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Users / Re: New Hardware for Core Linux MCE
« on: August 27, 2008, 05:07:59 pm »
Gunsmoke, thanks for the feedback :)

I would still like to hear feedback form LinuxMCE users on what a 4850e can do on HD playback - I would not mind putting in a Nvidia 7300 until the support for AMD graphicscards are getting better ...

And what kind of CPU power a core for 3 MD has to have.

Maybe the 4850e + AMD is still a good choice for the core ... hmm.


Installation issues / Re: Fiire Chief drifting issues
« on: August 26, 2008, 03:32:41 pm »
Hi Andrew,

We've seen this too on units we have sold. Because of that we have stopped selling the Fiire remote to customers.


So what are you using as an alternative ?


Installation issues / Re: Two NICs, continued
« on: August 26, 2008, 01:14:20 pm »

I have also not yet found the Info why 2 NIC's are reccomended.
I suppose it is because you can then let the internet router stay as it is (using DHCP) and the MD's get their DHCP from the Core. But are there other reasons ?

I would like to only have one network in my house, so I don't see the reason for the Core having two network cards. If it did I would connect the outside network card to the Internet router and everything else to the internal switch.
With one network I would connect everything to the Internet router/switch and disable the DHCP server in the router. I am familiar with DHCP, PXE boot and TCP/IP so I am sure I can get along with that kind of system.

With one networkcard I would get a Virtual ETH0:1 where DHCP is running, right ? 

Thanks for any feedback :)


Installation issues / Re: Does each media director need a TV Tuner?
« on: August 26, 2008, 11:03:16 am »

I have a small question here.

How fast is the MD Switching with a local (DVB-s) TV card and how fast without a local card ?

VDR at the moment can switch DVB-s channels in around a second. But streaming VDR to VDR takes around 4 seconds.


Users / Re: New Hardware for Core Linux MCE
« on: August 26, 2008, 10:33:53 am »

Thanks for the comments :)

So why did you go for an i945 and Nvidia 7300GT ? What CPU are you using ?

What kind of CPU should one use for a core that is not going to have more than 3 active MD's at the same time ?

And offcourse you are right, the components should be Linux usable. For the Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2 I would probably have to update Audio and Videocard drivers :

But the bluescreens with the Intel/Nvida combination only happen on Windows ;) and only if you dont update some drivers IIRC. Or am I wrong here ?

The 6 PCI slot mainboard is really tempting for a Core. Maybe combined with a lower power Intel CPU  !? But still one would need an PCIe Grapicscard = 18W minimum. On the Power costs side this is not good :( I would like at least 4 PCI slots as I already have 3x PCI DVB-s cards an I would like to get an DVB-s2 card extra for the core and if VDR streaming not fast enough (switching time) then a second DVB-s2 for the MD.
OK it seems that you could be right on the Power consumption side of the whole system here - if I go for a Gigabyte/AMD 4850e solution, but ...

I am just not sure if the 4850e has enugh power to play all formats at 1080p resolution, can anyone comment on this ?
And that should be without the maybe upcomming H.264 support in the AMD drivers ! Will that also help playing other formats like MKV ?
H.264 and good MPEG2 upscaling is the most important - would the above Gigabyte/4850e combination be capaple of that ?

There is probably a nonGPL solution here for playing MKV/H.264 on slower maschines (whatever CPU that means !?), but I am not sure if I would like to handle that after every update :

And if we go for one of the X2 6000+ the power consumption goes also in the same regions or even more than the E7200. And E7200 is much more powerfull than the X2 AMD's

Again I did only find a german site. Performance rating over all tests they did :
Compresing MPEG2 to Divx 6.7 :

And here again the link from above - Costs for a Gamer (4 Hours gaming / 6 Hours Working/surfing per day). It sets the X2 6000+ as beeing almost 4 times expensiver than an E8500. :,648044/Review_Hardware/PCGH-Stromkosten-Special_70_Komponenten_im_Energie-Check/&menu=browser&image_id=840122&article_id=648044


Installation issues / Re: VDR is not installed on MD
« on: August 25, 2008, 04:28:46 pm »
Hi Michael,

Haveing more or less the same issus - only that VDR never installs on the MD.
I am trying out some things in VMware using a core and an MD with network boot. The core gets VDR installed, but the MD never gets VDR - even if it is selected on the software page.

Is it because I am behind a firewall with Proxy ? (meaning - the cora and MD can not connect directly to the Internet.

Can I install it on foot after setting the variables http/ftp_proxy ?


Users / Re: New Hardware for Core Linux MCE
« on: August 25, 2008, 01:59:50 pm »

I am also looking into what Hardware to get for an Core + MD or maybe an Hybrid.
I will be moving from Germany to Denmark in the next 6 months and don't know if I will need a Hybrid or a Core+MD setup - depends on the house that I im going to buy ;)

The system (MD/Hybrid) should be able to play anything at 1080p/i - no matter if H.264, MKV (don't have any at the moment) or f.ex. Blue Ray . That would also mean Upscaling of DVD and VDR recordings ...

Looking through this forum I have found that a lot of people are using AMD processors - why is that so ? Are they more Energy Efficient ? Or is it personal reasons (we don't like Intel ;)). I personally would not mind supporting AMD, but on the other hand I would like a system which uses as litte power as possible for the job. It should though have enough computing power to play all formats without stuttering and in good quality.

I have been searching for tests comparing the powerusage for Intel and AMD CPU's - and not found much :(

Here is a German Review comparing Intel/AMD - The chart on the first page shows the yearly CPU costs in Euro for a HomeServer when CPU is idle. Might be a little more for a LinuxMCE core :,648044/Review_Hardware/PCGH-Stromkosten-Special_70_Komponenten_im_Energie-Check/&menu=browser&image_id=840124&article_id=648044

And this one shows the Costs for a Gamer (4 Hours gaming / 6 Hours Working/surfing per day) :,648044/Review_Hardware/PCGH-Stromkosten-Special_70_Komponenten_im_Energie-Check/&menu=browser&image_id=840122&article_id=648044

Looking at that - the new Intel Dual Core E7200 (little brother of the E8500) looks to me like it is a good processor for a MD / Hybrid - it has enogh computing power (more than the most AMD Dual Core if what I have read is correctly), price is OK and it uses only "little" power.

And as Mainboard for a Core - ASUS P5GC  - 6 PCI slots :) :
(I would also need a Graphics card for the core, but here it really should not matter)

For the MD the same CPU and Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2 ( VGA/DVI/HDMI + opt SPDIF + eSATA + 1394a) :

I would like to hear what you think ?


Users / Re: VDR - DVB-T and multichannel/surround sound??
« on: August 21, 2008, 12:34:07 pm »

have not yet got an installation of linuxmce (only did some testing in vmware) so I am not sure if it helps ...

In a normal VDR you have to set an Option in the VDR settings to get Dolby Digital with LiveTV.  Should be some thing like "Use Dolbydigital" = yes


Hi Andrew and the other VDR users,

I am looking into using LinuxMCE as my new Videosystem and offcourse all the other goodies that comes with it ;) and have got a couple of quistions that I think is ok placed here in this thread.

A little about my background : I am already using VDR at the moment , on my system it is compiled from the sources including a lots of plugins + patches. I have been using VDR for around 6 years and I am very pleased with what it does - it runs very stable and has loads of nice plugins :) 

I have a couple of questions
A. If I read your description of the buttons correctly, then the OSD menu of VDR is used while in TV mode - is this correctly ?
B. So the VDR menu is also used to start playback the recordings ?
C. And Recordings are done using VDR Timers ?
D. Where is the EPG stored ? In the mysql database or in the of VDR (or both)
E. Does this mean that one could use Epgsearch for programming timers (veeeery nice plugin for that) ?
F. And VDR plugins could be used ? (I did not find anything for writing/creating a DVD yet - but maybe I just did not find it ;))
G. How about recording and playback of H.264 (DVB-S2) is that possible at the moment/with the next update ?
H. what are the channel switching times (zapping ;)) with local DVB-S cards in MD and when only the server has some ?
I. What patches are included in the VDR version ?

The rest of my questions I will ask in a new thread later as it is more general questions ;)


Users / Re: Picture freezes periodically with LiveTV and VDR
« on: August 21, 2008, 10:00:14 am »
Hallo Nite_man,

I am not using linuxmce yet, but VDR  ;)

IIRC - it looks like the signal from your DVB-S (assuming satelite) card somehow was/is not allways good enough. And it seems that the xineplugin (or what ever is used in linuxmce to show the picture) does not recover after that.

Is the picture OK again after you switch channel (same or another and then back) ?

Is the sattelite antenna (or whatever you use) giving an OK signal ? Was it raining or something so that the signal was disturbed ?

If you can read german you could try searching for more on this ...

I am looking into using LinuxMCE, and will ask some VDR-questions in the next days. And maybe you are the right man to answer them  :)


Compatible Products & Services / Re: Z-Wave Products
« on: August 21, 2008, 08:12:57 am »
Hallo Jason,

situated in Germany I would also be interested in the Window/door sensors and maybe also the Motion sensor. Will you be delivering to Germany / Denmark (I will be moving to Denmark soon) ?


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