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Thing 1:
copy that to
then rename or mv

I did a "find" command one day and I was unable to locate this file. I will have to try again. Definitely, where it says the file doesn't exist (the path given in the error message) there is nothing but another directory.

Thing 2: (has two parts)
copy the /usr/lib/mythtv/plugins/ to /usr/lib64/mythtv/plugins/
and then try the modified module:
copy the /usr/lib/mythtv/plugins/ to /usr/lib64/mythtv/plugins/

Hmmm. The core is AMD64, with a tuner card, and it works fine. I have a MD in the living-room which is AMD64, with a tuner card, and it works fine. But any other MD I create, be that i386 or AMD64? No livetv through myth.

Users / Some weird X10 results today
« on: January 27, 2009, 03:23:36 am »
I have a few lights that I want to be able to control through LMCE orbiters, and they don't respond. Those same lights respond fine to hand held remotes over the wireless X10 transceivers.

I figured this was due to the two phases of our house power, so I purchased a phase coupler and had our electrician wire it to the panel for me. That didn't appear to work, so I purchased another phase coupler, which I was able to change out myself, and at first I didn't think it worked either.

Today, I fired up my MSI Wind PC and connected it to the equipment in our master bedroom (where it will eventually end up) and played with XBMC off a USB stick, and then back into LMCE. In either system I can't get LiveTV through MythTV to work but that's a story I've mentioned a few times and I just seem stuck with that. Details here :

However, I did use the lighting screen to fiddle with the lights in our house, and strangely enough, from the bedroom, I can control all of the lights in the house, 100% of the time, perfectly!?

So I took a simple light module and plugged in a night light, set it to A2, and walked around the house to pretty well every room and plugged the thing in, and used the wireless x10 remote to see if I could turn it on/off. I had 100% success throughout the house. In the kitchen, we have two outlets that are wired separately (for 4 outlets on their own circuit). With the type of electrical panel we had installed, 2 of the 4 should be on one phase, and the other 2 on the other phase. I moved the light module around and it works fine in any of the 4 outlets. In a previous test before the phase coupler, it actually only worked in one outlet.

So this is telling me two things:

1) The phase coupler must be working!

2) Something is really amok with my LMCE!? All the lights are controllable from the master-bedroom machine and 4-5 of those don't work from any other orbiter, be that the core, the living-room machine, or the web orbiter. (I didn't try the windoze orbiter).

Looking through my file, I noticed that I was unable to delete some timed events and I went and mucked with the database. I wonder if that's related? (as in, did my changes delete too much data?)

See this link :

All this time I've been blaming things on the phase issue. Any if anybody has any thoughts on the MythTV thing that would be nice too.

My intention is to wipe clean with the 8.10 release and use the i386 version (instead of the AMD64 version I'm using now).... but that is still a ways away. Any thoughts?

Users / Re: First HTPC Build
« on: January 24, 2009, 09:06:05 pm »
This is all I could find in the wiki quickly..

Doesn't say yeah or nay though.

This wiki page may help:

Awesome. I love the proposed "Locked" field!

Installation issues / Re: dcerouter_1:~#
« on: January 23, 2009, 11:56:15 pm »
Thanks for replying guys. Unfortunately i dont know any of that info all i can tell you is that the machine is a Dell D620 Laptop,,,stock from the factory. I did learn that ver 8.10 of kubuntu wont work with linuxmce so i reinstalled ver 7.10 and it runs great until i install Linuxme. I downloaded the Linux from the main links and used the 2 cd method. everything went very well until i reboot after the linux install then it hangs at this prompt. I have reloaded these software packages a million times it seems like....its getting really frustrating...and even more frustrating for me since i dont know the linux language stuff. I know im really vague and i apoligize but i was hoping there was a quick fix. Any help is appreciated.

Well, your notebook isn't going to be much of a LMCE hybrid core I'm afraid. It could work as a Media Director but I have doubts it will run well as the main core.

I would recommend you download the single DVD copy of LinuxMCE 7.10RC2 which is the official release of 7.1.

Be warned, when you run the install, it will WIPE clean your hard drive. It's much faster than the two CD method and will save you a ton of time installing kubuntu first, then lmce. Why did you go that route anyway? Are you thinking you can have a kubuntu notebook and run lmce when you desire? I don't think that's the right approach. Especially since your notebook likely has only one network card, so you are already crippling the system before you get out of the gate.

Installation issues / Re: dcerouter_1:~#
« on: January 23, 2009, 10:27:47 pm »
I get this prompt on bootup on Kubuntu and Linuxmce. Can someone advide me on how to resolve? I am new to Linux and dont really know my way around as far as commands so the simpler the better...thank you.

You'll need to provide a lot more info than that I'm afraid.

Which version of LMCE did you install and from what media (CD's? DVD? DL DVD?)

What network card and video card are you using?

What type of monitor and what connection are you using?

Users / Re: Is there a card with component input for my STB?
« on: January 23, 2009, 03:49:44 pm »
Tuner: Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-150 MCE (safe choice, can always buy a HD one later)
IR: USB-UIRT (kinda expensive, but priceless if it really can control all my devices flawlessly: satellite box, tv, home theater)
remote: I believe I could use any as long as I have it set up right, am I right?

 Look on eBay for the PVR-150's. Make sure you get the right model. Just buy the card if you can, you don't need the bundled remote and IR Transceiver. It'll be cheaper to buy a card and just a remote separately.

 eBay will also have cheap MCE Remotes. Get one from this group:

 The USB-UIRT is definitely the way to go. Mine control the satellite dish, tv and stereo quite easily, and I use ONE remote now instead of 4 or 5.

Installation issues / Re: VIA Micro ATX motherboard install issues
« on: January 23, 2009, 04:34:34 am »
Anyone have any install issues when using a VIA Micro ATX MB as a MD? I bought a VIA board with a 1 GHz processor and its acting flaky. I upped the RAM to a GIG but it still acts weird when trying to use the S-Video or composite out video signal. Any suggestions?

 I'd have to agree with the previous poster. I had two VIA boxes. Sold one, waiting to replace the other. Tried new VIA video drivers, but could never get video from all the pieces to display properly.

 I fell back to MythBuntu on those two boxes, and just network mapped to the media folders on the server. It works, it's fine, but it's not LinuxMCE.

You could also try out XBMC on that box, with the MythTV Python script.

great - you should be able to dial an outside line now as well from your analog phones - your setup should be 100% now. Time to set up your routing and do some experimenting - if we can get some bug reports in in time maybe we can have the Telecom functioning better for 0810

Yes, may be able to experiment more tomorrow, not sure.

I do have one question which I'm still not clear on.

Connected the way you have illustrated.... when an incoming calls comes in, if nobody is at an orbiter to see/handle it, what happens? Does it just fall through to the built-in answering machine? Do the phones on the House Line ring? or is this dependant on the house mode and user modes? Basically, I'd like [specifically the wife demands] our house phones act just like they do now with no requirement to push buttons on the LMCE screen(s).

i just edited my post 2 posts up... I think I found your Line1 problem (as outlined in my last post above)

 Yep, changing the password to match the other two fields fixed the problem of not being able to use *98, etc. I now have my own voice on my voice mailbox. Very kewl!


I should be on IRC tomorrow from around 1300 until 1500 EST. It sounds like something may be wrong with the Line1 setup tab on the spa3000. I'll try to catch you on there tomorrow and we should be able to get that last part figured out.

Hi Jon. I reviewed the instructions again for Line 1 and all looks well, so maybe some of the defaults are different in sipura? I will drop by IRC tomorrow afternoon and hook up with you. I just connect a wireless phone there which lets me go back to the office and play (oops, I mean, work!)

Jon mentioned one could press *98 to get to voicemail over a phone connected to the Phone jack on the sipura.

That doesn't work under my setup, I just get a busy signal.

If I dial *43, same thing, just a busy signal.

In fact, I can't make outgoing phone calls from a phone connected to the Phone jack on the sipura. Just get a busy signal. Dialing 9 then the number doesn't make any difference.

I can make a call from an orbiter just fine (dialing 9 first), and I can hear the person at the other end, but they can't hear me.

That's probably all I'll have time to experiment with today.

Here's a few things I discovered today.

Logged into LMCE as user "Gerry"
Orbiter shows an incoming call. I send to User "Gerry"
Voice Message is recorded, and on the orbiter, it now shows 1 message waiting for me.

If, when the oribiter shows the incoming call, and I click on "Leslie" instead of "Gerry" (in which I assume it would sent to Leslie's voice mail) it still goes to "Gerry"'s voicemail.

Did another test.

Logged into LMCE as user "Leslie"
Orbiter shows an incoming call. I send to User "Leslie"
Voice Message is recorded, and on the orbiter, it now shows 1 message waiting for Leslie (and 1 for Gerry, as above).

To play back voice mail --

At a MD with sound... Make sure correct user is logged into MCE. Click on Telecom and the logged in user's name.

Now you get a display allowing you to change your user status, and below is a list of voice mails, called:

New message 1

New message 2

New Message 3


Click to the right of the "New message 1" in the unused green area and it should play back that message, over and over. To stop it from playing back, go back to the main screen, Green Button (or F7) and then OFF. The audio system is playing back your messages.

You have to keep going back to Telecom > User > click on the green space, main menu, off to cycle through voicemails.

If I'm logged in as "Gerry" but click on Telecom > Leslie it doesnt' show me her list of voicemails, it shows me mine.

You can log into the Pluto web admin to hear your messages through your web browser... click on Telecomm > My Voicemail then click the play button beside your message. On ubuntu, yesterday, when I tried this, it talked about installing a plugin, which appeared to have failed, and I never did hear anything. Today, now that the computer has been rebooted? It's working. Also seems to work fine under MSIE and WinXP.

To be able to click on Gerry and have it sent to voicemail, I configured Telecom > Call Routing (from the top of the pluto web admin) > Gerry User Mode At Home > Normal Caller to be set to 'Go To voicemail'.

Hi Jon.

An update on my setup...

I can make outside calls from any orbiter, dialing 9 first...

I can answer a call from any orbiter. I can hear the caller but they don't hear me. I had a mic connected to my MD but most likely I gotta fiddle with a setting somewhere, someplace to activate it?

If I send a call to voicemail, it goes to the general voicemail account which I can only access via pluto-admin. If I click on any of the two user accounts nothing happens. This is weird.

I can see in the future, where having LMCE answer the phone and allow users to select 1 for me or 2 for the wife beneficial... especially if we can then have it forward those messages to our cell phones and/or email boxes.

I finally managed to figure out how to get into IRC and will hang out there a bit today.

I may have an error somewhere in the instructions I posted in the wiki. Can you get on IRC today, maybe we can find the problem by comparing.

I just had some free time but the chat link at the top of the forums does nothing for me?

As far as disabling the answering machine (IVR), in the web admin there is a field to adjust a timer for it to kick on. The instructions on the web admin say to set it to 0 to disable it, but this didn't work for me. I set it extremely high so it doesn't kick on at all (90 seconds) - our home answering machine picks it up well before then.

Ok, I think I found that.

Yes, you can set incoming calls to ring on any combination of your media directors and your house line.

Awh, this is in pluto-admin... Wizard > Devices > Phone Lines.

I see they have a Local Number Length. It was 7 but we require 10. Changed it.

From this same screen, look for the boardvoice line (my only one) and click on Settings under Actions on the far right and check off "House Phone" for all the scenarios required.

I put a splitter on the phone demarc and have one half feeding the house phones and the other half just feeding the spa3000, and this seems to be working OK.

I still don't end up with any messages if I say send to answering machine on the orbiter though.

EDIT: Actually, in pluto-admin, Telecom > General Voicemail, they appear here, but I can't listen to them on my ubuntu workstation (talks about installing something, then you say sure, then it says nothing installed). On XP in MSIE, I get a mini player but no sound. Can you not send a call to a specific user's voice mail?

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