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Compatible Products & Services / Re: list of ip based contols please?
« on: June 27, 2008, 05:55:39 pm »
I see, you and a couple of other 14 year old  developers otherwise known as "we" who have a problem with criticism
think you can hack a few things together and call it an installable release and expect the GENERAL LINUX USER BASE (not developer or coder base) to chip in and help you in order to use it?

Ps. If you can't make something that your average known-nothing USER can actually USE, then what are you doing here?
Make your responses helpful and *professional* or do US (non developers) all a favor and SHUT UP AND DISAPPEAR.

(clapping encouraged people)

This project is run by volunteers and just because you're clueless, doesn't mean we have to cater to your every whim. 

Instead of whinging about the wiki, your efforts would be better spend to help improve it.  But I guess that would mean actual effort on your part and is probably way over your head.

Compatible Products & Services / list of ip based contols please?
« on: June 27, 2008, 12:07:14 pm »
Hello-  I tried to read the wiki but it is totally unusable.

I am doing a new setup and can rewire everything and so am looking for hardware devices which will allow me
to connect them back to linuxmce via ethernet allowing me to control them via ip.  Where can I find such a list?

I want to note that while linuxmce is really impressive, finding a comprehensive easy to navigate and buy list of compatible wall switches, temp controllers, movable blinds, projector screens, tv mounts and all other hardware
is increasingly frustrating.  I just wend to cedia in London and while there is hardware galore,  a certified compatible with linuxmce logo cannot be found anywhere. Is this because it is all proprietary?  I figured, if a device is controllable via ethernet then thats half the battle the other half is finding this hardware so please help. PS A linuxmce home automation store is even better please help me find one??? THanks!!!

Feature requests & roadmap / HA COMPATIBILITY LIST NEEDED
« on: June 27, 2008, 11:44:33 am »
Hello like so many others I want linuxmce as my home automation system.

But I need a comprehensive list of manufacturers and hardware options supported by product
Where can I find this?

For example:

LINUXMCE Compatible Wall Switches
              Type 1
                      brand 1
         brand 2



I want to be able to use my iphone / itouch as my main home automation remote with linux mce.
setup:  inwall dock (ie. like iport but with wired ethernet or usb back to server) in EACH ROOM.
           *use wifi, usb or ethernet for control
           *specialized flash based screens compatible with linux mce
example:   1 itouch flash screen for temp control by room
               1 screen for in room ceiling speaker vol control
                1 screen to open blinds
               1 screen to dim lights IN ROOM

I dont necessarilly want to have to click on 5 buttons just to get to a control for audio... so being able to select a default screen would be great.

The itouch is the wall plate of the future so lets integrate it now  ----  thanks!

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