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Users / video drops out using on-screen remote
« on: July 17, 2008, 08:02:53 pm »
Greetings all,

Has anyone else run into the issue of while using the on-screen remote control while playing a DVD, (ripped or directly from the DVD player) the video blanks to a gray screen?  It doesn't blank if you are actively adjusting something on the remote (vol-up, vol-down, etc) or even if you just continously move the mouse in circles, (not over the DVD video  portion of the screen) but if there is a second or two without doing anything with the mouse the DVD video portion of the display blanks out.

If you let the remote time out after the video blanks, MCE returns to full screen mode, the audio still works but the screen is now black. The mouse or keyboard functions still work to bring the remote back to life but still no video. If the remote times out while moving the mouse but not actually performing any adjustments, (and not over the DVD video portion of the screen) video never faulters.  If the video is blanked, and you click on the Home icon, the display does take you to the home screen where it shows what's actively playing in the icon right next to the Media icon.  (second icon from the left side of the screen, next to Media)  By clicking the "[insert video title here]" icon from the main screen, video returns as you would expect, full screen.

I'm using 7.10 ver. in the lowest video setting. (light-weight) (nvidia 6200GT) I've searched the forums several different ways and haven't seen anything related to this problem.

Thanks in advance,

Feature requests & roadmap / LMCE utilized in education
« on: June 04, 2008, 06:16:21 pm »

Thanks to all who make LMCE do what it does already, I have been playing with it (7.10) for a few weeks now and am dually impressed.  I came across LMCE while researching alternatives for an AMX panel my organization currently uses to control distance learning equipment in a traditional DL classroom scenario.  One thing lead to another and as our vision grew, so did the concepts for additional LMCE applications in an educational setting.

I am a Program/Project Manager in a very rural setting in Western NY, US, that supports component school districts with technology needs.  We have developed many systems over the years and integration has always been one of my main considerations.  My organization has developed quite a healthy LAN/WAN system to include all classrooms across our region. (our immediate responsibility covers over 2000 square miles and 22 independent school districts.)

We also have an extensive distance learning system that utilizes the above mentioned LAN/WAN.  Each of our DL rooms date back to early to mid 90's and were grant $$ driven.  As technology has matured we have made upgrades to our systems.  It makes sense to extend our distance learning capabilities from a specific room in a school building to all classrooms in our region, thus giving every classroom distance learning capabilities.  My organization also supplies our districts with multimedia materials for teacher/student use.

I would be very interested in any implementations of LMCE in an educational setting where LMCE was used to control classroom peripherals such as projectors, cameras, screens, etc....  Would anyone other than me care to develop such a system.  This would be more of an industrial setting and could be scaled as developed.  I'm currently working on a one classroom implementation but if the proof of concept pans out I could see the core running on our HP blade system and supplying educational media's that are currently stored on our SAN.  Each district has access to our resources as a shared service so a Media Director could be in each classroom controlling various local equipment and porting media to the classroom.  If this is not the place to start this discussion, please direct me in the proper direction.  I see great potential in devising a system like this and anxiously await comments.

Very respectfully,

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