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Developers / GUI Improvements
« on: April 10, 2008, 02:05:26 am »
I am new here and new to LMCE, but have been trolling reading for a little over a month.  That said, I setup a test system last week and have been doing a bit of playing seeing what the system is capable of.  I must say it is quite impressive and I am excited to start building a full fledged setup.  There are some issues I noticed right off the bat though that I understand this is still in early development and all that, but are quite a turn-off.  Now, before this comes off as an end-user whining and complaining, I want to say I've searched the wiki for the information and am somewhat confused being as I am new to Linux as well.  I also want to stress that I am basically seeking out the information to improve these issues and submit them as patches.

1.  I most likely won't be able to do anything about this, but channel changing on my PVR-250 with cable connected directly to the card seems extremely slow compared to my tivo.  Also, picture quality is horrible, is this an issue or is something in my setup likely the culprit?

2.  The UI needs quite a bit of polishing, text is too long for most fields, inconsistencies throughout setup and configuration, bad graphics, sloppy feeling navigation within the main UI if not using a gyration remote, etc.  The 704 video made it all appear very impressive, but the text issues are apparent there as well.  I've searched for information on skinning, but didn't come up with much useful information, just some stuff that really doesn't make sense.  This is the area I feel I can contribute to, but the documentation is difficult to understand and find.

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