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Developers / Re: Translations
« on: May 16, 2008, 02:37:42 am »
Hello All,

The Brazilian Portuguese translation is 90% done. First I created a Portuguese BR language in the Languages table (code 9). Then I exported the Text_LS table to a .ods file and opened it with OO Calc (in OO Calc is very easy to add lines, sort, substitute, compare, check spelling etc.). Finally I saved the file in CSV format and imported it to the pluto_main db using phpMyAdmin. After correcting collation and character encoding, following the instructions above on this thread, my LMCE is - partially - speaking Portuguese. Very easy and straightforward. However, some issues remain:

1. Some strings are not translated (e.g. items of the Lights, Media and Security menus);
2. Since most of the strings in Portuguese are much bigger than in English, their font sizes need to be adjusted in order to fit the available space in buttons and menu items.

Any help re the issues above will be greatly appreciated.

Finally, if someone is interested in this work, please send me the instructions on how to upload the file.

Thanks in advance,

Marcos Nogueira
S. Paulo - Brazil
LMCE 7.10 RC1 - UI2

Hi! Marcos, I'm just starting to use the linuxMCE, I'm brazilian too.
If you need some help, that I can help, you can count with me.
I would like to know how to get your translation, if it is possible.
Thanks a lot.
Muito obrigado pela atenção e boa sorte nesta jornada.

Jeovane V. Sousa

Users / Users Hardware
« on: May 16, 2008, 02:16:55 am »
Hi every one!!!
I'm new to the game, and I'm creating this post for the users talk about their hardware specification: What hardware they are using? What is the best hardware to build a complete media center? If it works or not, etc.
I think that this will be useful for those who, like me, want to start with the LinuxMCE but don't know what to buy or what already works with this wonderful system.
I hope that you, veterans, help us with yours experience.

Thank a lot!!!
Helpful information can be found in:

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