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Installation issues / network - routing to other subnet - HOWTO?
« on: March 22, 2008, 11:55:40 am »
Hi folks,

LMCE default network config; external eth1 has fixed ip
I have an existing network in the range
Switched off DHCP on my network.
LMCE has DHCP running.

How do I route workstations connecting via LMCE to my existing network? (printers, shares)
Can I (manually) add shares to LMCE that are on my subnet?

As I am in a testing stage, I'd prefer not to go changing all my existing network apparatus.
If I would adapt LMCE to use the same subnet, will TFTP / PXE still work out of the box?
What settings need to be adjusted?

I join a network layout. (it seems uploading an attachment doesn't work?)

Thanks for you help!!


Installation issues / nvidia - continuing problems - HOWTO SOLVE?
« on: March 20, 2008, 07:01:53 pm »
Hi folks,

First of all many thanks to all the people that already replied to my posts, and tried to help me out.
I still haven't got my system running the way I'd like it to run.
During all my experiments I'm starting to have a better feel of how it should go..

I'll try to narrow down:

Dell Precision 670
1st try: MSI nvidia 8600GT
-> I took this card out for several reasons, most importantly because it did not fit in properly because of the huge cooling element on the side. I could'nt get this card to decently run, I achieved various levels of success but I think the main reason this card failed is because it has so many ways of output: 2 x DVI, S-Video, Component...
2nd try: nvidia 6600GT, also many many setup woes. Worst of all the live Kubuntu CD wouldn't start, so I could only install in safe graphics mode... (Does this choice exists on the DVD?) (Mind DVD won't work on this machine, I've tried in vain...)

So where am I now?
Kubuntu (7.10) is setup allright. (with LVM) I have set up a separate volume for 'diskless'
The proprietary nvidia drivers are successfully installed.
The nvidia 6600GT has 3 outputs to my knowledge: DVI-0, DVI-1, and S-video.
I have modified /etc/X11/xorg.conf so that it reads
Code: [Select]
Option   "ConnectedMonitor" "DVI-0"I have 2 x 19" LCD's connected.
LCME Beta4 fully installed.

At first everything looked good.
At a certain point LMCE modified my xorg.conf and I was out of bussiness again...
After reediting xorg.conf I had Launch Manager running, could switch to KDE, could visualize the Orbiter so all seemed fine. I let Sarah config some stuff, and all went fine.
Up to here, I did not run the AVWizard.

Next I tried to play a DVD. Popped it in, and my screen went all green gobbles... It seems to switch to wide-screen
When I just pushed the eject button, the DVD was ejected, and after a while the orbiter came back again.

Now what is my question?
1. Is it possible at all to just use LMCE as hybrid with ONLY a couple of LCD's attached? (I seem to have read somewhere, but can't find it though, that one should only attach ONE screen...?)
2. When I try to run the AVWizard, I am unable to get the wizard visually on the screen;
    - when I issue ps -aux on a console, I can see that X is always attached to tty8
    - I do hear the beeps, pressing shift doesn't seem to react apart from continuous beeps approx. 1 sec apart.
    - It seems like the AVWizard is frantically trying to connect but doesn't succeed, I see the power led from my monitors change and turn from green to orange and back, I have the impression when I try to press 1 or any number according to AVWizard, that the system tries to connect but simply does not succeed... I aslo lose the Num Lock led on my keyb...

At the moment, when I reboot, the system comes up, no visual, nothing, but I do hear a beautifull noise coming out of my stereo telling me LMCE is UP... No X, no KDE, no nothing.
When I press Alt-F2, I can see following errors from X:
xauth: creating new authority file /home/erwin/.serverauth.975
a lot of bla bla
(EE) Failed to load module "type1" (module does not exist, 0)
(II) Module already built-in
The XKEYBOARD keymap compiler (xkbcomp) reports:
> Warning: Type "ONE_LEVEL" has 1 levels, but <RALT> has 2 symbols
> Ignoring extra symbols
Errors from xkbcomp are not fatal to the X server

in /var/log/Xorg.0.log I find
(WW) Warning, couldn't open module type 1
(II) UnloadModule: "type 1"
(EE) Failed to load module "type1" (module does not exist, 0)

Looking forward to running additional tests..

Thanks for your patience and help!


Installation issues / PXE booting Media Director
« on: March 18, 2008, 04:41:10 pm »

As I am unable to properly boot into LMCE (LMCE is running allright, but I have problems with nvidia X config (I guess)) I am trying to boot my laptop into PXE mode.

This is the first time I use PXE so bear with me..

Booting and connecting to LMCE seems to work allright!
My laptop starts booting from the PXE server, but then, after a while it halts:

Code: [Select]
ipconfig: no devices to configure
/init:  .:  1: Can't open /tmp/net-eth0.conf
Kernel Panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

What is happening here?

Thanks for sticking with me!

Erwin ::)

Installation issues / AVWizard - Starting it - HOWTO?
« on: March 16, 2008, 09:49:57 am »
Hi folks,

Still struggling to get this LMCE to life....
It seems my VGA settings are cluttered somewhere.

My system has nvidia NX8600GT inside. (twin monitor)
I did a fresh install of LMCE with all the settings to default. (even added 2nd NIC)
Someway I always manage to get visual contact with my system, but someway settings have changed and I don't know why or how / where to influence them.

1. Once I had LMCE Launch Manager showing first, then later it switched to LMCE
2. In the beginning I had the typical Kubuntu login screen, user / pwd. It doesn't come up anymore...
3. On an other boot, upon entering KDE, I had 6 desktops.
4. On yet another boot, I have 4 desktops.
5. Now, finally, the only way I can get visual contact is by Alt-F2 ing into CLI, and do startx

How can I get this straightened out??
It seems there is an AVWizard - but I cannot get to it... Surely there must be a command to call it from CLI??

-> Okay this one I found: /usr/pluto/bin/AVWizard

It seems there is an awfull lot of information in the wiki. Only I can not find a full content listing? Do I have to register?
Most of the time I find stuff by just plain googling and then I drop onto the wiki... One should at least be able to find things from wihtin the wiki, shouldn't one??

Thanks for your efforts!!

Hi forum,

LMCE installed. VGA nVidia NX8600GT. Only mouse & keyb - no remote. twin 19" LCD screens.

When LMCE starts up, I have only black screens after the kubuntu splash screen.
When I do alt-F1 or alt-F2, I can login from cli. Next I can startx.

When X has started, I drops to a resolution of 640 x 480 (It says 640 480/60 in Launch Manager on the Video tab)

Off course this is difficult to navigate, everything is out of proportion.
On the installation guide page
I read as follows:

if you want to use this as a normal Kubuntu PC too, and you want to start Kubuntu after LinuxMCE is going, there's not yet an icon to switch to Kubuntu from within LinuxMCE, so press Ctrl+Alt+F2, login, and type StartX. If you said you want Kubuntu by default, it will boot to the Kubuntu desktop and you can choose Applications, Sound & Video, Start Media Center to start LinuxMCE manually. When both LinuxMCE and Kubuntu are running, you can toggle between them by pressing ctrl+alt+f7 for Kubuntu and ctrl+alt+F11 for LinuxMCE. Unfortunately, at this moment, once you start LinuxMCE there is no way to stop it. The Kubuntu integration is still a work in progress.

This does not seem to work for me. What can I do to adjust / test?
Where and in which conf file can i adjust that I want to use the system as a Kubuntu PC primarily instead of a dedicated LMCE?

Thanks for helping out!

Users / Keyboard Ctrl shortcuts - HOWTO?
« on: March 15, 2008, 05:51:48 pm »
Hi forum,

I have LMCE up and running.
Just beginning and finding my way at the mo.
I don't have a TV card in my system yet. (step by step)
No TV connected yet.

Just the PC and twin monitors. (only one used)

When I pop in a DVD, it starts playing. - Beautifull
But I don't seem to be able to control anything??
No stop / pause??

Are there any keyboard shortcuts to control DVD playing?

Thanks for helping out!


Installation issues / DHCP - combine with other DHCP - HOWTO?
« on: March 15, 2008, 11:00:40 am »
Hi forum,

I already have an existing network with a DHCP server (Linux present.
As this box is functioning as a firewall etc, I would prefer to leave this in place and not touch it.

I was wondering:
Could I just let MCE get its outbound IP from my present DHCP server and use the second NIC as a second network?
Is it possible / allowed to have two networks on one physical network layout and one SWITCH?

Thanks for your advise!


Installation issues / Optiplex 670 - nvidia reconfiguration - HOWTO?
« on: March 14, 2008, 10:10:02 pm »
Hi folks,

First time on this board, so excuse me if I need to find my way and perhaps ask stupid questions..

I succesfully managed to install LinuxMCE on a Dell Optiplex 670 with its original nvidia VGA onboard.
As this card has no S-Video output I have replaced it with a NX8600GT card.

1. Problem is that upon booting X does not properly appear.
First I see the Kubuntu loading sign.
Then after some beeping the Linux MCE launch manager appears...
Next the screens turns black.
Also, in Launch Manager the UI type selection possibility is not present. I can run the UI diagnostics tool allright..

I intend to firstly use the system as a hybrid and would like to connect TV via S-Video.

2. Another point is I would like to reconfigure remote drives being connected. How can I do this?
During install, Linux MCE picks up all my smb shares.
Apparently something keeps these from properly mounting, but it takes a lot of CPU while MCE is trying to mount all these...
How can I remove them?

3. Is there a way F7 / F?? to switch between Kubuntu desktop and MCE interface?

Thanks for helping out, and most of all thanks for wonderfull LinuxMCE!!


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