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Users / Multiswitch MythTV setup
« on: January 14, 2012, 07:46:08 pm »
I have 1x Quattro LNB (LOF: 9,75 / 10,60 GHz) connected to an EMP Centauri 9/16 Multiswitch. Standard satellite receivers receive the channels without any problem. However I am unable to get it to work for MythTV. I have checked the cable by using a standard receiver. My card is the Hauppauge HVR-4000 and I have a second one that I have tried as well.

One thing I am unsure about is how to configure the DISEqC page. I think I understand the concept that first DISEqC chooses between the two sets. Then the low vs high band and finally vertical vs horizontal. However I can only guess how that should look for the MythTV setup page.

I have no idea if anything else is the problem but I do know that I don't know what to do on this part of the setup so might as well tackle that first. I did get it to work back on 8.10 but I don't remember how, so it's highly likely that physically the cards aren't damaged.

When I search for channels I search for 10803000Khz, H, 22000, QPSK, 5/6 on ASTRA 2 (28.2) to find BBC News. So any pointers in the right direction is welcome. For starters I guess I choose a a DISEqC Switch with 2 ports right? Then do I get 2 Tone switches?


I have re-read the whole thread because I got confused as I never took a shot at anyone. I'm sorry if did seem that I did.Your very first post I just skimmed through because it was basics and you seemed to know what you were talking about. Then I read Posde's reply and saw the recommendation of a Multiswitch combined with a Quattro. I immediately though "oh I have that and I'm super happy with it! I'll give a thumbs up for this setup". It's not every day where I'm not the one asking questions. The reason why I mentioned getting a Quattro and Quad was because that was one thing that got me confused at the very start. Quad and Quattro sound very similar so if you don't pay attention you can end up buying the wrong one. Or what I did in the very beginning assumed they were the same thing (just like you can call a motherboard a mainboard). All guides assume from the start that you know the difference. Do note that I tried explaining the difference, I didn't say Quads are bad. I hadn't even read that you recommended a Quad.

I never tried to talk like an expert. I have let OP know that I'm an amateur twice and as well as an idiot. All I did was to share my experience and given recommendation based upon that.
I'm quite the amateur
if you're an amateur like me
Like an idiot I

Yes I am having issues with my Quattro + Multiswitch setup but, as I stated. It's the MythTV part that's tricky not the rest.
The annoying part is setting it up in MythTV though
The 7 TVs that are out of my LinuxMCE system, with normal receivers, work flawlessly. If you have problems setting it up why are you recommending it?
I put all the cards on the table. I did say that MythTV is tricky. BUT not impossible for a beginner like if you have to compile your own drivers. It's just one page of MythTV's setup that just seems to be above me: the DISEqC page or whatever it's called. Where you have to specify if there's a DISEqC switch, how many ports, or a Tone Switch or LNBs etc. At least I think that's what's wrong. I have tried so many things (some that seemed logical to me) with that page that I did go back to see if the issue is somewhere else. I have

I checked the cable by using a standard box and it gets the image. I have tried with another card (I have 2x Hauppauge HVR-4000) but no luck there. It doesn't help that I'm not sure what I should put in the configuration I mentioned above so for each card I have to get my trial and error going. But maybe it's the card that doesn't like 10.04, or just my stupidity. The 4000 has always caused a bit of problems. The DVB-T part of the cards doesn't work for example. I have another DVB-T only card that gets channels no problem but the 4000 doesn't want to cooperate. Do keep in mind that if it's the card then it wouldn't matter if I have a Quad ;D

For some reason there just isn't any guide on the net on how to configure that DISEqC page. There's one guide for a mulitswitch but the guy doesn't use quattros and it doesn't help to understand the logics of the configuration when he has to use a "hack" as he calls it: I will open up a new thread to not spam this thread with my problems even more.

Firstly no I dont use with a Quattro and multiswitch. But from what I know that shouldnt make any difference to your setup as a multi switch simply gives you lots of outputs.
It's the DISEqC that needs to be configured differently. I'm gonna try to make another card tomorrow and if that doesn't work I'll start a new thread not to pollute this one. Gl with your setup!

Fibres, you wouldn't happen to use a Quattro LNB combined with a multiswitch? :P I just can't get it to work even tough (after a lot of trial and error) I did manage back on 8.10. Like an idiot I never wrote it down how I did it.

Users / Re: UVC video cameras - Motion question
« on: January 11, 2012, 03:07:56 am »
I had the Quickcam Pro 4000 working on 8.10 for live viewing. It wouldn't get categorized as a security motion trigger (or whatever it's called) even though you could see movement detection on the live view. But if I understand the none-working part is what you don't care about anyway.

I used the Sphere installation guide as they're both supported through PWC. If your camera is supported through UVC you might need to look at the 5000 link or search around on the net how a supported driver can be installed.

I _think_ once installed you can just add it to the Motion Wrapper and view it on the security tab.

Users / Re: New User Question
« on: January 11, 2012, 03:02:07 am »
Yeah, you connect the set-top box to the Hauppauge HD PVR through the component input. If this works like DVB-S/T then you can even watch on all 3 TVs at the same time (the same channel ofc). I don't have this type setup so I have no idea how much configuration needs to be done including for setting up an IR blaster to change channels.

Ah nice. That looks really familiar! I bet that's what I used last time on 8.10.

I might try VDR if I get the time. I know it has been discussed quite a few times, but things evolve! In very short, what's the main reason(s) to go for VDR instead of MythTV today?

It's not all too hard, at least not for us techys. I didn't know anything about satellites and went directly to having 2 Quattros and an antenna connected to a multi-switch with 9 TVs attached (we rent out apartments if you wonder why 9 TVs).

The annoying part is setting it up in MythTV though (I have no idea with VDR), especially if you're an amateur like me who plays around with trial and error. Any longer test with multiple options of sequences because a huge time-sink. And then you have smaller issues like the screensaver popping over MythTV as it searches for channels and when you come back you can't complete the channel search/insertion. You either have to disable the screensaver or touch the mouse/keyboard every few minutes as it searches.

I'll try to tackle how to configure it all in the coming days.

I agree with Posde. Make sure it's a Quattro and not a Quad. Quattro has 4 outputs horizontal low and high, vertical low and high. Connect that to a multiswitch and any receiver can watch anything from that satellite, don't need anymore LNBs. What's also nice is that you can add an antenna feed into the multiswitch so you have just one cable carrying the DVB-T and DVB-S (which then you have to split/filter to each receiver).

As for having several LNBs (including several Quattro's if you want more than one satellite) you can get a curved dish. I have a Wavefrontier T90 (it looks strange as the beam bounces twice, and I think therefore is mirrored) but I'm sure there are other products.

I had this all working with 8.10 but when I installed 10.04 over it I forgot how to configure it all in MythTV. I'm quite the amateur :P But I'll try to do a nice write-up once I figure it all out again (for others and myself next time I install!)

Users / Re: Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: December 25, 2011, 06:26:33 pm »
Merry Christmas to all thanks for all the work devs and helping users!

Users / Re: DPMS monitor on Shuttle X50V2 Plus
« on: December 25, 2011, 06:20:35 pm »
Posde he did ask what the best recommended place and got no answer earlier! :P

Users / Re: Help choosing thermostat tech
« on: December 19, 2011, 06:48:38 pm »
I hadn't considered connecting the dongle to a MD.
Keep in the mind that the MD has to be on at all times (or at least when you want to use the dongle).

Users / Re: Supported USB Web cams
« on: December 05, 2011, 02:13:04 am »
I got a Logitech 4000 half-working. I got a feed. Could see the images on Orbiter etc. It would record as soon as it would detect movement however that was as far as the movement detection went. I couldn't make the system do anything with it. It wasn't listed as a security sensor (even though auto-recording worked), only as a camera.

You can see my post here:,11766.msg82094.html#msg82094

This was on 810. I haven't tried it on 1004.

Installation issues / Re: Installation hang on second step. Please help))
« on: October 28, 2011, 06:09:45 am »
Thanks for the ticket. The problem has been rectified and the next 810 build will contain the fix.
Does this require only using a future snapshot or is the fix on eg. the server side? (if that makes sense) Basically, when next build is out can we use the Final snapshot (that most of us have burned) or do we need the latest snapshot?

And thanks for the fix, quite a relief. I thought sometimes was wrong with my hardware ^^

Users / Re: gps
« on: October 05, 2011, 07:28:58 pm »
When using my smartphone for biking or cycling recording it's pretty damn accurate. At worst I'd say it's about 5meters inaccurate, most times it's right on spot to ±2 meters. I'm not sure how much the software helps but I don't exactly follow roads when I run for example.

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