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Installation issues / Re: Configure mythtv frontend on MD
« on: April 30, 2008, 12:17:11 pm »
during the setup wizard on the core you should have been offered Myth or VDR :)
I believe you can check on the web admin page :)
I am at work at the moment so I can't give you details but they are on the wiki :)

Installation issues / Re: Configure mythtv frontend on MD
« on: April 30, 2008, 12:21:52 am »
as far as I can tell (and it works OK here)
if your TV card is in the core you have to configure Mythtv on the core :)
when you have it working on the core you can then use it on the MD..
I am NOT an expert mind..
just thought I could get you started while waiting for someone more knowledgeable to come along :)

Users / sound problems on MD
« on: April 30, 2008, 12:14:33 am »
hi all!
MD number 2 now :)
AOpen ePC EPC945GT-m8

Platform Technology: Intel VIIV Technology

Type: PC barebone, media centre

Product Form Factor: Desktop slimline

Built-in Devices: VFD panel

Type: p4 d 3GHz


Processor Socket: Socket 479

Chipset Type: Intel 945GT Express

Data Bus Speed: 667 MHz

Installed Size: 2 GB (max)
Technology: DDR II SDRAM
Features: Two DDR channels

Storage controller
Type: 1 x Serial ATA - integrated
Controller Interface Type: Serial ATA-300
Channel Qty: 2

Storage controller (2nd)
Type: 1 x IDE - integrated

Controller Interface Type: ATA-100
Channel Qty: 1

Card reader
Type: 23 in 1 card reader

Graphics controller
Type: Integrated
Graphics Processor / Vendor: Intel GMA 950
Video Memory: Dynamic Video Memory Technology 3.0

Audio output
Type: Sound card - integrated
Sound Output Mode: 7.1 channel surround

so.. to start with the video caused the MD to become unstable after a few minutes!
so I installed a Nvidia GeForce 7300GS 512MB PCIe card allowing use of ui2 hassle free :)
but there was no sound?
as I wanted to use it now (and sort out further problems later) I grabbed a usb soundcard (based on the C-Media CM106-F with optical SPD/IF out) and as if by magic.. there was sound :)
however my joy was short lived!
intermittently the sound will disapear for a fraction of a second.. then continue maybe for another 30 seconds to a minute then it will drop out again!
most annoying!
anyone have any thoughts?
PS I am (pretty) sure the internal sound worked OK in beta4 I couldn't swear to it though lol!

Users / Re: RF devices? or just x10?
« on: April 29, 2008, 09:52:23 pm »
thanks Thom!
I know they are pretty shoddy from a constructional point of view!!
my house (by most countries standards especially the US) is tiny so I should be OK from the propagation point of view :)
and we only have one phase available in a domestic environment (240V)
but as they operate on a very low frequency I can imagine SMP's Plasmas and the like causing havoc!
I will have to investigate..
thanks Thom!
anyone in the UK here using X10 on a day to day basis?

Users / resolution?
« on: April 29, 2008, 09:36:47 pm »
hi all!
well.. I just let the magic smoke out of my Seleco svp-400  :o
seems it only supports horizontal syncs in the range 30 to 34 KHz (oh and 15 to 15.8)
vertical sync range is 50 to 150 Hz :)
so... before I nuke the line output stage (again) does anyone want to tell me what PC resolution that equates to?/
(it isn't so much repairing the Seleco thats the problem but at 40 Kg it is a pain to get of the ceiling lol!!)
anyone help me out on this please??

Users / Re: RF devices? or just x10?
« on: April 29, 2008, 08:29:01 pm »
about the unreliability of X10..
are we talking about the poor firmware or the poor hardware or both?
IE if it is just firmware problems.. then eventually they will be resolvable (based on the fact X10 represents the cheapest way in by far!)
but if added to that, the poor performance of the RF side of X10 (and the flakey construction) mean that X10 will never be reliable
then I (and quite a few others I guess) will have to have a major rethink!... so...
on a day to day basis just HOW unreliable IS X10?
(I have bought quite a lot but not got as far as actually plugging any in yet :)  )


I seem to have the same problem regarding the pin when I try to use a wm6 phone :(
so it isn't just you it would seem :(

Installation issues / Re: Issues with 0710 RC
« on: April 25, 2008, 12:19:42 am »
hi all :)
still having a few issues that may or may not be general for many people :)
here are a few of the pressing ones maybe someone can point me?
1) mythtv setup.. when I try to use the grabber (with rt uk) it drops to a terminal "somewhere" to enable you to tell it what channels to include... I have never found this terminal window.. not even when running mythtv-setup from a terminal!
2) still having problems with my wm6 phone.. (not even sure this relates to LMCE but a definitive answer would be fantastic)
when the phone is detected LMCE asks what kind of phone it is...
I tell it 2005 it sends bluetooth command to phone... phone asks for bluetooth key...
all stops at this point  as no key I try works... you know 1234 1111 0000 etc :)
so although is now running on my phone there still seems to be no way to connect to it :(

3) when ripping a disk I am unable to use any of my windows shares??
they apear in the locations list but writing to them fails!
I can read and write to them fine in KDE however :) (I have given the user admin rights on the windows server 2003 box the shares reside on)

these are the main things that are bothering me... any chance someone can give me any pointers??

on the plus side..
I have set up mythtv with just iet and (for the first time ever so far) it seems to work and continue running a lot longer than the 90 seconds that it ran for before the upgrade :)
oh yes and the upgrade from beta4 seems flawless so far :)
I have been waiting for RC1 to continue adding things so I will no doubt be telling you all about the fun I have with my usbuirt's
and my new GC-100 (when it arrives)
oh yes and my cm-11 and all that goes with it lol!
thanks to everyone for all your hard work!
there is no project like this in its flexibility :)
and it is certainly an interesting way to spend your life :)
I just wish I had never seen Windows.. that way I would have known a lot more about Linux and could have contributed :)
but once again thanks guys (+ girls??)

Installation issues / Re: 710 RC - Changelog questions
« on: April 23, 2008, 10:21:44 pm »
Now now Andrew :)
I understand your enthusiasm!
but it would be nice to have some of these answers given that some people only have a 5GB monthly download limit!!
and I am only 26% downloaded after 5 hours (with a "up to" 28Mb connection) lol!
don't worry... I will let you know how quickly I manage to break it, soon lol!
seriously though!
thanks to all the dev's and others who have been working their socks off (as usual)

Users / bluetooth?
« on: April 21, 2008, 10:20:00 pm »
hi all!
OK I have got on my wm6 phone and it seems to run yey!!
thing is when Sarah detects the phone she asks me what to do...
I tell her it is a wm2005 phone and she sends a message to my phone..
the phone immediatly asks for a key
I have tried 1234 1111 0000 but all have been rejected
any ideas??

Users / Re: What can our community learn form vCrib and vice versa
« on: April 21, 2008, 10:15:37 pm »
I have to say the voice command is really cool
especially if you used a bluetooth headset!!
as my wife is blind an I have very poor eyesight.. my development priorities are a little out of sync with the majority of users!
I would much rather have voice command than all the HD in the world :)
and here in the UK there is virtually NO free HD content anyhow!
oh and Sky charge like a rhinoceros!!
and most of their programs suck like a Dyson lol

hi there!
for the sake of getting you started..
follow Andrews advice :)
remember audio or video themselves don't pass down the cables.. just data!
if you have say a plasma screen and some audio gear in a room you are going to need a "media director"
to connect to the AV gear and a cat5e cable to go from the MD back to the core!
personally.. if I where doing this from scratch I would run a minimum of 3 cat5e cables per room!
but I think you need to read a little more yet :)
to get your head round the basic concepts :)
hope this helps a little!

Users / Re: p800 anyone?
« on: April 14, 2008, 02:39:00 am »
and I have bought one now :(
oh well! another one for the draw until someone comes up with a viable use for it!
along with the n80 and the spv-m3200!
one day eh?
thanks a lot Gazzzman

Installation issues / Re: MD image?
« on: April 13, 2008, 07:43:25 pm »
thanks Andrew :)
that seems to have done the trick nicely :)
cheers :)

Installation issues / Re: MD image?
« on: April 13, 2008, 05:38:39 pm »
hi all!
OK it does not seem to want me to alter the model in the device template :(
anyone know why??

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