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That's correct.
Does that mean we will also have linuxmce without any more constrictions? I think that might interest more users here. Any LMCE users interested?

All elements of Open Dianemo which we use and distribute under open licenses (GPL, MIT etc) will continue to be available under these licenses. Some components of Open Dianemo code (yet to be defined) will be released under GPLv3. Key software components (again yet to be defined but likely to be the Athena Orbiter, Athena media layer and other components that support these) will be released under a Dianemo Public License. The Dianemo Public License will enable a free for personal use version (source code will be provided for all components) but restrict a corporation or reseller/installer from taking the code and re-branding it and or selling and distributing it without our consent (gained by paying the appropriate licensing fee).

We hope the above strikes a reasonable balance that allows anyone to do what they want with Open Dianemo personally and if they want to do something commercial then we will have a range of licensing options for those people too.

After all this experience with this beast do you really think that someone that just takes it and rebrands it will last long? I think that if you would get some companies willing to spend the time to get to know this system they will also automatically contribute. If it is GPL they have to. Otherwise why go to them and not go to the people who really understand the product. If it is going to be such a personal license again I am afraid it will be the same strange situation as with linuxmce. In any case stating properly in the proposal what it will be is a good idea I suppose.

Also I wondered what it can mean for Linuxmce. If all pluto parts were to be actually opensource by replacing them with gpl and it would also be integrated into linuxmce than this project would also benefit and linuxmce users might also be interested to donate. Maybe an additional pledge is possible there?

I am not sure if it is possible but maybe some porting of for example the orbiter to linuxmce would also be of value. I suppose the devs can say more about that.

After a quick search on google I did not notice any references to the kickstarter campaign. I think that if you want to really get this going a fresh launch together with a push to some proper news sites/stations is required (maybe you already did that and I just did not find it or they just did not publish it). You really want momentum to get this going and seeing the limited response this far on the forum I think another angle might be required to get the lmce community running ;-)

all the best.

 * the specs of the hardware offered are not listed in the pdf
 * pledges could include more core variations (also be able to include bigger drive)
 * can include MD's and other basic homeautomation stuff so people buy a full experience
 * stretch goals?
 * maybe some kind of closed/paid forum only accessible to paying users. One can get access to when pledging more then an x amount. (this forum can guarantee a response time of one hour during business hours). Also more extensive help documentation can be part of this
 * paid backup option of configuration & database (maybe also of data, donno if that can be done efficiently if multiple users have the same data/media)

30 days seems a short period compared to other campaigns...

This can be a very good development. Certainly interested!

Some initial questions that arise are:

1) what is the license going to be? GPL3?

2) what will be the business model afterwards (so people know what to expect of the continued support)

3) what are the next steps / progressions we can expect from your team once the kickstarter project is done

Users / Re: extra drive in core 12.04
« on: September 01, 2014, 03:44:20 pm »
Yes, thats how I also ended up fixing it. All content lost though.. I think the issue was that a swap partition did not have a UUID.

If someone else also as an issue with a drive that does not get detected first check if it has a uuid:
Code: [Select]
sudo blkid

Users / extra drive in core 12.04
« on: August 26, 2014, 12:27:20 pm »
Anybody knows what might cause this bug to occur:

Possy saids he has extra drives running without issues which seems strange if that ticket is valid.

Users / Re: Why Do Media Directors Exist?
« on: August 25, 2014, 08:17:20 am »
In these situations just place a small 4-port switch in the room behind your TV etc and the connect your devices to the switch. A switch is super reliable, low cost and very low energy. We'be used this config in 100's of professional installations and it has proven to work well and be incredibly reliable.

Maybe I am misunderstanding you. I have UTP cables on the different locations. No coax though. and neither do I have extra PVR's / STBs. Those all bring extra complexity, costs, power and possible points of failure usage I supposed.

Users / Re: Why Do Media Directors Exist?
« on: August 25, 2014, 08:15:04 am »
No media director? No Game Player. but it seems, I'm the only one who gives a shit about that...

will that run on the raspberry pi ?

Users / Re: Why Do Media Directors Exist?
« on: August 24, 2014, 10:38:27 am »
Oh we do that too. We support IP control of SmartTV's and PVR/STB's, we also support CEC control over IP of TV's too. None of that requires any MD's at all.

As said before. I only have UTP cable to the different locations. If you replace the MD by PVR/STB and cables then you increasing complexity and costs instead of decreasing it imho. Even though then the MD might fail I have more trust in something open then the closed smarttv, PVR/STB. Especially if it is possible to have _one_ cheap but fully working solution so all use the same. I still feel the core needs to have all connections directly feed into it and there need to be light players/controllers that can actually be controlled (like also softwarewise) whatever that might be ;-).

Users / Re: Why Do Media Directors Exist?
« on: August 23, 2014, 03:48:40 pm »
As with most media players you can control Raspbmc using upnp control but that does not give you access to all of the XBMC UI. With upnp I can send go to a room with a Raspbmc device and stream some video content to it from my Orbiter, and I can control the playback of that content too - play, pause etc.
I think the most important one is to be able to control the PVR to play tv and record etc since that would be something not possible with only the TV with upnp

Users / Re: Why Do Media Directors Exist?
« on: August 23, 2014, 08:34:38 am »
We already support Raspbmc in fact - the only thing on your list we don't have is an XBMC plugin to control Dianemo or the control from an Orbiter. But everything else is there. After all once you add Raspbmc to Rpi you have one of the best full featured & open media players you can buy.

Sounds good. Maybe the QOrbiter or HTML orbiter can be add as a plugin. You mean that you cannot control XMBC from another orbiter? That seems like important to be able to use TV or did you solve that differently?

What is then still missing if those 2 points are added? Maybe rs-232 and usb uirt control support? I suppose squeezeslite is already supported?

Users / Re: Why Do Media Directors Exist?
« on: August 22, 2014, 10:54:24 pm »
I was just thinking.... I have no experience with any of the following items but maybe its possible and a good way to tackle the issues from both sides:

* use xbmc as the upnp device/player
* xbmc has the ability of playing liveTV via a PVR backend (mythtv)
* use a xmbc plugin to control linuxmce on screen
* be able to use remotes that come with the / are compatible with xbmc to control xbmc & linuxmce via the plugin
* be able to control xbmc via remote orbiters.

Seems to me the best of both worlds and because since you can 'just' use xmbc you don't have to support the hardware yourself while still being able to use the features discussed above.

Users / Re: Why Do Media Directors Exist?
« on: August 22, 2014, 03:40:24 pm »
Well if you want to watch Live TV then you can still watch it via your TV itself using its tuner or an external feed from an STB etc. For VDR/Myth then no you cant watch Live TV streamed directly from either of those servers. However with Myth & VDR (I think its tru for VDR) you can watch your recorded shows via upnp and a media player or SmartTV.
hmm. the whole idea (at least mine  :D) is to have all that centered and then stream from one point to the MD's/or other players. Pulling additional cables to tv's is not really an option in my case.

As to wired v wifi - we've found that if you provide enough wifi coverage (ie multiple AP's located throughout your home to make sure coverage is good) then wifi performs well. I would say 95% or more of our installations/users in the last 2-3 years are using wifi because they use smartphones/tablets for their Orbiters.
It's not that I don't trust the coverage or even the reliability with all the neighbor and babymonitor interferences but I personally try to decrease the RF exposure of my kids (wifi/gsm). I read so much about it ( that I passed the point that I can just ignore it ;).

Users / Re: Why Do Media Directors Exist?
« on: August 21, 2014, 08:58:45 pm »
I really like the way you are going with it and have 2 questions that come to mind.

First is the same that I asked in the power saving topic I started and similar to possy's remark: is it possible to watch live mythtv that way (and control recordings etc, I have my tuners in my core).

Secondly I personally try to avoid wifi and have everything wired. Are there cheap solutions to have a fixed orbiter and are there remote like controllers (I currently have a gyration and a mele F10) that can still be used?

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