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Users / Maemo Diablo.:Nokia N810 Orbiter startup problems:.
« on: October 11, 2008, 01:58:17 pm »

I bought this device a few days ago to be used as an Orbiter in the house. I have already setup one 6630 and one laptop to be used as such but laptop is to big and the 6630 is to small(my three year old son must be able to handle it)

Followed the instructions on how to add it to LinuxMce(great instructions btw). Downloaded and installed the one click install package and let it install the orbiter sw.
Problems where however encountered when I try to open the linuxmce orbiter sw.

 I define the Ip of the core and the no of the device, But then when trying to start it just stays hanging on the same page and nothing seem to happen.
Made a Tcpdump on the Core/hybrid and saw that that the orbiter tries to talk to the core but it never works(alot of S and R messages)
So I opened(disabled) the Fw and then the orbiter started to talk to the Core(dcerouter) and on the 810 I could see the progress bar and then just a blank white page.. =/

What am I doing wrong? The core has been both reloaded and reset after the Orbiter generation. The instructions has been followed exactly as they are written and I simply assume some dependant package must be missing in my 810 or in the Core. But I am not skilled enough to troubleshoot further and need some guidance.
First I would like help answering these questions though:

1. What are the ports that should be opened in the fw (in the Core/hybrid)?
 (I am using two Nic's and one of them is the external one going to the wlan router of mine that also acts as a adsl router)
2.Can I make some sort of debug to see where it fails?


Installation issues / Re: Installation on MSI K9N2GM-FD
« on: September 23, 2008, 11:34:16 pm »
as me.. so eager to get going.
The mobo is abit an-m2hd, nforce 630a+gf7050pv ... (bought in a shop here in sweden)
Did some deeper linux compability research of mobo brand, drivers etc etc also saw that there are three reported users of that mobo and it seem to work.
 Had to stop using sata for hdd and dvd and I now use sata only for the hdd and ide for the dvd which works fine.
Also struggled some with the second dlink pci nic(it found the internal but not that) Now solved though.The realtek driver was in the kernel pack but couldn't be mapped to it for some reason.

I have not tested it fully since I am waiting for a Noctua Northbridge cooler(aiming for total silence). But the hdmi-dvi works at least to my small samsung 17" lcd.

But this board runs and I beleive this is a better start for a newbie.

Found a linux mce wiki page of how to upgrade the kernel and I am thinking of doing that to the msi mobo since the newer kernel in 8.04 seem to run fine.. could be worth a try, but may be a real timekiller I presume.


Installation issues / Re: Installation on MSI K9N2GM-FD
« on: September 22, 2008, 10:18:03 pm »

hmm..Posted the very same problem in the 7.10 thread. Seem like you started off having the same issues as I had, Nice to hear it's going forward. (mine is the FIH model)
 I never found the problem. SATA Hdd seem fine, SATA DVD as well.
 But I found an interesting thing after recording the boot(text dissapears so fast) with the camera.
Yes, there is an issue with the kernel that 7.10 uses. That is fixed in the version in Kubuntu 8.04. Tried to install 8.04 and that went fine. Although it does not helped me much since LMCE does not work on 8.04.

This was the bug that I found very similar to the problem I am experiencing.

I have now installed the Motherboard in another case so I can try to get it to work without having to mess around to much(bought another board that others Are using)


Had problems with the realtek driver on my new board and found a nice guide that helped me. Guess you've tried the similar already since you say it's not supported.
Basically, check with lspci  if the hw is known. If it does not. copy the row of the complaint into google and you will most likely find a way forward
Here is a thread that can give you some help forward(didn't get if your problem is solved or not)

I agree with your opinion that this board should not be recommended to a newbie(although it's nice to learn the hard way)


Installation issues / Re: Issues with 0710 RC
« on: September 15, 2008, 08:47:07 am »
Just want to "close" what I have started. The MSI board went back into the box and in with the Abit. After some small adjustments in the bios(like enabling the internal Lan!). Everything is now running fine as far as I have been able to judge(haven't started to use it fully yet).

 Although.. I think there is a problem(feature,bug or the like) in the current kernel that is fixed in the newer one utilised by the Kubuntu 8.04.
 It's related to Sata and the IRQ (cant remember the exact topic, sorry).
 After some struggling trying to get it working with some of the tips from the web I decided to:
 Not use SATA DVD and SATA HDD
 but IDE DVD and SATA DVD..
 a bit sad but doesn't bother me that much yet(havent started ripping yet)
 That solved the biggest problem I had with the ABIT board(it hung almost the same way as the MSI did) I beleive this is also the problem with the MSI board but have not tried so I cannot say for sure.(I agree with Alx9 that all small details, like how things are connected(ide or sata) in a spec or recommendation is really valuable for a newbie)

Thanx for an excellent software!
 Now struggling with the ethx setup since it did not find all the interfaces at install(not just the internal Lan) but I think I'll manage to fix this somehow.
You guys Rules!!
Happy Regards

Installation issues / Re: Issues with 0710 RC
« on: September 12, 2008, 08:05:38 pm »
 :) no worries!
 I don't expect to get 24/7 support so definitely do not feel obligated to login if you're on holiday.

I will however not make anymore try with that board since I got the Abit AN-M2HD (reported by users to work) today. But I will start a thread anyway and maybe swap between boards to troubleshoot (although it's a hassle it would be nice to get it sorted out for the sake of others)

It may be so that it reported PCIe because I had the soundcard there. But if I don't recall wrong I think it still suggested pcis after removing it =/ weird indeed..

Thanks for the help so far and do get some rest and relax. I 'm sure you've earned it. =)


Installation issues / Re: Issues with 0710 RC
« on: September 12, 2008, 08:49:57 am »
to answer my self and share what I am suspecting now. I believe this is sw related.. Exactly the same scenario as these guys are experiencing. However may also be something else.

Please assist me how to verify that this is not sw related since I bought the hw with specs from the newbie guide and if that does not work then the newbie guide should be updated I think.
 Or if I can contribute somehow to make this board compatible?
(I just dont want to be a pain and want to help. Not load you guys with even more work)

Is this the right place(thread) for troubleshooting help on the installation of 7.10?

Will try this weekend to install 7.04 instead and see how that goes.
If that does not work I will install the other motherboard that I have seen other users having and it feels like it should work better, eventhough I know there are millions of setup differences that may affect the functionality.


Installation issues / Re: Issues with 0710 RC
« on: September 11, 2008, 02:08:23 pm »
Hi again!

Ok, The scenario now is abit different. since I went in to bios and disabled the floppy and disabled the (by default) graphic card preffered to be PCIe now it's "internal" instead.
Now after choosing install MCE I get a "popup" saying loading kernel and then black screen followed by kernel alive in the bottom and after a few seconds loading please wait appears in the top of the screen. Then the computer _seem_ to Hang. Harddisk led is always on but the system seem to be more or less still.

 I figure if my screen would not output what is sent out then the keyboard would be still working and I have tried hitting enter and other keys to see if it starts to do something, like proceed with the install or similar. Also tried waiting for a while(more than 5 min)

I tried the recommendation for disabling the acpi (boot vga=771 noapci ...) but the scenario is the same.
 Graphic (F4) set to VGA as I use and I have tried different resolutions but it seem not to help.

Same behaviour when trying to install plain Kubuntu 7.10 the same way

edit. Took away the quiet and splash from the boot and then I could see that it stops at

What have I missed?
What should I focus on next?


Installation issues / Re: Issues with 0710 RC
« on: September 11, 2008, 12:05:41 pm »
Sounds like you may have jumped in at the advanced troubleshooting a bit early!

If it came up with the message down the bottom that the kernel is alive (and you should see a login prompt at the top, briefly) before the screen goes black, then it is just that the av wizard is starting and not outputting in a way that your display can handle. You should have seen the Kubuntu splash screen and progress bar before this as well, but maybe not if your video is not set up properly.

If you see what I described, then start by searching the wiki for troubleshooting tips for the av wizard. Particularly pressing keys 1-0 to choose the correct output (ie, vga, dvi, etc) and a resolution that your display can handle. Give it at least 15 seconds to settle down after pressing any of the number keys.

If you are not even seeing the progress screen before this, and you have more than one video chipset (eg one on board and another on a card) then you must disable or at least set as secondary the one you are not using in your BIOS. If you cannot actually disable then you will need further instructions...

8.04 yes I assumed it would not work as well but had to give it a try.  ;)
I'll have alook in the manual once again(although I actually followed it strictly)

advanced, to fast? =) ok..
Well thank you very very many this was very good input. :)
 I do not get the splash screen. Right after choosing install mce, I get the Kernel alive and in the top of the screen it's written or shown(very fast) something about a acpi timer and I think an error as well, hence the acpi troubleshooting. So that's nothing that should be bothered about?
Can I somehow monitor everything that is being done after selecting this Install Mce? That would really help, to see where it stops. Tried to take away the "quiet" option(to see whats happening). Am I on the right track then?

I saw in the bios during troubleshooting that the graphic card for some reason preffered is PCIe but I use the motherboard graphic(VGA). Tried to disable and tested again but the scenario was still the same. (will however make another try later today)

Note that This is during the installation phase and the disk was clean.
Can the Soundcard in the PCIe slot have anything to do with this?


Installation issues / Re: Issues with 0710 RC
« on: September 11, 2008, 12:21:34 am »

new here and linux is pretty new for me as well so I choose to go for a safe route and buy hw that is recommended or tested. So, I went for the newbie core/hybrid pack with slight modifications since I could not find all the hw listed (dvd and CPU)(from the shops I usually buy from)
Plan is to learn more about this to be able to do some more sidesteps in the future and maybe also be able to help in the developement of this (from what I have read) absolutely wonderful piece of software.(yes I fell in love directly when looking at the video and the specs)

So here's the setup:
RAM:Corsair TWIN2X 6400C5DHX DDR2, 4096MB Kit w/two CL5 2GB Dimm's, E.P.P and DHX
Cooling:Scythe Mini Ninja Heatpipe Fanless Heatsink AM2
sound:Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio

Now to the problem..
Burned a dvd with the amd 64 rc2 dvd (not DL) from another computer.With Windows on it and the wiki recommended burner(dvdburner? not sure..)

Tried booting with it and I saw a quick complaint(I guess) about the acpi timer at the same "page" where the kernel is listed in the bottom during the install before computer seemed to go into hibernate(or Hang dunno but only restart helped)
 So I tried all the recommendations I could find.
 Booting(f6) with noacpi, pci=noapci etc etc..
Off course I turned off the acpi totally in the bios and the computer got into a boot-loop. (boot to biospage then boot again)

Became somewhat sad since the hw I bought I (Thought) was tested before recommending(?)
Anyways, I dont give up easily but since this acpi thingy is over my head and patching the kernel I will not(read a page about doing that) I burned a disc with the Kubuntu 8.04.
And.. guess what.. the install went fine and the hw above is now running fine on that. However I am so sold on this LinuxMce so I tried installing (Linux MCE CD version) on top(just had to try) but that would off course not work.

I dont want to sit and "wait" for the Linux MCE 8.04(?) so I ordered a new MB now, this time the ABIT AN-M2HD.. hope this will work better.
But, what can be the issue with this setup?
What are the ways to get this to work?
Can I help in some way in case the MB really does not work with 7.10?

Br and thanks again for taking your time to put this sw together!

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