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I followed your instructions to the letter...but my drives still go offline :-(

so far nothing. l3mce offered a modified radar script, but that didn't help so far.
Right now I'm just hoping that I'm either the only one with a borked install, so a new image would be reasonable, or that there are more with this problem and the devs will find good cause to take a closer look.

you're right, I only copied the file from the core to the md.
As I stated before, the pdbedit threw me off with an error and that is the only thing I have tried so far.
Since sambahelper is created via a script, and there is obviously a problem with the passworddatabase, maybe I should wait for a new image to try, or is it possible to run the script in question manually?


grep samba /etc/passwd
doesn't return anything here

pdbedit -L -v | grep -i username

returns this:
build_sam_account: smbpasswd database is corrupt!  username sambahelper with uid 10002 is not in unix passwd database!
Unix username:        pluto_me
NT username:         
Unix username:        pluto_wife
NT username:         

all right jamo...I checked out your thread and dug around on my system.
What I found out so far is this: my two MDs have the same credentials for sambahelper, but they are different from what dcerouter has. So I copied the credentials file over to my mds first.
Next, I tried
pdbedit -a -u sambahelper
and got this
build_sam_account: smbpasswd database is corrupt!  username sambahelper with uid 10002 is not in unix passwd database! Failed to add entry for user sambahelper

I created a ticket, so maybe this will help tracking this

well..I can imagine, that you have a lot on your hands...but...I still can't get my system running properly.
if you think a reinstall would fix it, I will try...

okay, I replaced the on all machines with your new one, rebooted everything for good measure....and no change.

If you need anything, logs etc, just let me know.

okay, I will do that and report :-) thanks so far

Installation issues / Re: Add a new Hard Disk
« on: August 26, 2012, 11:50:37 am »
okay, I'm just a spoiled gui-brat, but when I put in a second disk, I just went to the kde-desktop and formatted it there. From then on it didn't take long for the system to detect it and ask what to do with it

I'd be happy to do that, if I was sure about the what and where

When I started using linuxmce it was still 7.10....I actually tried vdr first, but I was a bit underwhelmed because integration wasn't so great at that time.
So right now with mythtv, all I have to do is install the firmware for my tv-card and only need to perform a channelscan and that's is vdr now ...aside from the fact that mythtv is scrapping out, while you have vdr reliably running(?)

I've been pondering right now whether or not scrap this installation and try the latest snapshot...since it seems I might more or less be the only one with this weird issue.
Right now my procedure is always the following:
boot up MD
go to webadmin, set the two host drives as online
reload router
wait until everything has quieted down
start mythtv,mythvtv crahes,start mythtv...repeat until stable enough to watch

so, what is your experience with the beta so far? anything like this showing up on your radar?

Installation issues / Re: new release "precise"
« on: August 24, 2012, 07:51:04 pm »
I guess posde summoned it up already pretty nicely :-)

Installation issues / new release "precise"
« on: August 24, 2012, 03:00:46 pm »
I just logged in to dcerouter and found this:
new releaase "precise" available
run "do-release-upgrade" to upgrade to it
Is this a "Do" or a "Don'T"??

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