:19:40 pm »

I have a pinnacle 310i digital freeview pci card, and I’m having a nightmare getting it to work.

I have read 99% of all forums and wiki pages relating to this product, but I’m new to Linux so not sure if I’m doing the right thing half the time.

I have installed Mercurial and installed/updated V4L.

I have a couple of questions:
1. Should I have set linuxmce up with MythTV or VDR (Mythtv said it’s for analogue and VDR said it’s for Digital, I have tried both)

2. When setting up Mythtv Backend adding a capture card, I have tried Analogue with V4L which tells me I have a pinnicle310i, when I scan for channels I only get BBC1,BBC2,ITV & CH4 terrestrial channels only. When I set it up as DVB it tells me the device is a Philips TBA00046, which according to some forums is the correct firmware. however when I scan for channels it shows there is noise at 100% and the signal goes up and down as if there were channels being detected but is just say's no signal.

The best page relating to this device is:

However it links to:
And this site is having major problems & at the moment site is down.

On the first link above it tells me to:
"Essentially, build the drivers as shown in the Intro then (as root) run "
how do I run as root??? then it goes on to say:
linux/Documentation/dvb/get_dvb_firmware tda10046
cp dvb-fe-tda10046.fw /lib/firmware
modprobe saa7134-dvb

If anyone can help me set this up I would be grateful.

Regards, John.

Users / Wired/wireless Advanced Security System / SA Q-16
« on: November 03, 2008, 02:34:48 pm »

I have a "Wired/wireless Advanced Security System" that can be pluged into a computer usb port, i did have drivers for windows but have lost them. would anyone know if this is compatible with linuxmce?

Product Details:
This product is known as:
1. Wired/wireless Advanced Security System
2. SA Q-16


When i plug this in to Linuxmce and under USB Devices it is listed as Global Horizons Advance Security System, But how do i get this to work in Linuxmce?

Any sujestions would be greatful.

Regards, John.

I know very little about linux,  but learning everyday....


I am trying to build my 1st LinuxMCE Core server, and i want to be able to receive Free Sat. Does anyone know the best card to buy that is simple to install and setup?

I have a Pinnacle 310i that i can not get to work which is only DVB-T i have also tried Technotrend 1501-C which i can not get to work in linuxmce (both work fine with windows, but i want to get shot of windows), so my plan is to scrap the Pinnacle DVB-T & Technotrend DVB-C and find a DVB-S card that will receive HDTV FREESAT in the UK.

So if anyone has managed to do this please could you tell me what card is the best for the job.

Thanks in advance.



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