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Users / Re: help please after upgrading video drivers!
« on: March 11, 2008, 11:08:16 am »
hi there fibres!
yes.. I tried that :)
the AV wizard worked fine!
but as soon as I finished the wizard it just dropped to a grey screen with a cursor :(
in the end.. I gave up and re-installed (Keeping m existing settings)
and that got it working again!
sadly however.. as soon as I get full screen TV myth locks up!
though mce is still OK and I can use the mce menu to close myth!
more weirdness lol
thanks for the help btw fibres!

Users / Re: help please after upgrading video drivers!
« on: March 10, 2008, 11:03:03 pm »
hi again all!
OK I know nothing about shell scripts (and I do mean NOTHING btw)
but this seems to make some sense to me!
and looks like there is nothing wrong here?
please note what I said about my level of understanding above however!
just another piece of the jigsaw!
mean anything to anyone?


. /usr/pluto/bin/
. /usr/pluto/bin/

if [[ "$Display" == "" ]] ;then
   if [[ "$DISPLAY" == "" ]] ;then
      export DISPLAY=:0
   export DISPLAY=":${Display}"

2if ! Lock "Launch_Manager" "LM"; then
   # LM is running
   echo "LM already running"
   wmctrl -a "Linux MCE Launch Manager"

trap 'Unlock "Launch_Manager" "LM"' EXIT

nvidia-settings --lad-config-only &

while [[ "$LM_EXIT_CODE" != "0" ]] ;do
   $LM_BINARY --nofork --nocrashhandler

Users / Re: help please after upgrading video drivers!
« on: March 10, 2008, 10:51:15 pm »
OK (Doh!!) I found the shortcut :)
nothing happens!
I went to terminal and...

linuxmce@dcerouter:~$ kdesu /usr/pluto/bin/
/usr/pluto/bin/ line 14: syntax error near unexpected token `then'
/usr/pluto/bin/ line 14: `2if ! Lock "Launch_Manager" "LM"; then'

does this mean something to somebody?
(thinking to himself.. should have learned Linux years ago instead of wasting all those years with Mr Gates!)

Users / Re: help please after upgrading video drivers!
« on: March 10, 2008, 10:30:01 pm »
hi there!
call me stupid (I really dont mind :)  )
but how do you do that?

Users / help please after upgrading video drivers!
« on: March 10, 2008, 09:48:22 pm »
hi all!
well yesterday I managed to make my first recording from live TV :)
however playback (and live tv) looked terrible (looked like some form of interlace problem)
now I am told the combination I have dvr250 and nvidia 6600 should be ok!
however.. it looked like I may have had the wrong driver
so I followed these instructions
everything seemed to go OK
until I restarted then all I get is a grey screen with a mouse cursor :(
if I restart x ctrl alt bkspace then startx
I get a fully functional KDE desktop and everything seems OK
but I don't know why lmce itself does not start ?
thanks for any help!

Users / Re: My afternoon with 0710 Beta 4
« on: March 08, 2008, 02:56:24 pm »
well.. Sarah (as my core has become known :) )
has been playing quite happily for the last few days :)
and getting mythtv to work was not as much an ordeal as I expected lol (I can't get the xml grabber to work... thats tonights project :)  )
I do seem to be having the ivtv issue but apparently there is a fix for that (something else to look at later)
the 5 Button gyromouse is about gbp99 here! (about 200 usd!!)
so it is a way down the list!
but the mce remote us about 40usd so that is probably going to get bought this week!
good luck with the x10 lol!
I am yet to get a comment on the cm15 (usb version of the cm11) that lies at the heart of my X10 system :(
and I have to convert most of it from US to UK mains :)
but it is a quater of the price in the US!
I really like the look of the zwave stuff but wow tht is REALLY expensive over here!
funny.. I seem to be chatting quite a lot with Canadians lately :)
ever heard of a band called "mold colony"?
anyways best of luck with myth and your X10 stuff!
my 1st media director worked first go!! :)
it is only running the most basic variant of the gui (and it is SCREAMING for a touch screen with that interface!!)
but it works great and looks very "trek"!
well pleased!
let me know how it goes!

Users / Re: My afternoon with 0710 Beta 4
« on: March 08, 2008, 01:12:45 pm »
hi there! I am not going to offer you any solutions (I am too new to this to be able to help!)
just a little "moral support" :)
it seems when things go wrong.. it can be quite spectacular!
the amount of work these guys have put into this is astronomical!
I simply cannot praise the open source movement or their ideology enough!
sadly it takes only one very minor bug to make everyone miserable :)
(especially the poor developers)
nice to see you got the MCE remote to work!
I will be buying one of those next week!
I can't find the giromouseything at anything like a decent price here in the UK just yet... but its on "the list" lol!
anyhow just a good luck message really!

Users / Re: help newbe warning!!
« on: March 08, 2008, 01:00:49 pm »
hi all and thanks for the help and encouragement :)
I have to be honest here :) I just saw the video and rushed off and started playing :)
you know how it is sometimes when you see a tasty new project!
I have scrapped the usb dtv tuners for the moment (I think I will ad them to my MD's when VDR gets fully sorted) and I have found a mce150 that seems to work :)
I admit I have not got the xml grabber to work yet (there are 2 uk sources listed as default the bbc radiotimes source just goes up to 50% and stays there forever the other immediatly exits :)  )
but hey! at least I have tv!
nobody has really mentioned the cm15!
will I get it to work?
(without to much "hacking" something I know virtually NOTHING about)
and will a windows mce remote (the IR bit) operate my av gear?
or do I need to chase arround after a gc-100 (they seem to be pretty rare here as well as expensive)
lastly (for now)
I notice in the "capture card options" a dbox2 listed (via IP) does that mean there is a likelyhood of being able to use my dream box via the network as a capture device and will I be able to controll it that way?
sorry for so many questions :)
this project is a heady mix of excitement and utter frustration lol!!
thanks again for all your hellp guys (and any galls if there are any here :)  )
I see my box keeps saying it is unable to get ivtv drivers.. but I think I saw something about this in known issues :)

Users / Re: VDR stopping!
« on: March 07, 2008, 04:27:45 pm »
thanks a lot Michael!
I will go have a look when I get back home tonight and let you know how I get on :)

Users / VDR stopping!
« on: March 07, 2008, 11:05:18 am »
hi all!
I am having some problems with VDR :(
when I first setup LMCE when I went to live TV a "no signal" banner came up after reading a bit I realised I needed to scan for local channels (hauppage windvr usb2) after a lot more reading I worked out how to scan and produce a channels.con file (and where to put it)
now when I look in pluto it says "custom provider" but when I restart VDR it appears to start with no error message.. then apparently it stops immediatly! anybody want to tell me where to start please?
(Linux newbie sorry)
thanks a lot!!

Users / Re: Before i order... another one of those posts. ;)
« on: March 07, 2008, 02:22:28 am »
hi I have bought a bucket full of X10 stuff and converted some of it from 110 to 240 V
and my using it with LinuxMce is pivitol on being able to use my cm15!
so I too have more than a passing interest in how things go :)

Users / Re: help newbe warning!!
« on: March 07, 2008, 02:11:28 am »
hi there!
thanks orionsune!
I was beggining to think it was just me :)
yes I love what I have seen thus far !
though I think people who try to sell this on ebay or try to tell you that everything just works "out of the box"
are probably going to wreck it for a lot of folks :(
and that is a real shame!!
I would have gone in a lot different if I had not seen that video lol!
anyways.. thanks for the info on the DVD software :) that was a nice easy fix!
next I think it is going to be finding out who killed VDR!
though TBH I don't know if I would be better getting a hauppage 150 analog capture card and using it with mythtv and my dreambox instead :)
(does the M$ ir sender work?
so that I could change channels on the dreambox!
ah decisions decisions :)
I managed to get my Raq's running strongbolt with mailscanner and spamassassin (after a month or two lol)
so I live in hope!!!
again orionsune thanks for your swift reply!
it's a nice feeling to know I am not alone :)
(me and Sarah lol!)

Users / help newbe warning!!
« on: March 07, 2008, 12:56:09 am »
not sure where to start really!!
hi everyone!
you are doing great things here!

I caught a certain video on youtube a couple of weeks ago (you know the one :) )
now.. I am pretty new to linux so please bear with me :)
I have ran Bill gates version$ (all of them) and after seeing THAT clip I was inspired to try Linuxmce!
now I don't mean to be critical (I really don't I REALLY appreciate the amount of work everyone has done both in this project and in Linux in general) I use PClinux OS and Dream Linux quite a lot (as well as running BQ Servers etc)
so I suppose I am spoiled a bit by the stability and completeness of these!
so here goes!
installed Linuxmce on a spare P4 2GHz with 1GB of RAM and a reasonable video card..
then (after following the tutorial) turned off the DHCP on my router and installed it again (I couldn't get the DHCP server to start on the first install lol!)
then I set up a MD.. so far so good!
got it to talk to the rest of the network and the media catalouging was great!!
now things started to take a turn for the worse!
I sort of hoped my cm15 would work.. you know "out of the box" (if I find that guy I am going to give him a SLAP!)
of course it didn't work that way so I put that asside for now and went and bought 2 hauppage usb2 dvb-t tuners..
after reading for hours about dvb utils I finally got one of the tuners to scan and create a channel list!
(the fact the other one wont is a bit of a mystery right now :)  )
installed VDRadmin and followed the tutorial in the wiki..
but as soon as I start VDR it stops again!
no error (that I can see anyhow)
I won't even mention.. I cannot pair either of my bluetooth phones with the core as the seems to be no way to recipricate in the mating ritual :) (passkey)
and after reading the wikki I am uncertain whether I should try to "mate" my wm6 phone via bluetooth at all!
my s60 phone just balks at the passkey!
now it won't play DVD's (not even the ones I ripped earlier) saying dss is not installed (though it says it is in he interface)
2 and a half weeks on and I am losing all my hair lol!
sorry for this super long winded post!!
but I really want to SLAP that guy :)
the biggest difficulty for a moron like me is knowing at what stage things really are at...
that is to say..
what really works and what might work in beta 6 :)
please forgive this howl of anguish!
I DO realise just how much work is going on!!!!
the real question should be:
am I out of my depth?
to give you an idea I have been a TV engineer for the last 25 years..
I have A+ network+ and ccna
but I have very little expierence in nix :(
having arrived here via the Gates school of philosophy :)
I really want to mend my ways! but just how deep is it going to get?
I think I have stuffed it again (another install??)
as in desperation before I did an apt-get upgrade-distro (or whatever :) )
anyone game enough to tell me where to go from here?
of and do I need to reinstall again (time 4)
I feel like a close personal friend of Sarah (the name given to my core too!!)
and I am spending that much timne with her my wife thinks Sarah is a real girl lol!
sorry for this super long winded post!
I am looking for help and more than a little encouragement/moral support :)
if I want to continue with the home automation side of things..
do I have to look for a cm11?
or can I use my cm15?
I would love to use Zwave but the UK prices!!
$120 for the PC interface and about $75 per interface I think they are having a laugh!
I have converted a fair bit of my X10 stuff to 240 V mains so I could be ready to go with that :)
again thanks for reading!
and if any of you guys (or galls) see that guy that did the video on youtube would you give him a slap for me please :)

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