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Developers / Re: Skin Development: Italian
« on: September 13, 2009, 08:41:05 pm »
Anyone who can help with the style issues??

Now colud be cool that the conversion should be done directly by the Admin Page, where u could upload directly the csv file.

We can simply run that script from php page and grab the output file  or we can write the script directly in php.

What do u thing? 

OK Posde,my intention was not to keep it separatly, simply i don't know yet the procedure of adding things. And first i'd liked to see if anyone was interested.

Hi, we created this Python Script to convert the *.csv file you can easly export  with ETS3 with all your KnxDevice with relative Group Adresses, in the "KnxDeviceName"/"X"/"X"/"X" format for LinuxMCE.

You can donwload it here, the name is


Developers / Re: Skin Development: Italian
« on: September 08, 2009, 04:36:08 pm »
Here's 2 more screenshots with some questions:

As you see in the second, int the central buttons we can't see anything because the Text is Black.
Here's the thing, i changed the style in Iverse, but it change only some text.

Then i tried to create a new style, but i didn't figure how  to edit it.

Some hints??

Developers / Re: Java/ J2ME mobile orbiter
« on: September 08, 2009, 03:01:13 pm »
Well, with these assumptions i think i'll drop.
With that framework it's very hard to make a non duct-taped solution, you can't even use the central button of the pad, or the spft-buttons.


Developers / Re: Java/ J2ME mobile orbiter
« on: September 06, 2009, 09:49:47 pm »
Does anyone have any interest to this anymore??

Installation issues / Re: 8.10 - Bluetooth - Java MO
« on: September 05, 2009, 07:43:22 pm »
But you said the dongle is working in KDE. Was Lmce able to notify your cellphone once?
If yes you can delete the orbiter and delete the device pair in the AdminPage.

Installation issues / Re: 8.10 - Bluetooth - Java MO
« on: September 05, 2009, 07:17:32 pm »
Perfect, thanks for the hint.

So your's working now?

Installation issues / Re: 8.10 - Bluetooth - Java MO
« on: September 05, 2009, 11:08:17 am »
I'm using the Jar from Sambuca's ( , anyway i really think is not a MO problem.

Try to delete the Orbiter from the admin site, reload the router, wait for lmce to ask about your phone again, select Java Mobile Phone,  go to Admin>Orbiter, select a correct screen size, (i added a Nokia5800 row in Size Table,i'm not at home and i don't remember the value,maybe u can try selecting 240x320 PDA to begin), Full Regen and Reload router.

This should work.

The touchscreen is ok, the only thing is i was not be able to use the entire screen of the phone, because the SO create a Directional Pad with 4 Buttons in the bottom of the screen, so the usable part of the screen is less than the 320x640 Display.

Installation issues / Re: 8.10 - Bluetooth - Java MO
« on: September 04, 2009, 09:50:17 pm »
I have.
I connected a Nokia6233 and a Nokia5800 Xpress Music.

So i assume you set up the Phone, and you can see it to AdminSite>Orbiters. Try a full regen with a reload.

If it doesn't work, try to delete the Mobile orbiter in the AdminSite, reload the router and try to re-connect the phone.

Developers / Re: Java/ J2ME mobile orbiter
« on: September 03, 2009, 03:44:21 pm »
Guys, i'm stuck because of the lack of usable buttons i get from Keycodes.jar in my Nokia 6233.
I Hope you can give me a hint or any kind of workaround.

I have an idea, and look if we can work with that.

Speaking about Symbian s60 skin,
In normal screens of the orbiter, like this one

We can use, all the numeric buttons, asterisk and pound as theirself.
Directional pad left and right -> Softkey left and Softkey Right
Directional pad up and dowe -> OK and C
green button -> pencil

While Speaking about the Playlist skin or media skin or whatever skin without a numeric pad, we ca use

Directional Pad as itself.
Green button -> pencil
Numeric Button as their self
* -> like OK
# -> like C

We lost the softkeys but we don't really need in that screens. At least i hope.

Anyone as a better idea???

Developers / Re: Skin Development: Italian
« on: August 30, 2009, 01:42:19 pm »
I like this one very much!

Developers / Re: Skin Development: Italian
« on: August 29, 2009, 08:45:53 pm »

Developers / Re: Java/ J2ME mobile orbiter
« on: August 29, 2009, 12:19:35 pm »
Hi massabuntu,

1) Can't help much with the dev. env., I got it working easily by using the wiki article. Might seem like your Java JDK might be faulty or not properly set up, but that is just a wild guess from my side....

I'll look deeper.

This way seem OK, although there are still a right way and a wrong way. Is your Nokia6233 class a subclass of the Nokia class ?

The point is, when i look to the code, seems that the Nokia class did not translate any keys, like the nokia is basically the default keymapping. Anyway i guess my Nokia6233 is a subclass of phonedevice (This is my first time in Java and  i'm not a coder, so please be patient)

I would like to speak to you in the #devel channel so i can pastebin some code and u can easly look throught it.

2) Does the center button  give you a key code? What about the soft-buttons (the two just below the screen), do they return a key code? Those two are also used in the orbiter. Not sure if you can get by with that few buttons, though. I have 5 buttons more than the ones you marked out on the image, and this is just enough.
Do you have volume keys also, they might be usable also...

Neither the Soft-Buttons, The Central button, the volume button and the Camera Button give me a non 0 value. (But it sound strange to me)

For sure we add to start the variation work when we are sure we can manage the orbiter, anyway is not only a single phone variation 'cause you can found  this button layout in a lot of nokia models, even the economic newer ones.


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