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Compatible Products & Services / Re: Z-Wave Products
« on: August 07, 2008, 02:03:26 pm »
Price seems fine. As said earlier I'd be mostly interested in the window/door sensors but the PIR's too.

Compatible Products & Services / Re: Z-Wave Products
« on: August 03, 2008, 04:21:29 am »
I've tried finding them but no luck, so I guess not. I haven't sent them any email though. There's also Hawking Technology that's selling the same sensors in white (model: HRDS1). They have it on some european ebay sites/shops but they're not 868Mhz :S

Compatible Products & Services / Re: Z-Wave Products
« on: August 03, 2008, 01:00:37 am »
No idea how I missed this thread. Z-wave window/door sensors for the E.U. are nowhere to be found atm so this does indeed sound interesting.

Compatible Products & Services / Re: Thin CPU Fan AM2
« on: August 01, 2008, 07:54:08 pm »
Ah well guess I'll stop being a cheapass and buy one of them then =) The one you linked seems pretty cool although " Noise Level 54.4 dBA" as oppose to "20 - 23 dBA" on the Hiper one you have  ??? Afaik 54.4dB is quite noisy right?

Compatible Products & Services / Thin CPU Fan AM2
« on: August 01, 2008, 04:48:49 pm »
Hello, I'm thinking on buying this thin case for some of my MD's The problem is that it's so thin that 99.9999999% of the fans won't go in there -.- Does anyone know any CPU fan (AM2) thats pretty much 40mm high? The only one I found so far is the one from the same brand and it would cost me almost as much as the case would so yeh, if there is any alternative I'm listening. Google hasn't been for too much help with this :/

I'll also ask another Q whilst I'm here. Do fanless CPUs coolers/blocks work for a simple MD with an AMD sempron CPU? And if yes, are there any that are recommended? Those I see usually have the ability to add a stock fan to them so I don't get if the stock fan is a must or if it's just an option for those want.


Users / Re: My LMCE Plan
« on: July 30, 2008, 06:56:35 pm »
Yeh that was the plan. Gonna search a bit more first though.

Users / Re: My LMCE Plan
« on: July 30, 2008, 04:34:17 pm »
I also find living in the E.U that alot of the products are in america and we would have to be buying them online.Which makes it annoying to a sense when it comes to faulty goods and delvery times. I dont no of any shops or websites in the E.U that do them so it looks like we have to stick it out for now.
I've been browsing the web for countless hours to find shops selling Euro products. Don't forget you can't buy US products due to a) the volt difference b) socket/plug difference and c) the wave length frequency being illegal. There are shops in the US selling Euro products but shipping cost would be really high. Only plus side is the low value of the dollar at the moment.

I think it was Hari who recommended me going Z-wave due to the double-way system and so that's what I've had my eye out for. Anyways, my findings as well as the few sites mentioned here and in the wiki (I'll post these in the wiki once I'm done): (not exactly the cheapest store but it seems to be a reliable one - Holland) (Holland) (Sweden) (only store where I found the multi-sensor - Denmark) (Denmark) (Denmark) (Norway aka not EU member) (Germany) (No online shop, their own zwave products - Germany) (I got a bit lost in their site but apparently have their own products - Germany) wraps it up quite well what products you can get for Europe. However there are a few products listed that I don't seem to find any place to buy. Maybe they're not released yet: all the products (incl. door/window sensors) and the stylish motion detector from

There are additional interesting links listed on the z-wave europe site under "Producers" and "Resources". Oh and lastly, again if you're interested in Z-wave read this:

Users / Re: My LMCE Plan
« on: July 30, 2008, 02:00:43 am »
Wow those voices are impressive!

I'm pretty much in the same boat as ozanam although there are quite a few points less on my list =)

But really all I think I need is the Bluetooth and the space for external USB storage. The reason being so that as I walk around my house with my phone I realises I enter a room and TV or music follows me or even just to use my phone as controls. I plan to use wireless pads (Orbiters) for all the controls in the house 2 maybe 3.
I was also interested in the part where the system follows you as you walk into different rooms. According to the wiki ( it doesn't work too well as, well, bluetooth is strong and works decently through walls. It states "...when the MD your moving towards can sense your bluetooth signal...", does this mean 'No Signal -> A Signal' or "Weak Signal -> Strong Signal'?

One thing about ZWave, Insteon, X10 etc. is also availability. Especially for things like Z-Wave I would say it's much easier if you live in the US. I live in the E.U. and, unless I'm bad at searching, the range of products available for Z-Wave is quite small.

About having a fingerprint for your door. I hope it wouldn't be the only way to get in the house as it could be quite troublesome if the system is down for whatever reason  ;D Quite nifty none-the-less. I had in mind something else (if it's possible) for the greetings. Basically as previously mentioned bluetooth is strong and will most likely work a bit outside the house (at least mine). As soon as you come near the house LMCE will detect your phone and it will greet whoever's phone it is the next time the front door's sensor gets triggered.

Of course, if it's possible, it wouldn't exactly be perfect. You often come home with your family so maybe there are more than 1 phone getting detected etc. Bluetooth is rarely used outside the house so it is most likely off as you walk in. This would mean 2 things. First you won't be greeted as you walk in (not the end of the world I know ^^). Secondly, when you turn on the bluetooth later, as you're inside, the system will be waiting on someone to trigger the door sensor (maybe a time-out thing could be added, I don't know, I have yet to see the event administration). In any case, the phone is the only "personal ID" for the system that I can think of.

Users / Re: AM2 Motherboard recommendations
« on: July 27, 2008, 10:28:49 am »
So the problems you have can be ignored? (after the code line is added for the NIC) I'm also considering buying that mobo =)

Users / Re: Multiple screens on the same MD? Multi-GPU?
« on: July 15, 2008, 03:34:48 am »
Currently you need one MD per screen... and i dont see that changing in the near future. But this is an open source project so you could gather some like minded people around this idea and implement it ;-)
I wish! I guess this idea will have to wait a long while =)

Users / Multiple screens on the same MD? Multi-GPU?
« on: July 12, 2008, 01:55:15 am »
Heya, this is my first post in this great place =) Been reading and planning things this past week(s) and keeping on learning new things that the system is available to do. There's one thing I haven't been able to find any information on: is it possible for one MD to work on 2 TV's at the same time?

I'm planning to have 2 TVs close to each other. One large TV close to the MD and a smaller one will be placed 3 or so meters away around the corner. This latter one doesn't need good quality so the TV-out (S-video) output on the graphics card would be just fine. So basically, to make it clear (I'm the worst person at explaining stuff), is an MD with a GFX card (lets say a GForce6+ with 2 DVI's and 1 S-video) able to use one of the DVIs for one TV and the S-video to another at the same time?

If this isn't possible, would it be possible if the MD had a second graphics card? eg. the soon to be released Geforce 8 series on the PCI slot that roberto99 posted about (


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