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Users / MythTV Transcoding with NUVExport
« on: June 29, 2008, 11:10:23 pm »
I've been looking for a post regarding Exporting recorded videos from mythTV without success.  So, here I am asking for help.  It seems that Nuvexport is not packaged into LinuxMCE and due to the nature of the installation Nuvexport does not work after an installation from source.  It appears as if a series of *.pm files are missing which are required for Nuvexport to work.  Being new to LinuxMCE maybe there is some other method available within the system that I am not aware of.  Does anyone know of a way to export recorded videos to another format (Xvid, Divx, MP4, etc..) from within LinuxMCE or how to get Nuvexport to work on LinuxMCE without breaking everything?

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