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Users / Re: Linux MCE - what is your fastest boot time?
« on: September 30, 2008, 10:28:00 am »
Hi  etheesdad,
 -do you mean boot time for core/hybrid ?  ...if so you're sort of missing the point, ie LMCE is a HUGE piece of software which is designed to be on 24/7 and control the whole home ,it's not  solely  a media centre (even if  as I suspect , a lot of us use it that way) ..So actual boot time is irrelevant    ' )
If you mean  start up time of a media director, I think  that's largely down to limitations of PXE /hardware/AND , once more , the size (and capability) of the it's a little like asking the 0-60
mph time  of  a  mobile crane  !
Having said that  I believe there have been discussions about  MD start up times/resuming from standby etc,
as there is a (valid ?) train of thought that an MD "should" behave like an appliance, and start in  as short a time as possible..-personally ,I  believe that although that's desirable,it's not all that important,as it gives me time for a bathroom  visit before i get into bed  !!

Installation issues / Re: VDR not working at all
« on: September 27, 2008, 11:33:52 am »
hi all,

colin/ andrew have you a link for niz's instructions/files please.....?


great news and  many thanks  to  all involved,

can anyone point to a step by step  to implement ?  (preferably suitable for a brain dead noob  ! ) ,
thanks in advance,

Installation issues / Re: another "failed to setup x" problem
« on: June 14, 2008, 07:10:34 pm »
hi Stealth,
 I'm a complete noob myself, so fwiw , is there a compelling reason to use cd's rather than dvd ? Unless you've something  important on the HDD . you might find this a less painfull  process   :)

regards , Ian

Users / VDR present state?
« on: April 29, 2008, 11:12:56 am »
Hi all,
I'm experiencing some unexpected behaviour in vdr , I'm using ms remote and receiver,
                     -schedules from orbiter takes me to channels/recordings/setup etc screen ..on 1st use after boot, but on subsequent use defaults to recordings, so can't channell select by remote,
                     -mute flashes  subtitles options
                     -green displays orbiter,as does start/logo button
                     -yellow displays lighting/volume  "rose" control
                     -blue = nil
                     -live tv , guide (takes to present channel  listing), recorded tv, all ok
                     -numbers ok

What I'm asking is  1/- is this normal at present , or do I have a problem ? (besides being thick !  )
                          2/-is there a way to get to the channels "rose" by using remote,or is F6  the only way ?
                          3/-are the osd's not yet transparent as they are in vanilla VDR?
thanks in advance

Installation issues / Re: VDR status in RC1
« on: April 25, 2008, 02:42:59 pm »
Hi Jayzee,
not sure if this is any help, as i don't have an md, but in vdradmin there's a streaming option which is off by default,

Installation issues / No slot for 2nd NIC ? SOLVED
« on: April 17, 2008, 12:51:57 pm »
Hi all,
I had a shortage of pci slots to add a second nic,so I tried this,

and after resetting  dhcp in admin-> advanced -> network,  update, then a reboot, everything drivers required.BTW , ordered at 2.30pm, delivered 9.30 am,

Installation issues / Re: parted error on installation
« on: April 15, 2008, 09:44:49 am »
hi all,
FWIW I had a similar problem with 20gig maxtor,on one trial setup, but only after trying to set up an md,(the  beta 4 install  had worked ok at that point but with no media
added ) so maybe lowest usable size for a hybrid is very close to 20gig ?

hi all,
 I'd like to support this request,
the ability to fully control Lmce/browse web etc, from the comfort of a recliner/sofa rather than digging out the mouse /keyoard would take the end user experience to a new level  - (a 46" screen from 3-4 foot is fairly demanding over a prolonged period ,for example, when installing /researching problems etc , imho.) - allthough I appreciate that there is a difficulty with text over IR  ? (something  I read in passing somewhere in Dev forum),

Developers / Re: GSD setup help please
« on: April 07, 2008, 01:06:15 pm »
Hi all,
sorry for being a pain,I know you're all busy with the new release, but can anyone confirm my present thinking?:
 (the supplied cli app works a treat),
          1/ do i enter the executable/ or the  .o file in 'command line section ' of "edit dev.template" ?
          2/does it need the path, ie /usr/local/bin/sky-control-usb (.o?)?
          3/OR does the file need copying into/usr/pluto/bin       (from  wiki , on passing plaintext commands to dce router) -and just enter the file name in the command line section?
          4/ -am I right in thinking that the ruby code ,for commands in "av properties" , for the sky box (the child device ..?  ) then need editing,in the form of  eg    <$"--controller0 --box1 c030c050c06\r"$>....(then reload router before trying)?

          5/should 'packages in edit template = Pluto Generic Serial Device   ?

I'm sure I've tried every combination of the above , but am still getting no response except Orbiter error messages saying   "a device has not started [OK]"

any help /direction would be greatly appreciated,

hi joseph,andrew,
good to see you here joseph, bought one of your controllers recently,and can confirm andrew's comments on cli. I'm still having problems with device template (see ) despite help from Hari and Andrew,any ideas ?
Ian (sheffield)

Users / Re: LCD flat panel - 100 Hz - worth while?
« on: April 05, 2008, 09:15:22 am »
Hi Lexje,
as jtgamble says it's really down to personal use -I've just got a sharp (Aquos lc46X20) and in the shop it was right at the side of the latest 100Hz Sharp : the only difference i could see, after a lot of  comparison with different inputs & media (thanks Mr.Salesman ! ) was on very fast changing pictures eg. motorcycling vid.Not enough for this yorkshireman to part with the extra £250  ' )

Developers / Re: GSD setup help please
« on: April 01, 2008, 11:33:31 pm »
Hi Andrew,
thanks for the reply,it's good to know you're looking into the dusky,as I know from reading your backposts -
          (not a creep -I did it for a lot of the "names" as part of my research before taking the plunge into Lmce- in fact it's 'your' fault I'm in this mess , ,)    ..the level and depth of commitment to the project blew me away , far more than the infamous video) 
                                                                                -  that the idea has some merit, ie I've not gone completely gaga !
At the moment ,having realised i'm well out of my depth, I'm looking for inspiration in the wiki/net, so any suggestions/hints as to  approach in  getting a working template would be greatly appreciated.

WARNING...I would then ask you how to  " Call the sky-control-usb binary from your template..."

My thinking at the moment is : IR transmitter template, implementsDCE ,command line ?Gen_ser_Dev?, -controlled via CORE,control category Pluto Generic serial device ,  State??   Status???  comm method USB,  config script  ???  dev data N81  B57600, only 1 per pc ,output channels 2 I on the right lines,or should I take more Prozac with the whiskey ?
Once  I'd filled in the gaps  (heh ..typewriters and monkeys come to mind  )  i was sort of hoping it would be a  matter of editing  ruby snippets in AV props .. obviously not !

Many thanks in advance,

Developers / Re: GSD setup help please
« on: April 01, 2008, 10:31:02 am »
Hi Hari ,
thanks for the pointers:you will of course  have spotted my very basic error...what I'm trying to do is install an interface device , which just happens to be a "generic serial device" i.e a very ordinary black box,which just happens to run on the (Universal) serial bus,   rather than a GSD.
My only excuse is total ignorance,(the more i learn, the more i realise i don't know),tiredness/speed reading, old age, a mis-spent youth, etc etc
Please accept my embarrassed apologies (to all) for  being a complete prat,- I must have confused the hell out of you all,
Many thanks,keep up the brilliant work,

Developers / GSD setup help please
« on: March 31, 2008, 02:52:00 pm »
Hi everybody,
  I'm wanting to get away from IR control of my Sky box, as eventually i'll be adding my second sky box into the system, and want to avoid  controlling  both boxes with one command, (and keep the blaster capability in hand for future expansion) . To do this  i'll be using a sky controller box which passes  signals to the RF2 port on the stb ,        (the usb version). which is described as "a standard RS232 DCE unit,"
the unit shows up as , usb bus001 device004   6666:f100,  and info from website is
    * Baud rate: 57600
    * Bits: 8
    * Flow control: none
    * Stop bits: 1
 SO, I've  added a new gsd.......and then  I'm stumped (not hard I know )/uncertain in creating new device template,adding parameters  etc,  (eg.  how do i even tell  lmce that  the device is on usb 001 device 4 ?)

 Any pointers to a simple starting point,relevant info ,or outright handholding (i know better than anyone how thick i am ! ) would be greatly appreciated: or will it be a three year study course at mit ?
Many thanks in advance,

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