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Users / Re: 0810: Timed Events adding new entries by itself
« on: February 24, 2010, 07:50:19 am »
Trac #618 created.



That does partly answer my question and also help if it's like that, which I would assume it is.
Hmm.. Need to test that DAY and NIGHT thingy then (just read about it today)

if it works like that well then there is no need for no.2 in my case.


Users / 0810: Timed Events adding new entries by itself
« on: February 23, 2010, 10:57:44 pm »
me again
will try to be as precise as possible.
Tested with Mozilla Firefox and Internet explorer.

Go to timed events by clicking on the link on the left pane, then when there click the timed events link again on the left side pane and voila. A new empty event is created.
Saw these empty events being created in 0710 also but never found out from where they came, now I know.

Does this happen to others as well?
 i.e shall I open a trac for it? not really high prio stuff but worth noting :)


Users / 0810: respond to events: definition of NIGHT and DAY and use of <>
« on: February 23, 2010, 10:19:38 pm »

1. maybe this is clear to everyone but not me  :-[ what is the correct definition of night and day? i.e. when does night begin and day begin?

2. been trying to get the respond to events working like " media on before 17:30 do not turn ambient lights on" and off course another even for "after 17:30 turn them on" by using the ">" "<"

 tried in 0710 but never managed to get it working with the >17:30 or the <17:30.
And from what I have been reading in different posts it seems like this will not work in 0810 either.
 If this is the case also in 0810 is there another way of making this?


Users / re:[Solved]select hdmi in 8.10 fails ok in 7.10
« on: February 23, 2010, 03:00:00 pm »
guess noone really understood what the question was that I had. sad but also makes me have to learn even more..
 Anyway I solved it now.

edited the etc/X11/xorg.conf file to look similar (modeline and freq.) as in 710. Now the picture ends up in the right place and all seem ok. Tried setting the pci bus adress but that made the X not start and that was easily spotted in the Xorg log =) Excellent work guys!

Also even more important.. I couldn't remember that I activated the nvidia driver in the Kubuntu desktop.. Did that also.. this one may actually have been the issue that solved it all :-X

now 2hrs later I am almost back to where I left off with the 710. Have not tested it all yet so lets see. at least watching movies seem to work and controlling my 13 light devices.
Have found one issue reg. floorplans and DynAPI error, but that's probarbly something related to user error also or has been noticed before. will play around abit more and post about it later if I cannot find solution.

Keep up the good work guys, I am learning more and more every minute and hopefully one day I will also be able to help doing some hard work..

currently just a user

Users / Re: select hdmi in 8.10 fails ok in 7.10
« on: February 22, 2010, 11:51:34 pm »
I strongly belieive this must be related to Xorg config and that the outputted signal is not accepted by my projector since it seem to work with the PC monitor

I have been trying to find in the forum and in the wiki how it all works. The custom resolution setting wiki and the avwizard wiki does however not answer my question or possibly I am just to stupid/blind.

as I have understood according to reading forum posts there are two places to edit if I need to activate EDID.
/etc/X11/xorg.conf and /usr/pluto/templates/

I cannot make sense of that, why is the same config in two places and which one is the one being updated after AVwizard?

I guess simply that the etc/X11.. .config is the master template and that avwizard generate this /usr/pluto/templates/ file after changing settings in the avwizard.

But then..
I found the xorg.conf.pluto.avwizardr in 710 not sure if this file is also in 810 but I guess it is.
  what does that do?

I have tried comparing the 710 configs with the 810 but they are off course not using the same structure so it's abit hard to see where something is missing.


Users / Re: Newbie questions to get started
« on: February 22, 2010, 11:29:56 pm »
as Skeptic pointed out, it all is covered here in the forum and has been asked before.

4. From your experience what is are the expences I am going to face to equip a flat or a house ? Lighting, TV/Stereo control and maybe shades and garden appliances ?

From my point of view:
Time=expense, to me time is the part I lack the most..

Hardware running the Core. Try to find what the users here report is working. Then when finding something. Do research in the forums for that spec. hw..
I cannot recommend any of the hw I have since the first motherboard I bought still does not seem to work with lmce(MSI K9N2GM-FIH) and the one being used now(ABIT AN-M2HD). well I am not sure..

It all comes down to what you will use(hdmi, dvi, spdif or coax for example) My experience is that you should count on having to work abit to get it all working. Hopefully it will all go smooth but as with all tech. stuff the easiest thing may be the hardest to achieve, if you are as me, a learner..
But, if you dont want to struggle or spend time on those things you can always find ready made systems from suppliers also found in this forum.

I use Zwave to control most of my lighting, mainly because it seemed to be the thing that was being worked on and updated most often. But it's not cheap..

Serial for the receiver onkyo 906, serial to usb adapter = cheap

IP Camera panasonic 111 something.. fairly expensive.

Possibility to back all the config and movies up, well then harddrives and an extra nodes to run as backup machine shall be counted in..

I would recommend to start off by setting up the core(or hybrid) and play around, Before you plan/buy the other hw. You will find the answers then and also new ideas will pop up.


Users / [solved]select hdmi in 8.10 fails ok in 7.10
« on: February 22, 2010, 08:28:09 pm »

Bought a new hdd and swapped it with my old 7.10 hdd just to have a fallback plan since apparently this is a live system and needs to be working 24/7 (or at least when my son and wife is awake)  ;D

Using same hw as I had on 7.10 (which works)
Mobo is ABIT AN-M2HD with one Hdmi and one VGA
Kernel version:2.6.27-17-generic

I am confused.
I have a panasonic ae 3000 connected to the hdmi via an onkyo 906. same bios settings as before and Nothing changed except the hdd and off course the new 8.10.

When I try to choose the hdmi(720p 60hz or 50hz) via avwizard using temporary monitor connected to Vga. It just fires up the higher res. settings on the VGA output.

- I have tried using HDMI-2 option
- I can disable the hdmi audio in the bios and tried that one.(same bios settings though as being used currently in the 7.10)
- Tried changing the settings to what I want and then after lmce was up restarting and having only the hdmi connected.
- connected the Pana directly to the hdmi on the mobo
- been playing around with EDID(true and false) in the Xorg conf files
-changing xorg conf vertikal and horisontal freq. values to same as in 7.10
- hdmi connection works when using hdmi -> dvi cable connected to PC monitor..

I just dont understand this, I am now running the other hdd with 7.10 and that one works just fine..

Kernel, am I using the latest and greatest?
I attach a cropped version of the printout from when I was remotely logged into the system and started the avwizard, changing settings to my liking to log and see what was going wrong and in the end killed it(?) by hitting ctrl-c but I cannot find anything weird..

why work in 7.10 but not at all in 8.10?

Users / Re: DIM level mappings
« on: September 09, 2009, 10:42:53 pm »
Not sure how these can be remapped. But I felt the same using my lights connected to Zwave dimmer pucks.

I made 2 new scenarios DIM+ and DIM- for those lights that I felt needed more precise dimming. then as an action to these buttons I just wrote +8 and -8.

Then again I don't have that many lights that I feel is needed to control other than basically the Livingroom Cinema lights, kitchen and hallway. So I guess if many lights in one room needs dimming then it is going to be messy with alot of buttons.
duct tape.. but well, it helped me  :)


Users / Re: Poor man's Sprinkler System
« on: July 12, 2009, 12:04:48 am »
Will try to make it short.

I am currently controlling the watering of my garden with 24v Ac valves and having Zwave switches(relays) to control the transformators(spelling?) abit on the expensive side though..

Rainsensor is connnected to a timer which is set to open the water at a certain time and during that time LinuxMCE does it's job handling the valves. It's a Duct Tape solution but the best I could come up with in a fast manner and limited amount of time available..

water(always on) -> timer -> valves..
All the watering equipment is Gardena.

Reason for controlling the transformators with switches/relays is basically since those relays could not guarantee to be safe when switching 24v trough them(powered by 220v ac).

I have not been able to find a good rain sensor to connect to the Lmce without the need for a GSD, which I think is to expensive to use for that. And since the GSD only has limited amount of relays I cannot use it as such anyway. It's really a simple piece of equipment(on/off) but still I have not taken the time to integrate it into lmce.

I am very interested to know if you have any ideas how to connect a rain sensor that can be supported by Lmce.
I have an idea to have the rainsensor control some relays that disconnects te 24v ac controlling power to the valves, but I have not investigated more about this. Since that feels even more Duct tape..

Remote valves
Gardena has some valves powered by 9v that can be controlled remotely and programmed by a separate unit. Dream would be to use those and have Lmce control them.. but I doubt Gardena will share how it is being done to the open source community..

number 5 Can be answered by having a look at the Gardena Aqua contour. Expensive but damn worth the money..

I have been planning a wiki on this but it has not been on on top of the todo list this week..
 Maybe we can share thoughts and put something together?

Will leave the computer for a week now though(just so you know why I do not answer) but after that maybe? =)

I'm based in europe btw..


Users / Re: zwave tricklestar include problem
« on: July 10, 2009, 12:06:56 am »
Indeed it seem to be. Would be nice to get rid of the tricklestar I actually think that one has caused most of my issues with the zwave network..

Anyways I really appreciate your help!

I have started an Eljo connect page with the eljo pucks I've tested. It's just a start, not even good looking but what the heck, just so anyone can see that it is indeed working just fine.


Users / Re: Chromoflex RGB LED controller supported in 0810
« on: July 09, 2009, 11:30:43 pm »
That is really cool. Good Work!
I have been looking at it but due to the cost it has not been invested in.
I visited a shop where they had analog control of the lights which was cool but even cooler when the salesperson used it to adjust the color of the bar behind the TV... I then realised the power of analog control..

I guess it is an limitation of the Ui to use "digital" buttons and not a analog equalizer thingy?


Users / Re: zwave tricklestar include problem
« on: July 09, 2009, 03:04:27 pm »
yes it does(I assumed so)

Now I have made a reset of the tricklestar and to make it short.. Included all the devices again. Now the watering valves are included and I now have watering working =)

I really hope I don't have to do this procedure again next time when adding the remaining switches and dimmers.


Users / Re: zwave tricklestar include problem
« on: July 09, 2009, 12:28:39 pm »
Does a reset of the tricklestar "delete" all my current lights?

Users / Re: zwave tricklestar include problem
« on: July 07, 2009, 11:19:06 pm »
Try to reset the devices with a z-wave remote before inclusion. Were they deployed in another network?
No, these are new units. I am using same type of devices in other places so they are compatible at least.
Reset via remote?

you should see it in the node list. It is written to the log (36) at startup.

Ok, I shall look for No1 then, can't remember seeing that though..

But as it does not even blink faster in your case, I'd assume the node info frame does not get sent from the plugs if they are still included in another network.
But you can always try to exclude it with the "remove node" command in 0810, then do a reset of the controller (up and then up till it lits in all three colors), then add it again with the "add node" command. I prefer "add node" instead of "download config". The usb dongle stays at node id 1 that way. Download config also is prone to errors with SIS (does not enable SIS with that remote all the time).
Ok, all these commands. Is it correct to assume that I can send these commands from webadmin. Since I do not use 0810, from what version of your driver is this working?

The node Id info, ok. Here it gets interesting. I did this on the tricklestar beleiving I was excluding..
press until green, then quick press at the Lower button. Then Include action on the device and it locked it instantly..(!)
Then tried including again and it failed =/

Went and reloaded the router fearing that I has removed all my lights or some of them but they where still in there.. strange..
 this makes me even more certain that the tricklestar is no longer in my excisting zwave network and it has somehow lost the config while not being used(also strange)

Ok, one step ahead at least.
I made quick reload and looked in the log more closely now when I knew what to look for.
It finds Node1 and that it is a controller, so that part is ok I guess. But it also finds the new nodes and here is where it gets interesting.
36      07/07/09 23:24:54.819           Got reply to FUNC_ID_ZW_GET_NODE_PROTOCOL_INFO: <0xb78ecb90>
36      07/07/09 23:24:54.819           Invalid generic class (0), ignoring device <0xb78ecb90>
40      07/07/09 23:24:54.916           Sending job 0x80a67d0 (cb 0) - 0x1 0x4 0x0 0x41 0xf 0xb5 (###A##) <0xb78ecb90>
41      07/07/09 23:24:54.917           ACK RECEIVED <0xb78ecb90>
41      07/07/09 23:24:54.919           0x1 0x9 0x1 0x41 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x3 0x0 0x0 0xb5 (###A#######) <0xb78ecb90>
36      07/07/09 23:24:54.919           Got reply to FUNC_ID_ZW_GET_NODE_PROTOCOL_INFO: <0xb78ecb90>
36      07/07/09 23:24:54.919           Invalid generic class (0), ignoring device <0xb78ecb90>
40      07/07/09 23:24:55.016           Sending job 0x80a69f0 (cb 0) - 0x1 0x4 0x0 0x41 0x10 0xaa (###A##) <0xb78ecb90>
41      07/07/09 23:24:55.044           ACK RECEIVED <0xb78ecb90>
41      07/07/09 23:24:55.044           0x1 0x9 0x1 0x41 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x3 0x0 0x0 0xb5 (###A#######) <0xb78ecb90>
36      07/07/09 23:24:55.044           Got reply to FUNC_ID_ZW_GET_NODE_PROTOCOL_INFO: <0xb78ecb90>
36      07/07/09 23:24:55.044           Invalid generic class (0), ignoring device <0xb78ecb90>
36      07/07/09 23:24:55.045           Finished building node list: <0xb78ecb90>

Ok, they may be flty off course but two of them?
 I bought all my switches and dimmers at the same time so presumably they should be from the same batch and the others are working flawlessly, although they where included when all the others where added.

You find what's wrong by reading the above message?


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